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John B. Price

Male 1859 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  John B. Price was born 3 May 1859, Nelson, Kentucky (son of Orville H. Price and Mary Ellen Hayden).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Orville H. Price was born 1821; died 1910, Nelson, Kentucky; was buried , St. Catherine's, New Haven, Nelson, Kentucky.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: 1823
    • Alternate birth: 1829

    Orville married Mary Ellen Hayden 1845. Mary (daughter of Joseph Hayden and Catherine Clayton) was born 1824, Nelson, Kentucky; died 1898, Nelson, Kentucky; was buried , St. Catherine's, New Haven, Nelson, Kentucky. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Mary Ellen Hayden was born 1824, Nelson, Kentucky (daughter of Joseph Hayden and Catherine Clayton); died 1898, Nelson, Kentucky; was buried , St. Catherine's, New Haven, Nelson, Kentucky.


    Her tombstone reads "Ellen Price."

    From the 1850 census, it appears that Patrick's GGG grandfather Joseph Hayden, father of Mary Ellen Hayden, and his son, Patrick's GG grandfather James S. Hayden, were both living in the Price house at the time. James is reported as being 15 and Joseph is shown as 50.

    1. Thomas Riley Price was born 20 Oct 1846, Nelson, Kentucky; died 3 May 1921, Henderson, Kentucky.
    2. Joseph Thornton Price was born 15 Nov 1848, Nelson, Kentucky; died Abt May 1851, Nelson, Kentucky; was buried , St. Catherine's, New Haven, Nelson, Kentucky.
    3. William Price was born 20 Sep 1850, Nelson, Kentucky; died 1851.
    4. Robert Orville Price was born 12 Apr 1851, Nelson, Kentucky.
    5. Elizabeth Price was born 8 Sep 1852, Nelson, Kentucky.
    6. Josephine Price was born 9 Dec 1853, Nelson, Kentucky; died 6 Jan 1940, Laurel, Kentucky.
    7. Robert Abell Price was born 5 Nov 1855, Nelson, Kentucky.
    8. Eliza Ellen Price was born 30 Jul 1857, Nelson, Kentucky.
    9. 1. John B. Price was born 3 May 1859, Nelson, Kentucky.
    10. James Franklin Price was born 6 Oct 1861, Nelson, Kentucky.
    11. Henry Hayden Price was born 5 Oct 1864, Nelson, Kentucky.
    12. Alice Price was born Abt 1867, Nelson, Kentucky.

Generation: 3

  1. 6.  Joseph HaydenJoseph Hayden was born Abt 1800, Washington, Kentucky (son of George Hayden and Mary Polly Elliott); died Bef 1883, Kentucky; was buried , St. Catherine's, New Haven, Nelson, Kentucky.


    Joseph Hayden's parentage remains unproven. But we (Laura Hayden and PNH) think it very likely he was a son of George Hayden (1776-1859).

    (1) DNA evidence indicates that Patrick is probably a direct paternal descendant of the immigrant Francis Heydon who died in St. Mary's County, Maryland circa 1694. Specifically, his brother Benjamin's Y-DNA is a 99%-plus match to that of several people with documented paternal descent from Francis. Additionally, Benjamin's Y-DNA is also a strong match to that of people descended from Charles Evans Hayden (1873-1939), who was a grandson of George Hayden (1776-1859).

    (2) We do not have a record of a straight father-to-son descent from Francis to Patrick. We have records that show Patrick is descended from Francis, but they go through the maternal line at least twice. (Specifically, the documented descent from Francis goes through Joseph's son James's wife Mary Drucilla Hayden, daughter of Urban Hayden, son of Mary A. Hayden, daughter of Charles Hayden, himself a direct male-line descendant of Francis. Urban's father William Leo Hayden not a descendant of Francis, but he married a Hayden, Mary, who was.)

    (3) We have never been able to find a record of the parents of Patrick's paternal great-great-great grandfather Joseph Hayden (~1800-<1883).

    (4) And yet, if the DNA evidence is to be believed, Joseph must be a direct paternal descendant of Francis.

