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April 9, 2002

Let us be your eyes and ears If you don’t have time to read sixty-eleven bloggers thrashing one another (or, arguably worse, agreeing with one another), read these:

* Ken Layne on Tariq Ali

* Emerging from DNS hell, Jim Henley responds to Steven Postrel

* Brink Lindsey mounts a libertarian defense of war and the State (in two parts)

* Matt Welch takes down Eric “Bloggers Need Editors” Alterman

* Tom Tomorrow on why the death penalty is still wrong

* Gary Farber on How To Blog

Disclaimer: The editorial staff of Electrolite neither endorses all the views expressed in the above blog posts, nor warrants that they do not contradict one another. The editorial staff of Electrolite is assuming that you, Our Reader, have been issued your very own Two-Way Negative-Capability Wrist Radio. The editorial staff of Electrolite also wishes to clarify that it enjoyed many other posts in the blog world in the last couple of days, and that the posts on this brief list were selected for special attention by a staff of independent auditors working to a scientific formula provided in advance. Also, if you believe that, the editorial staff of Electrolite would like to talk to you about real-estate opportunities in Electrolite’s home borough of Brooklyn, New York. [10:27 PM]

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