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March 3, 2002

Aussie air power Flit, a Canadian weblog, has some sharp observations about American strategic bombing superiority, full of specifics and particulars. And ending with this eye-opener:
9One gains new respect in this analysis, for those savvy Australians: 9unbelievably, they have acquired for themselves the closest thing to 9a modern strategic bomber wing extant outside the USAF. If they 9chose to convert them, their 20 F-111s could theoretically carry 2 9internally-stored JDAM-type weapons each to precision-hit targets 9over 1,000 miles away, in any weather: farther than any other combat 9strike aircraft in service today (except possibly the new Russian 9Su-34). When the Americans closed down their F-111 fleet a few years 9ago, the Aussies stocked up on spare airframes and parts at firesale 9prices, giving them an increased capability for long-range precision 9air power arguably now second only to the United States (Several 9European countries have larger numbers of precision strike aircraft, 9but with significantly shorter ranges.).
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