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Matthew Allyn

Male Bef 1605 - 1671  (> 65 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Matthew Allyn was born before 17 Apr 1605 (son of Richard Allyn and Margaret Wyatt); died on 1 Feb 1671 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut.

    Other Events:

    • Baptised: 17 Apr 1605, Braunton, Devon, England


    Emigrated 1633. First at Cambridge, then Hartford 1636, Windsor by 1648. Back in England mid-1640; may have made other return trips.

    Clearly a man of some education, he held many important offices. According to Stiles he was rep. to Massachusetts general court, March 1636; rep. to Connecticut general court every year (save 1653) from 1648 to 1658; magistrate of the colony 1657-67; commissioner for the United Colonies of New England 1660-64. Anderson also notes him as assistant of Connecticut general court, 1658-66. He is mentioned in Charles II's Royal Charter for Connecticut, 1662.

    He was the brother of Thomas Allyn of Barnstable. Not related to Thomas Allen of Wethersfield or Samuel Allen of Windsor.

    From The Great Migration Begins:

    Matthew Allyn was in some way related to WILLIAM SPENCER of Cambridge and Hartford, or, more probably, to his wife, Agnes Harris. [...]

    Matthew Allyn's first appearance in New England was in the grant of land in Cambridge on 4 November 1633 to seven men, of whom three others (JOHN HAYNES, THOMAS HOOKER and SAMUEL STONE) are known to have arrived 4 September 1633 on the Griffin.

    Matthew Allyn seems out of place in Cambridge, as all others who arrived at about this time were from East Anglia; based on his English origin, one would expect Allyn to have resided first in Dorchester. This unusual residence for Allyn is probably tied up in some way with his relationship with WILLIAM SPENCER.

    Besides being a man who was highly respected and who served society well, Matthew Allyn was a highly contentious man. He had lengthy legal disputes with his brother, and not long after he left Massachusetts he was wanted for "debt and damage" he had left behind [7 October 1641: "It is ordered, that a letter shal be sent to Mr. Haynes & the rest of the magistrates at Connectecot, to send back the prisoner Mathewe Alleyn, or satisfy the debt & damage"]. Further evidence of his litigiousness may be found throughout the Connecticut court records.

    Matthew married Margaret Wyatt on 2 Feb 1627 in Braunton, Devon, England. Margaret (daughter of John Wyatt and Frances Chichester) was born before 8 Mar 1595 in Braunton, Devon, England; died on 12 Sep 1675 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

    1. Mary Allyn was born before 20 Jan 1628 in Braunton, Devon, England; died on 29 Jul 1689.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Richard Allyn was born about 1560; died before 5 Aug 1651; was buried on 5 Aug 1651 in Braunton, Devon, England.


    He is possibly the Richard Allyn baptized in Braunton on 15 Mar 1564, who may have been the son of Matthew Allyn who was buried in Braunton 7 Feb 1565. Many online sites show this Richard's father as this Matthew, and assign a "Katherine" as the wife of Matthew and the mother of Richard. Douglas Richardson's 1981 article "Allyn and Wyatt Families of Braunton, Devon" (citation details below) is often cited as a source for these assertions. But nothing in that article actually asserts any of those relationships. Richardson's article simply presents some Braunton parish records of people named Allyn and Wyatt. It doesn't make any argument as to the specific parentage of Richard Allyn, father-in-law of gateway ancestor Margaret Wyatt (1595-1675).

    Richard married Margaret Wyatt on 24 Sep 1583 in Braunton, Devon, England. Margaret died before 10 May 1642 in Braunton, Devon, England; was buried on 10 May 1642 in Braunton, Devon, England. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Margaret Wyatt died before 10 May 1642 in Braunton, Devon, England; was buried on 10 May 1642 in Braunton, Devon, England.


    Also spelled Wyott.

    1. 1. Matthew Allyn was born before 17 Apr 1605; died on 1 Feb 1671 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut.