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April 29, 2002

Lower than room temperature And, on the other hand, some Americans will always have the intelligence of plants.

From today’s Toronto Sun:

Just hours after Canadians shed tears at a memorial service for four soldiers killed by a U.S. bomb in Afghanistan, American hockey fans booed our national anthem at last night’s playoff game on Long Island. […]

The few Toronto fans who braved the trip to Uniondale, N.Y., were harassed in the parking lot, including a couple with a big Canadian flag and a smaller Maple Leafs pennant hanging out their car windows. Both were torn off and set on fire in front of the shocked visitors. […]

Last night, Andy Bathgate, a New York Ranger and Leaf star of the ’60s and ’70s, said he doubted many New Yorkers were even aware that four Canadians were killed when a U.S. fighter dropped a bomb on a Canadian training exercise in a “friendly fire” accident in Afghanistan on April 17.

I’m not an anti-sports snob, but I do think it would have been appropriate and educational to, when the American fans started booing “O Canada,” simply stop the event and have someone (say, an Islanders’ manager) come out and say a few words on precisely what variety of assholes the Americans were being. Before starting the game.

Sometimes the notion that “the show must go on” isn’t admirable. [02:36 PM]

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