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Maud de Verdun

Female - 1283

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Maud de Verdun (daughter of Theobald le Boteler and Rohese de Verdun); died on 27 Nov 1283.


    Also called Maud de Boteler.

    Maud married John Fitz Alan before 1240. John (son of John Fitz Alan and Isabel d'Aubigny) was born about 1223 in of Clun, Shropshire, England; died before 10 Nov 1267. [Group Sheet]

    1. John Fitz Alan was born on 14 Sep 1246 in of Arundel, Sussex, England; died on 18 Mar 1272; was buried in Haughmond Abbey, Shropshire, England.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Theobald le Boteler was born in 1200 in of Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland (son of Theobald Walter and Maud le Vavasour); died about 1230; was buried in Abbey of Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: Abt 1200, of Boxted, Suffolk, England
    • Alternate death: 19 Jul 1230, Poitou, Aquitaine, France


    Also called Theobald Walter. Second Chief Butler of Ireland.

    "Theobald Butler, or le Botiller, only s. and h., aged 6 years in 1206. He had livery of his estates 2 July 1221 and 18 July 1222. He was sum. cum equis et armis to attend the King into Brittany, 26 Oct. 1229, as Theobaldus Pincerna. Was Lord Justice [I.], 1247. He m., 1stly, Joan, sister and in her issue coh. of John du Marais, da. of Geoffrey Du M., Justiciar [I.]. He m., 2ndly (shortly after 4 Sep. 1225, when the King requests such marriage), Rohese, only da. and h. of Nicholas de Verdon, of Alton, co. Stafford, which Rohese was heiress of Croxden, &c., and Foundress of Grace Dieu Monastery, co. Leicester. He d. 19 July 1230, in Poitou, and was bur. in the Abbey of Arklow. His widow d. before 22 Feb. 1246/7." [Complete Peerage II:448]

    Theobald married Rohese de Verdun after 4 Sep 1225. Rohese (daughter of Nicholas de Verdun and Clemencia) died before Feb 1247. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Rohese de Verdun (daughter of Nicholas de Verdun and Clemencia); died before Feb 1247.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: 10 Feb 1247
    • Alternate death: Bef 22 Feb 1247


    Founded Grace-Dieu Priory in Leicestershire, sometime between 1235 and 1241.

    Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage points out that omitted from her husband's CP entry is the fact that Rohese was the widow of William Perceval de Somery, who died before 20 Jun 1222, when she and Theobald le Boteler married.

    1. 1. Maud de Verdun died on 27 Nov 1283.
    2. John de Verdun was born about 1226 in of Alton, Staffordshire, England; died before 17 Oct 1274.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Theobald Walter (son of Hervey Walter and Maud de Valognes); died before 14 Feb 1205; was buried in Owney Abbey, Limerick, Ireland.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: Between 4 Aug 1205 and 14 Feb 1206
    • Alternate death: Between 4 Aug 1205 and 29 Sep 1205
    • Alternate death: Bef 12 Feb 1206


    Also called Theobald fitz Walter; Theobald Butler. Chief Butler of England; first Chief Butler of Ireland. Sheriff of Lancashire 1194; justice itinerant 1197.

    He was raised in the remarkable household of his uncle, the justiciar of England Ranulph de Glanville, along with his brother Hubert Walter (who would become justiciar of England, chancellor of England, and Archbishop of Canterbury); Geoffrey fitz Peter (who would succeed Hubert Walter as justiciar); and, for a few years in the early 1180s, the future king John.

    He was not the founder of Cockersand Abbey in Lancashire as reported in CP II; this is corrected in CP XIV. He did, however, found the Abbey of Nenagh. co. Tipperary, 1200; the Abbey of Wotheny, co. Limerick, 1205; and the monastery of Arklow, co. Wicklow.

    "Theobald Walter or Fitz Walter, s. and h. of Hervey Walter, of West Dereham, Norfolk (owner of large estates in Norfolk and Suffolk), by Maud, da. and coh. of Theobald de Valoignes, accompanied John, Count of Mortain, Lord of Ireland (afterward King John), in 1185 into Ireland, who conferred on him vast estates in that Kingdom, including (before 1189) the fief of Arldow, &c., and (in or before May 1 192) the important office of Butler [I.], a dignity which, of itself, probably comprised (even if it did not comprise more than) Baronial rank and position for himself and his successors. He is said subsequently to have obtained the valuable monopoly of the prisage of wines [I.], and is styled Theobald Butler certainly as early as 1199. Returning to England, he obtained from Richard I, in 1194, a grant of the Wapentake of Amounderness with the Lordship of Preston, Lancs. He was Sheriff of Lancashire, personally or by deputy 1194-99. In 1197 he was one of the Justices Itinerant. He founded the Abbey of Nenagh, co. Tipperary 1200; the Abbey of Wotheny, co. Limerick (1205), and the monastery of Arklow, co. Wicklow. He m., in or shortly before 1200, Maud, da. of Robert le Vavasour with whom he acquired the manors of Edlington, co. York, Narborough, co. Leicester, &c. He d. between 4 Aug. 1205 and 14 Feb. 1205/6, and was bur. at Wotheny Abbey afsd. His widow m., in 1207, before 1 Oct., Fulk Fitzwarin." [Complete Peerage II:447-48, as corrected by Volume XIV.]

