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March 4, 2002

No, I said I wanted some Greek wine Inevitably, a few glitches. Moveable Type wants all its files to be in various subdirectories, which is at variance with the radically non-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian form of organization hitherto practiced by unspoiled hunter-gatherer files in our Panix web space. Now we see the violence inherent in the system.

I thought I could get round this by simply making “electrolite.html” (the last part of this weblog’s old URL) an alias to the subdirectory in which the files actually live, but this seems to have created more problems than it solved. Fortunately, Dan Hartung helpfully explained how to make a file that redirects from an old URL to a new one, which is probably how you got here. He didn’t answer my question about what’s become of his missing-in-action weblog Lake Effect, though.

I’m still baffled about why Mozilla refuses to show anything but very plain-looking HTML. It appears to load other Moveable Type-generated pages just fine. [02:07 AM]

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