    This has led us to examine the question of which direct paternal descendants of Francis Hayden (d. ~1694) were in Washington County, Kentucky at the right time to be the father of Joseph Hayden who was (according to the 1883 History of Daviess County, Kentucky, citation details below) born there in approximately 1800.

    William Hayden, direct paternal great-grandson of Francis Hayden, was born in St. Mary's County, Maryland in 1742. He and his family emigrated from Maryland to Kentucky as part of the expedition led by his more famous brother Basil Hayden. William Hayden died in Washington County, Kentucky on 10 April 1794.

    His sons were:
    Charles Hayden, b. ~1766, St. Mary's County, MD; d. 1813, Washington, KY
    Benedict "Bennett" Hayden, b. 1768, St. Mary's County, MD; d. 1794, Washington, KY
    Henry Hayden, b. 1770, St. Mary's County, MD; d. 1828, Washington, KY
    Wilford Hayden, b. 1772, St. Mary's County, MD; d. 1827, Washington, KY
    George Hayden, b. <1776, St. Mary's County, MD; d. 1859, Springfield, Washington, KY
    Thomas Hayden, b. 1779, St. Mary's County, MD; d. 1850, Fancy Farm, Graves, KY

    Benedict Hayden is unlikely to have been Joseph's father, unless our birth year for Joseph is off by at least six years. That leaves Charles, Henry, Wilford, George, and Thomas.

    Kentucky's 1800 census records were burned by the British during the War of 1812. But surviving tax lists from 1800 turn up 17 men named Hayden, Heydon, Haydon, or Haydin being taxed in Washington County that year. Among those seventeen are names corresponding to all five of William Hayden's sons known to have been alive and in Washington County in 1800: a Charles Heydon, a Henry Heydon, a Wilfrid Haydin, a George Hayden, and a Thomas Haydon. ("Will Heydon" and "Willy Heydon", also among the 17 names, might well be the same individual as Wilfrid/Wilford.)

    Charles Hayden is already known to be a 5G grandfather to Patrick, as the father of Mary A. Hayden who married William Leo Hayden, natural son of Basil Hayden's wife Henrietta Cole. Charles is unlikely to be the father of Joseph because the records show him and his wife Eleanor Elliott as parents of a different child born in 1800, Charles Hayden Jr., who married Eleanor Hagan (1803-1882) and died in 1838. That leaves Henry, Wilford, George, and Thomas.

    Henry Hayden married Jennet Lee in Kentucky in 1789, and she had several children by him before she died sometime before 1796. In July 1796 Henry married Mary Green, and we have no record of them having any children.

    Wilford Hayden married Ann Nancy Lee, and they had a child in 1800, Phillip Hayden, who married Elizabeth Thompson Hayden (1811-1849) and died in 1841.

    Thomas Hayden married Mary Willett in January 1802. They had 13 children, including a John Joseph Hayden in 1812, but John Joseph married Elenor Hobbs and isn't our Joseph Hayden.

    That leaves George Hayden (1776-1859) as the likeliest father for Joseph Hayden. George Hayden married Mary Elliott, the sister of his brother Charles's wife Eleanor Elliott, in Washington County, Kentucky in 1796. George and Mary's first recorded child is Elizabeth b. 1798; the next one we're able to find is Eleanor b. 1803. As Laura Hayden points out, this a very long gap for the usually-prolific Haydens; Joseph could well have been born to them in that gap.

    Some unsourced online records show George Hayden and Mary Elliott with a son identified as "Clement Hayden" born c. 1800 in Washington County, Kentucky. It's hardly impossible that this Clement's full name was Clement Joseph Hayden, or Joseph Clement Hayden. Or Clement and Joseph could be separate children; the gap is long enough to easily encompass the birth of two. Relevant to this, the 1820 census shows George and Mary's household containing two "Free White Persons - Males - 16 to 25", which suggests that they had at least two otherwise unrecorded sons prior to 1805.