    Theobald married Maud le Vavasour before 1201. Maud (daughter of Robert le Vavasour and (Unknown) de Birkin) died before 1226. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Maud le Vavasour (daughter of Robert le Vavasour and (Unknown) de Birkin); died before 1226.


    From Antiquities of Shropshire by the Rev. R. W. Eyton [Vol. VII, p. 73]:

    Maud le Vavasour was daughter of Robert, granddaughter of William, and sister of John le Vavasour. I think her mother was a daughter of Adam fitz Peter, Lord of Birkyn; for it appears that "Robert le Vavasour gave his share (it was a fourth) of the Vill of Bolton with Matilda le Count, his daughter, in frank marriage to Theobald Walter, and that the said Matilda afterwards gave it to Roger de Burkyn, her Uncle." (Sallay Register, Dugd. MSS. D. 2.)

    It is not difficult to say why Maud le Vavasour is called Matilda le Count in the above extract. The names Vavasour and Count are treated as equivalent. It is less easy to determine why the Fitz Warin Chronicle calls the same person Maude de Caus. I, however, suggest an explanation.--

    The real Maud de Caus, for there was such a person living at the time of Maud le Vavasour's marriage, was probably her Grandmother. She was daughter and sole heir of that Robert de Chaus who figures in 1165 as a great Derbyshire Feudatory (Liber Niger, I. 225), and who was hereditary Warden of the Forests of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Maud de Caus was wife, first of Adam fitz Peter, Lord of Birkyn, and secondly of Ralph fitz Stephen. By her first husband she had issue John de Birkyn, who, on her death in 1224, succeeded to her great inheritance. I think that Roger de Birkyn above-mentioned, and * * * de Birkyn wife of Robert le Vavasour, were also children of Maude de Caus by her first husband.

    Maud le Vavasour, thus supposed to be her Granddaughter, had two children by her first husband, Theobald Walter. These were Theobald Walter (II.) and Matilda. Matilda was entrusted by King John to the guardianship of Gilbert fitz Reinfrid; but in 1220 King Henry III. apprises William de Lancaster (Gilbert fitz Reinfrid's son), that Theobald fitz Theobald was now to have charge of his Sister (Pat. 4 Hen. III, m. 5). This Writ, coupled with another of July 1221 (Claus. I. 463), shows that in 1220-1 Theobald Walter (II.) attained his majority.

    1. Maud Walter
    2. 2. Theobald le Boteler was born in 1200 in of Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland; died about 1230; was buried in Abbey of Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland.

  3. 6.  Nicholas de Verdun was born in in of Alton, Staffordshire, England (son of Bertram III de Verdun and Rohese de Alveston); died in 1231.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: Apr 1232


    Despite various online claims to the contrary, he was not the Nicholas of Verdun renowned as a goldsmith and enameller. (Among other things, Bertram of Verdun had no children by his first wife Maud de Ferrers.)

    Nicholas married Clemencia. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Clemencia
    1. 3. Rohese de Verdun died before Feb 1247.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Hervey Walter was born in in of Weeton, Amounderness, Lancashire, England (son of Hervey Walter).

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: of Norfolk, England
    • Alternate birth: of West Dereham, Norfolk, England


    Oxford Dictionary of National Biography on his son Theobald calls him "of Weeton, Lancashire", but the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica says that his father "is said to have given lands in his fee of Weeton to Orm, son of Magnus, with his daughter Alice in marriage."

    Hervey married Maud de Valognes. Maud (daughter of Theobald de Valognes and Helewise) was born in in of Parham, Suffolk, England. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Maud de Valognes was born in in of Parham, Suffolk, England (daughter of Theobald de Valognes and Helewise).
    1. 4. Theobald Walter died before 14 Feb 1205; was buried in Owney Abbey, Limerick, Ireland.
    2. Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury died on 13 Jul 1205 in Teynham, Kent, England; was buried on 14 Jul 1205 in Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England.

  3. 10.  Robert le Vavasour was born in in of Addingham, Yorkshire, England (son of William le Vavasour); died before 1228.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: of Edlington, Yorkshire, England
    • Alternate death: 1231

    Robert married (Unknown) de Birkin. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  (Unknown) de Birkin (daughter of Adam de Birkin and Maud de Cauz).
    1. 5. Maud le Vavasour died before 1226.

  5. 12.  Bertram III de Verdun (son of Norman de Verdun and Lasceline de Clinton); died in Aug 1192 in Jaffa, Palestine; was buried on 24 Aug 1192 in Jaffa, Palestine.


    Sheriff of Leicestershire 1170-84. Seneschal of Ireland. Justice in Eyre from 1172; later a regular member of the Curia Regis. Founded the Abbey of Croxdon, Staffordshire, 1170. Went with Richard I to the Holy Land.

    Bertram married Rohese de Alveston before 1176. Rohese was born in in of Alveston Castle, Warwickshire, England; died in 1215. [Group Sheet]

  6. 13.  Rohese de Alveston was born in in of Alveston Castle, Warwickshire, England; died in 1215.


    Also called Rohese de Salford.

    1. 6. Nicholas de Verdun was born in in of Alton, Staffordshire, England; died in 1231.