Nielsen Hayden genealogy

(Unknown mistress of St. Vladimir of Kiev)


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  (Unknown mistress of St. Vladimir of Kiev)


    "[Maria Dobronega's] mother is thought by some to have been a German princess, daughter of Otto I; but this identification is not well established." ["Ryurik and the First Ryurikids", citation details below.]

    (Unknown married St. Vladimir of Kiev, Grand Prince of Kiev. St. (son of Sviatoslav I, Grand Prince of Kiev and Malusha) died 15 Jul 1015, Berestovo, west of Kiev; was buried , Church of the Holy Mother of God, Kiev. [Group Sheet]

    1. (Unknown) of Kiev
    2. Maria Dobronega was born Aft 1011; died 1087.

Generation: 2