    Just to reiterate, Joseph Hayden (1800-1883), Patrick's GGG grandfather, has to have been a direct paternal descendant of the immigrant Francis Hayden, unless the DNA results are wrong. And to repeat a supporting point, those DNA results also showed Patrick's brother Benjamin as a strong match to paternal descendants of a grandson of the George Hayden we are hypothesizing as Joseph Hayden's father -- Charles Evans Hayden (1873-1939), grandson of George by his second wife, Nancy Doncaster.

    [Thanks to Laura Hayden for doing most of the work on this series of deductions.]


    Details from the 1820 US Federal Census, Bardstown, Nelson County, for George Haydon:
    [Showing the presence of two males in his household born between 1795 and 1805]

    George Haydon
    Home in 1820 (City, County, State):
    Bardstown, Nelson, Kentucky
    Enumeration Date:
    August 7, 1820
    Free White Persons - Males - Under 10: 2
    Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 15: 1
    Free White Persons - Males - 16 thru 25: 2
    Free White Persons - Males - 26 thru 44: 1
    Free White Persons - Females - Under 10: 1
    Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 15: 2
    Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25: 2
    Free White Persons - Females - 26 thru 44: 1
    Number of Persons - Engaged in Agriculture: 4
    Free White Persons - Under 16: 6
    Free White Persons - Over 25: 2
    Total Free White Persons: 12
    Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other: 12


    Another thing we know as well as we know anything about Joseph Hayden is that he married Catherine Clayton on 26 Aug 1823 in Nelson County, Kentucky, and that she was a daughter of Joseph Clayton who fought on the Virginia line in the Revolution and died in Nelson County, Kentucky between 1813 and 1824.

    The following legal transcript, found at and entitled "Indenture, Nelson County, 11 April 1803", shows that as far back as 1793, William Hayden (father to George, who we believe to have been Joseph's father), and his son Charles Hayden, and Joseph Clayton, who would become Joseph Hayden's father-in-law thirty years later, were all neighbors in Nelson County, Kentucky, owning land that abutted one another's holdings.

    This Indenture made the (blank) day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and three between Charles Morehead and Samuel Miller Commissioners of the County of Nelson of the one part and Joseph Fogle of the same county of the other part. Witnesseth that Whereas by an act of the general assembly of this state passed on the first day of March in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven entitled an act to reduce into one the several acts for the conveyance and division of lands the County Courts of this state were authorized and directed to appoint Commissioners in their respective counties to divide and convey lands in certain cases and the said Morehead and Miller having been duly appointed by the County Court of Nelson for the purposes contained in the above recited act and having been called upon by the said Joseph Fogle to divide 5 certain surveys or tracts of land held in tennency in common between him the said Joseph Fogle and a certain Adam Fogle of the aforesaid County of Nelson as will more fully appear from the title papers of them the said Joseph and Adam aforesaid being thereto had one of the said surveys or tracts of land containing two hundred and fifty acres of land lying on the North side of the Beechfork in the said County granted by patent to Josiah Lee, and conveyed by said Lee to said Joseph and Adam Fogle, a second tract containing one hundred and ninety acres, a third tract containing twenty five acres the fourth tract containing fifty eight and one fourth acres and the fifth tract twenty acres and three fourths which four last mentioned tracts are hereafter more particularly described. Now we the said Charles Morehead and Samuel Miller Commissioners as aforesaid in pursuance of the power and authority vested in us by the aforesaid recited act of assembly have enfeoffed transfered and conveyed and do by these presents enfeoff transfer and convey unto the aforesaid Joseph Fogle all the right title interest or claim of him the said Adam Fogle to the aforesaid four last mentioned tracts of land the one hundred and ninety acres situate lying and being in the County of Nelson on the north side of the Rolling Fork of Salt River conveyed by deed duly recorded in the Bairdstown District Court by Josiah Lee and wife to said Joseph & Adam Fogle and is bounded as follows, towit, Beginning at a sycamore and Mulberry on the bank of said fork at the lower corner of James Andersons one hundred acre survey, thence north twenty west one hundred poles thence north forty east thirty poles to a white oak and maple thence south eighty east forty poles to a white oak thence south ten east one hundred and thirty eight poles to two beeches in James Anderson's line, thence with said line north eighty west two hundred and forty five poles to the Beginning. The twenty five acres bound as follows, towit, Beginning at a hickory tree south of the Ball alley, running thence south 84 west 53 1/2 poles to a white oak black walnut and sugar tree corner to Clarke and Hayden, thence S 2 1/2 E 88 poles to a sugar tree on the west side of the road, thence north 87 E 40 poles to a stake near a dead white oak and black walnut in Duncaster's plantation thence N 4 W 39 1/2 to a small black oak, thence up the said road N22, E 40 1/4 poles to a stake in the said road, thence north 4 W 14 poles to the Beginning, which said tract William Hayden is bound by bond dated the sixth day of May 1793 to convey to said Adam & Joseph Fogle.

