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Henry del Ortiay

Male Abt 1252 - Bef 1321  (~ 69 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Henry del Ortiay was born about 1252 (son of Richard del Ortiay and Maud de Moels); died before 15 Sep 1321.


    Also called Henry de Lorty, Henry de Urtiaco.

    "Sir Henry del Ortiay, son and heir of Richard and Maud [de Moels] abovenamed, was b. about 1252. He was summoned for service against Llewelyn in Wales 1277, and in June 1283 to the assembly at Shrewsbury. In July 1287 he was again serving in Wales, with Roger Lestrange or Le Strange, with whom (being then his knight) he was going overseas on the King's business Sep. 1291. He was one of those who had urgent summons to a Council at Westminster, 1294; and in the latter part of that year was occupied with preparations for service in Gascony, again under the Earl of Lancaster. He was summoned for service in Scotland in 1296 and later years up to 1310; in 1297 and 1298 for service in Flanders; and on 26 Jan 1296/7 had summons to the assembly of peers and commons meeting at Salisbury on 24 Feb. He was summoned to Parliament on 6 Feb 1298/9, by writ directed Henrico de Urtiaco, whereby he is held to have become Lord Orty or Lorty." [Complete Peerage]

    Family/Spouse: Sybil. Sybil died about 1322; was buried in Curry Rivell, Somerset, England. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. Joan del Ortiay

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Richard del Ortiay (son of Henry del Ortiay and Sabina Revel); died after Jul 1253.


    Also called Richard de Urtiaco.

    Richard married Maud de Moels. Maud (daughter of Nicholas de Moels and Hawise de Newmarch) was born in in of Cadbury, Somerset, England. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Maud de Moels was born in in of Cadbury, Somerset, England (daughter of Nicholas de Moels and Hawise de Newmarch).
    1. 1. Henry del Ortiay was born about 1252; died before 15 Sep 1321.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Henry del Ortiay was born in in of Normandy, France; died before 1 May 1242.


    Also called Henry de Urtiaco; Henry de Lorty.

    "Sir Henry del Ortiay, described as a knight of Normandy, was in King John's service frorn 1209 onwards, and had from him several grants of forfeited lands. He was constable of Bedford Castle in 1216, and continued in the service of the Crown under Henry III. In March 1224/5 he was appointed, with others, to take charge of Sarum Castle if war should happen in England while the Earl of Salisbury was in Gascony; and in May, with Richard Lovel of Castle Cary and his wife's uncle, Walter de Esselegh (Ashley, Wilts), he aided the sheriff as escort to Winchester Castle of the fifteenth collected for the King in Somerset. Protection was granted, April 1230, to Henry del Ortiay, on going abroad with the King, and in August 1233 he was sent into co. Gloucester on the King's business. He was justice in eyre in Berks and Wilts, 1235." [Complete Peerage]

    Henry married Sabina Revel before 17 Aug 1222. Sabina (daughter of Richard Revel and Mabel de Esselegh) died before 2 Apr 1254. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Sabina Revel (daughter of Richard Revel and Mabel de Esselegh); died before 2 Apr 1254.
    1. 2. Richard del Ortiay died after Jul 1253.
    2. Pernel del Ortiay

  3. 6.  Nicholas de Moels was born before 1195 in of Cadbury, Somerset, England; died in 1264.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: Aft 1263


