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April 23, 2002

Where do you want to…? Addressing public schools that might be considering accepting donated PCs, Microsoft’s face writhes, its tongue forks, and this comes out:
It is a legal requirement that pre-installed operating systems remain with a machine for the life of the machine. If a company or individual donates a machine to your school, it must be donated with the operating system that was installed on the PC.
As Cory Doctorow points out, this is a shameless lie, designed to frighten the vulnerable.

Microsoft likes teachers: they’re easy to bully. Here’s another case. Note the details: you don’t have to be an advocate or defender of software piracy—or uncritical of the public schools!—to be struck by the might-makes-right thuggery of Microsoft’s behavior here.

Just as I’d like to see more “liberals” take note when liberal institutions commit illiberal acts, it would be nice to see more “conservatives” remark on the spectacle of the town billionaire shoving the schoolteacher off the sidewalk just because he can. Hello, traditional values. [12:08 AM]

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