    The fifty eight and one fourth acres is bounded as follows towit, Beginning at an old hickory standing near the old battery and running thence north two degrees west 100 poles to a large white oak in Haydons line, thence south 77 3/4 degrees west seventy three poles to a white oak standing in the road, thence south 75 west 36 poles to white oak standing in the edge of a glade, thence south 10 east 74 poles to a small cedar standing in a glade, thence north 84 East 108 poles to the beginning which said tract of 58 1/4 acres Kanellam Peak is bound by Bond dated the (blank) to convey to the said Adam & Joseph Fogle, Twenty acres and which Joseph Clayton is bound by bond dated the (blank) to convey to the said Adam and Joseph Fogle is bounded as follows, towit, Beginning at a white oak and red oak corner to Joseph Claytons and George Clarke land on the top of a hill on the south side of Russells branch and running thence south 79 east 108 poles to two sugar trees and Iron wood sapling standing in the head of a small drain of Pottengers Creek, thence North 2 1/2 degrees West 41 3/4 poles to a dogwood stump corner to Charles Hayden, thence along his line passing said Haydens corner due west 80 poles to a large white oak in George Clarks line, thence South 49 1/2 degrees west 39 poles to the beginning. To have and to hold the aforesaid four last mentioned tracts of land lying and being in the County of Nelson and containing in the whole two hundred and ninety four acres and all and singular the appurtenances and hereditaments thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the said Joseph Fogle his heirs, Exors, admons and assigns forever to the only proper use and behoof of him the said Joseph Fogle his hers & e forever.

    In witness whereof we the said commissioners have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals the day and year first above written.

    Chs Morehead seal
    Saml Miller seal

    At a County Court held for Nelson County on Monday the 11th of April 1803.
    This Indenture from Charles Morehead & Samuel Miller two of the commissioners of Nelson County to Joseph Fogle was acknowledged by the said commissioners to be their voluntary act & deed for the purposes therein expressed and the said Indenture together with the papers agreeable to which the within division was made was ordered to be recorded.

    Teste, Ben Grayson, c.c

    A copy Attest
    B.L. Blakey, C.N.C.C.


    Regarding his death date, Laura Hayden notes: "We don't have a date of death for Joseph. We only know it was after his last sighting in the census records - 1850 - and before his mention in this excerpt from the History of Daviess County (pub. 1883): 'James S. Hayden, born in Nelson County, KY, Aug. 23, 1836, is a son of Joseph Hayden (deceased), a native of Washington County.'"


    The 1850 census records Joseph as living in Nelson County with his daughter Mary Ellen Hayden and her husband Orville Price, and gives his age as "50". This is the chief evidence for a birthdate of around 1800.

    A page exists for "Joseph Haydon", listing him as born in 1800 and buried in St. Catherine Cemetery, New Haven, Nelson County, Kentucky. It gives no death date, and the user who recorded this cemetery notes that they photographed every stone there and found no stone for him. Despite the fact that this Joseph Haydon's birthplace is given as "New Haven, Nelson County, Kentucky" instead of Washington County, we think this is our Joseph, because his daughter Mary Ellen and her husband Orville Price, in whose household we last see Joseph living in 1850, are both buried there as well.


