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Charles C. Clayton

Male 1802 - 1874  (72 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Charles C. Clayton was born 2 Feb 1802, Nelson, Kentucky (son of Joseph Clayton and Eleanor); died 16 Nov 1874, Daviess, Kentucky; was buried 1874, St. Alphonsus Church, St. Joseph, Daviess, Kentucky.


    Farmer and distiller.

    Charles married Barbara Hagan 21 Apr 1830, Bardstown, Nelson, Kentucky. Barbara (daughter of Benjamin Hagan and Nancy Ann Cissell) was born Abt 1805, Nelson, Kentucky. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Joseph ClaytonJoseph Clayton was born Bef 1760, St. Mary's County, Maryland; died Between 1813 and 1824, Nelson, Kentucky.


    The most thoroughly-researched work we've seen about Joseph Clayton is Paul Nordberg's monograph "Joseph Clayton of Nelson County, Kentucky," available as a PDF at This paper dispenses briskly with a number of misconceptions, at least one of which we've been responsible for perpetuating. Best of all, in the monograph's latest revision, Nordberg presents conclusive evidence that Joseph Clayton was originally from St. Mary's County, Maryland. All credit to Nordberg for doing the job right.

    Nordberg also has an online family tree, and while we strongly recommend that researchers consult the full monograph mentioned above, his briefer remarks in his entry for Joseph Clayton are worth excerpting here.

    From Paul Nordberg at

    Joseph fought in the Revolutionary War. He was a matross, an artillery private. He enlisted in 1777 and served through at least March of 1780, when he was stationed in Morristown, New Jersey. His regiment, just being formed when he enlisted, initially did garrison duty at Portsmouth and Yorktown, Virginia, near where enemy ships were "hovering" in Chesapeake Bay near Hampton Roads. (This was the area from which a number of the men in Joseph Clayton's company came.) In March of 1778, the regiment was joined to Washington's army at Valley Forge. For the rest of the War, they fought in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Joseph Clayton took part in several battles.

    Because his daughter [Sarah] was married in 1802 without indication of a marriage bond noted, it seems reasonable to suppose she was twenty-one, so born before 1782, and that Joseph's marriage took place in the year or two after his discharge. (There's a bit of a gap before the births of his other children according to the records we have, so it is possible that he married more than once. But there's no specific evidence that he did.)

    In 1783, he received £111 13s 7d as the balance of his pay according to an act of 1781, and he was granted a military warrant for two hundred acres of land, an entitlement of every soldier who fought until the end of the war. There are signs that he sold out rights to the assigned parcel on Paint Creek in then Fayette County to one David Nisbitt, one of a group of land speculators.

    He first appears in the records of Nelson County in 1786, when he witnessed the will of John Brients. [...] He is regularly present in Nelson County records though 1813. I have found no trace of him after that. In 1823, "widow Eleanor Clayton" gave consent for the marriage of their daughter Catherine.

    Joseph — Eleanor. Eleanor was born Abt 1760. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Eleanor was born Abt 1760.


    The only thing known with certainty about the wife of Joseph Clayton is her given name, Eleanor.

    Paul Nordberg's brief monograph "Eleanor Cole of St. Mary's County, Maryland" makes a strong circumstantial case that she was Eleanor Cole, a sister of Patrick's 5G-grandmother Henrietta Cole (1754-1837).

    1. Sarah Clayton was born Bef 1782.
    2. Mary "Polly" Clayton was born Abt 1788.
    3. John Clayton was born 1790, Nelson, Kentucky; died 7 Nov 1859, Nelson, Kentucky.
    4. William Clayton was born Abt 1794, Kentucky; died Bef 1835, Nelson, Kentucky.
    5. Joseph Clayton was born Abt 1799, Kentucky.
    6. 1. Charles C. Clayton was born 2 Feb 1802, Nelson, Kentucky; died 16 Nov 1874, Daviess, Kentucky; was buried 1874, St. Alphonsus Church, St. Joseph, Daviess, Kentucky.
    7. Catherine Clayton was born Bef 1803, Nelson, Kentucky; died Abt 1840, Nelson, Kentucky.