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April 18, 2002

Knight edition For readers in the science-fiction world who want to track the media’s coverage of Damon Knight’s death earlier this week, here are links to the major stories I know about:

New York Times obit

LA Times obit

Eugene Register-Guard (Damon’s hometown paper) obit

Associated Press obit (evidently based on the Register-Guard story)

“All Things Considered” interview with me (RealAudio)

It’s been striking how much attention Damon has received—and it was a strange and new experience to have several different media outlets phoning me. I wasn’t a protege or close associate of his, just one of many people in the SF world who knew and admired him. Yes, I was the in-house editor on his last two novels, but it’s not like they needed some kind of major editing; most of my efforts went to packaging and promoting them.

Anyway, Electrolite will presently return to its regular mixture of cranky cultural and political commentary. Contents may settle in shipping. Reg. Penna. Dept. Agric. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. [07:55 AM]

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