    Joseph married Catherine Clayton 26 Aug 1823, Nelson, Kentucky. Catherine (daughter of Joseph Clayton and Eleanor) was born Bef 1803, Nelson, Kentucky; died Abt 1840, Nelson, Kentucky. [Group Sheet]

  2. 7.  Catherine ClaytonCatherine Clayton was born Bef 1803, Nelson, Kentucky (daughter of Joseph Clayton and Eleanor); died Abt 1840, Nelson, Kentucky.
    1. Joseph Hayden
    2. Robert Hayden
    3. 3. Mary Ellen Hayden was born 1824, Nelson, Kentucky; died 1898, Nelson, Kentucky; was buried , St. Catherine's, New Haven, Nelson, Kentucky.
    4. Elbert Hayden was born Abt 1825, Nelson, Kentucky.
    5. Mary Jane Hayden was born 1827, Nelson, Kentucky; died 5 Dec 1899, Nelson, Kentucky; was buried , St. Catherine's, New Haven, Nelson, Kentucky.
    6. Elizabeth Hayden was born Abt 1830, Nelson, Kentucky.
    7. James S. Hayden was born 23 Aug 1836, Nelson, Kentucky; died 4 Nov 1908, Daviess, Kentucky; was buried 5 Nov 1908, St. Alphonsus Cemetery, West Louisville, Daviess, Kentucky.
    8. Urban Hayden was born Abt 1837, Nelson, Kentucky.

Generation: 4

  1. 12.  George Hayden was born Bef 1776, St. Mary's County, Maryland (son of William Hayden and Elizabeth Thompson); died 1859, Springfield, Washington, Kentucky.


    Emigrated from Maryland to Kentucky in 1788. [, citing Hayden/Rapier and Allied Families by Mary Louise Donnelly.]

    Laura Hayden notes that, compared to other Haydens of this time and place, there appear to be unusually long spans of time between the births of George and Mary Hayden's children. We suspect this means we don't have a full record of all of them.

    The 1820 census enumeration of George Hayden's family lists two "Free White Persons - Males - 16 to 25", and two "Free White Persons - Females 10 to 15", none of whom can be accounted for by George and Mary's known children. This is specifically relevant to our belief that George and Mary were the parents of Joseph Hayden b. ~1800, who would account for one of the missing males aged 16 to 25; for more on that, see Joseph's own page. It could also account for another son named Clement, unless Clement is just Joseph Clement or Clement Joseph. We have no theory of the identity of the missing daughters aged 10 to 15, who would have been born between 1805 and 1810.

    The book History of Daviess County, Kentucky. Together with Sketches of Its Cities, Villages and Townships, Educational, Religious, Civil, Military, and Political History; Portraits of Prominent Persons, Biographies of Representative Citizens. And an Outline History of Kentucky (Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Company, 1883) states that George and Mary Hayden's son George Samuel Hayden (1810-1876) was "the youngest" of "a large family". In fact, we believe he was the youngest of George and Mary's children, and that George's several further children were the offspring of a second wife named Nancy Doncaster or Duncaster. But at any rate, three children - Elizabeth, Eleanor, and George Samuel - don't constitute "a large family" by the standards of the time. So we're strongly inclined to believe that George and Mary had more children than those for whom records have survived.

    George married Mary Polly Elliott 7 Jul 1796, Washington, Kentucky. Mary (daughter of Matthew Elliott and Ann) was born Between 1769-1774, St. Mary's County, Maryland; died Bef 1818, Washington, Kentucky. [Group Sheet]

  2. 13.  Mary Polly Elliott was born Between 1769-1774, St. Mary's County, Maryland (daughter of Matthew Elliott and Ann); died Bef 1818, Washington, Kentucky.
    1. Elizabeth Hayden was born 1798, Kentucky.
    2. 6. Joseph Hayden was born Abt 1800, Washington, Kentucky; died Bef 1883, Kentucky; was buried , St. Catherine's, New Haven, Nelson, Kentucky.
    3. Eleanor Hayden was born 4 Jul 1803, Nelson, Kentucky; died 7 May 1880, Daviess, Kentucky.
    4. George Samuel Hayden was born 15 Nov 1810, New Hope, Nelson, Kentucky; died 4 May 1876, Daviess, Kentucky; was buried , Mater Dolorosa Cemetery, Owensboro, Daviess, Kentucky.

