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March 4, 2002

Take heart Sometimes I dare to think the War on Some Drugs is already dead; we just have to spend the next thirty years proving it. What’s the caliber of people engaged in it?

In Boston, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is tying itself into knots trying to come up with some rationale for preventing Change the Climate, a very moderate drug-policy-reform group, from placing ads on trains and buses in Boston. (The same ads have appeared in subway stations and on buses in Washington, DC, without notably contributing to the fall of Western civilization.)

As reported by Jacob Sullum in Reason:

The MBTA has had difficulty articulating a rationale for rejecting Change the Climate’s ads. “Change the Climate promotes the use of marijuana in a suttle [sic] way and also is really a reform marijuana [sic] in a [sic] effort to legalize,” wrote Lucy Shorter, the MBTA’s director of marketing and (believe it or not) communication, in a January 2000 note that was supposed to explain the authority’s decision.
Straws in the wind. In our lifetime, we’ll win this one. [11:21 PM]
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Christopher Hatton ::: (view all by) ::: March 06, 2002, 03:11 AM:

Gawd, whutta dorq. Sic 'em! Through their own words they will be exposed.aaI certainly hope the MBTA gets sued over this, but Shorter has already, in effect, said "I'm against the 1st Amendment, and I'm stooopid." It's always nice when the opposition does that for you. Unfortunately there are also some very smart people who oppose the BOR, and who, since 911, have made some progress toward dismantling it...