    "Nicholas de Moels, whose parentage is unknown, appears to have been from an early age in the court of King John, and was an official actively employed in the King's service both in embassies and the field. In 1217 the manor of Watlington was granted to him 'for his sustenance in the king's service,' and similar gifts followed. In April 1223, he was sent to Poitou on an embassy from the King, and again in the following January. In the summer of 1223 he served in the King's expedition into Wales, and in the following year at the siege of Bedford. In January 1224/5 he was one of the ambassadors sent to Cologne to treat of a proposed marriage between Henry III and a daughter of Leopold VI, Duke of Austria. In July 1226 the land of Little Berkhampstead was granted to him, and this and other estates were later confirmed in fee. He also, by his marriage with a wealthy heiress, Hawise, one of the daughters and heirs of James de Newmarch, acquired Cadbury and other manors in Somerset and the neighbouring counties, thus becoming one of the greater landowners. In 1227 he was in Gascony on the King's service, and a joint ambassador to the Count of Flanders; in March 1228 was charged with negotiations as to the truce with France, and in November of that year, at Westminster, witnessed Henry's grant to the Bishop of Chichester of land in 'New Street,' now the site of Lincoln's Inn. In April of the following year, as miles noster familiaris, he was a plenipotentiary to treat of peace with Louis IX of France, and was again going to Gascony in the King's service. He was sheriff of Hants and custos of Winchester Castle from July 1228 to March 1231/2, sheriff of Devon, 1234-1236, of York, Easter 1239 to Michaelma 1241, and of Kent, March to October 1258. He was granted the custody of the Channel Islands in 1234, and was keeper the bishopric of Durham during part of the vacancy after the translation of Bishop Richard le Poer, 1237. At the Coronation of Queen Eleanor, in 1236, he and Richard Siward, milites strenui, carried the two royal sceptres. In 1242 he was ambassador to the King of France with Ralph FitzNicholas, and later in the year joined the English King in Bordeaux. In September 1243 Henry III, returning to England, left Nicholas de Moels as seneschal of Gascony. In the following year he inflicted a defeat on the King of Navarre. In 1245 he was appointed keeper of the castles of Cardigan and Carmarthen, and in the same year was constable of Pembroke, Haverford, Kilgarran and Tenby. In 1246 and 1247 he was in the wars of Wales and was seneschal of Carmarthen, and in February 1248/9 was added to the commissioners to deal with the King of Navarre. As 'Nicholas de Molis, king's clerk,' he had a grant of free warren in his demesne lands in Cadbury and Mapperton in January 1250/1. On 16 June 1252 he was sent into Gascony with Roscelin de Fos, Master of the Templars in England, as conservator of the truce between Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, and Gaston, Viscount de Bearn. He was engaged in Wales in connection with Henry's futile expedition in 1257, and in 1263 received his last military summons to the muster at Hereford against Llewelyn. In January 1257/8 he was appointed constable of Dover Castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports. He was constable of the castles of Rochester, Canterbury, and Winchester in 1258, of Sherborne in 1261, and of Corfe in 1263, and one of the King's serjeants in Windsor Castle 1263-64. He was on the King's side in the Barons' War, and was ordered, 4 July 1264, to deliver Windsor Castle to John, son of John, the custodian appointed by the Barons." [Complete Peerage]

    Nicholas married Hawise de Newmarch between 1230 and 28 Sep 1231. Hawise (daughter of James de Newmarch and Maud) was born in in of Cadbury, Somerset, England; died after 1243. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  4. 7.  Hawise de Newmarch was born in in of Cadbury, Somerset, England (daughter of James de Newmarch and Maud); died after 1243.
    1. 3. Maud de Moels was born in in of Cadbury, Somerset, England.
    2. Agnes de Moels
    3. Roger de Moels was born after 1231; died before 17 Jun 1295.

Generation: 4

  1. 10.  Richard Revel

    Richard married Mabel de Esselegh. Mabel (daughter of Walter I de Esselegh) died in 1252. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 11.  Mabel de Esselegh (daughter of Walter I de Esselegh); died in 1252.
    1. 5. Sabina Revel died before 2 Apr 1254.

  3. 14.  James de Newmarch was born in in of Cadbury, Somerset, England (son of William de Newmarch); died before 1218.


    Also called James de Neufmarche.

    James married Maud. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  4. 15.  Maud
    1. 7. Hawise de Newmarch was born in in of Cadbury, Somerset, England; died after 1243.