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March 31, 2002

State of nature More perspective, this time from Tory commentator Matthew Parris, on the fascinating history of US-UK relations in the first part of the Falklands war. Once again, the facts as revealed run distinctly counter to the widespread belief, dominant in blogdom, in the solidity of the “Anglosphere” and the perfidy of the French.

I’m not sure why this interests me so. I guess it’s just that every time I see another blogger ragging on how “of course” the French are doing this or that anti-American thing, and how of course we’ll be able to count on some other pro-American country (usually Britain), I want to say, in a remember-Caesar-thou-art-mortal voice: nations have interests, not friendships. The “Anglosphere” is a granfalloon. [03:21 PM]

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