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April 22, 2002

The persistence of foo I didn’t expect to be entirely absent from Electrolite and e-mail over the weekend. Teresa and I went on a small trip, early in which my notebook computer decided to stop working. Now we’re back and it’s liable to be a really hectic work week, so don’t expect much posting here for a few days.

A small exercise. You are a major American airline. Your flight from St. Louis to Milwaukee is being held up for hours by torrential thunderstorms in St. Louis. What do you do with the passengers’ checked luggage? If you are the major American airline called, er, American Airlines, apparantly what you do with that luggage is leave it out in the downpour, perhaps under the impression that passengers will appreciate the extra service of having their clothing, papers, and other effects soaked through. It’s the little touches that make the difference. (Aside from airline foo and Computer Death, though, it was a pleasant weekend with older and newer friends.) [09:44 AM]

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