May 2, 2005

And while we're in the business of being pissed off, how about those fun folks at Disney/ABC? Who, last year, wouldn't run ads from the mainstream Protestant denomination the United Church of Christ, because their ads referred to the church's welcoming attitude toward homosexuals. And who, this year, are happy to run ads from James Dobson's far-right extremist "Focus on the Family" group promoting their "Focus on Your Child" program built around Dobson's bestseller Dare to Discipline.

Digby has samples of Dobson's product. As he remarks, Dobson

thinks of children as animals and he believes that animals and children should be beaten. He believes that nine month old babies should be switched on the bare legs. He believes they should be pinched hard, on the neck, so it will hurt. He believes in things that could get parents arrested in many states in the union.

Yet his program is considered to be more wholesome and less controversial than a church that allows gays to be a member.

Max Blumenthal has the pertinent FCC addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses. Instead of being Afraid, Very Afraid, how about we use Max's resources to express our opinion of Disney/ABC using its chartered chunk of the public weal to sell advertising to kinky right-wing discipline freaks while refusing to sell it to normal Americans who think it's nice that gay people want to go to church. [04:00 PM]