  3. 14.  Joseph ClaytonJoseph Clayton was born Bef 1760, St. Mary's County, Maryland; died Between 1813 and 1824, Nelson, Kentucky.


    The most thoroughly-researched work we've seen about Joseph Clayton is Paul Nordberg's monograph "Joseph Clayton of Nelson County, Kentucky," available as a PDF at This paper dispenses briskly with a number of misconceptions, at least one of which we've been responsible for perpetuating. Best of all, in the monograph's latest revision, Nordberg presents conclusive evidence that Joseph Clayton was originally from St. Mary's County, Maryland. All credit to Nordberg for doing the job right.

    Nordberg also has an online family tree, and while we strongly recommend that researchers consult the full monograph mentioned above, his briefer remarks in his entry for Joseph Clayton are worth excerpting here.

    From Paul Nordberg at

    Joseph fought in the Revolutionary War. He was a matross, an artillery private. He enlisted in 1777 and served through at least March of 1780, when he was stationed in Morristown, New Jersey. His regiment, just being formed when he enlisted, initially did garrison duty at Portsmouth and Yorktown, Virginia, near where enemy ships were "hovering" in Chesapeake Bay near Hampton Roads. (This was the area from which a number of the men in Joseph Clayton's company came.) In March of 1778, the regiment was joined to Washington's army at Valley Forge. For the rest of the War, they fought in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Joseph Clayton took part in several battles.

    Because his daughter [Sarah] was married in 1802 without indication of a marriage bond noted, it seems reasonable to suppose she was twenty-one, so born before 1782, and that Joseph's marriage took place in the year or two after his discharge. (There's a bit of a gap before the births of his other children according to the records we have, so it is possible that he married more than once. But there's no specific evidence that he did.)

    In 1783, he received £111 13s 7d as the balance of his pay according to an act of 1781, and he was granted a military warrant for two hundred acres of land, an entitlement of every soldier who fought until the end of the war. There are signs that he sold out rights to the assigned parcel on Paint Creek in then Fayette County to one David Nisbitt, one of a group of land speculators.

    He first appears in the records of Nelson County in 1786, when he witnessed the will of John Brients. [...] He is regularly present in Nelson County records though 1813. I have found no trace of him after that. In 1823, "widow Eleanor Clayton" gave consent for the marriage of their daughter Catherine.

    Joseph — Eleanor. Eleanor was born Abt 1760. [Group Sheet]

  4. 15.  Eleanor was born Abt 1760.


    The only thing known with certainty about the wife of Joseph Clayton is her given name, Eleanor.

    Paul Nordberg's brief monograph "Eleanor Cole of St. Mary's County, Maryland" makes a strong circumstantial case that she was Eleanor Cole, a sister of Patrick's 5G-grandmother Henrietta Cole (1754-1837).

    1. Sarah Clayton was born Bef 1782.
    2. Mary "Polly" Clayton was born Abt 1788.
    3. John Clayton was born 1790, Nelson, Kentucky; died 7 Nov 1859, Nelson, Kentucky.
    4. William Clayton was born Abt 1794, Kentucky; died Bef 1835, Nelson, Kentucky.
    5. Joseph Clayton was born Abt 1799, Kentucky.
    6. Charles C. Clayton was born 2 Feb 1802, Nelson, Kentucky; died 16 Nov 1874, Daviess, Kentucky; was buried 1874, St. Alphonsus Church, St. Joseph, Daviess, Kentucky.
    7. 7. Catherine Clayton was born Bef 1803, Nelson, Kentucky; died Abt 1840, Nelson, Kentucky.