Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Astrid Olafsdotter

Female - 1035

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Dietrich VI Nust
Male Abt 1185-1260
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Dietrich V
Male 1170-Bef 1202
Dietrich I
Male 1192-1227
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Arnold III von Kleve
Male Abt 1163-Bef 1200
Dietrich IV
Male Abt 1130-1172
William IV
Male -Bef 1250
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Gero II
Male -Abt 1220
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Rapoto I von Ortenburg
Male Abt 1106-1186
Rudolf II von Tübingen
Male Abt 1182-Aft 1248
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Rudolf I von Tübingen
Male Abt 1160-Aft 1219
Female -Aft 1203
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Hugo I
Male Abt 1174-1234
Hugo II von Tübingen
Male Abt 1120-1182
Heinrich Burwin II
Male Abt 1170-1226
Female -Aft 1248
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Mechtild of Saxony
Female Abt 1150-Bef 1219
Heinrich Burwin I
Male Bef 1150-1277
Irmengard am Rhein
Female Abt 1200-1260
Hermann V von Baden
Male Abt 1180-1243
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Female Abt 1201-1267
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Heinrich I
Male Abt 1173-1227
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Helene of Denmark
Female Abt 1180-1233
Heinrich of Saxony
Male Abt 1100-1139
Bianca Lancia
Female Abt 1212-
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Otto I of Meran
Male Abt 1180-1234
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Maria von Hohenstaufen
Female Abt 1201-1235
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Irene Angelina
Female Abt 1181-1208
Beatrice of Burgundy
Female Abt 1144-1184
Female -1227
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Frédéric II
Male Abt 1172-1213
Agnes de Bar
Female Abt 1177-1226
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Frédéric I
Male Abt 1143-1207
Ludmilla of Poland
Female Abt 1150-1223
Alice of Vergy
Female 1182-1252
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Alexander of Burgundy
Male Abt 1170-Abt 1205
Béatrix de Rion
Female -Aft 1221
Hugh III
Male Abt 1148-1192
Bertha of Swabia
Female 1123-Aft 1195
Matthias I of Lorraine
Male Abt 1119-1176
Judith of Bavaria
Female 1100-Aft 1130
Wulfhilde of Saxony
Female Abt 1075-1126
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Male -1171
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Otto I von Brandenburg
Male Abt 1126-1184
Heinrich II
Male 1155-1236
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Hermann II
Male Abt 1184-1247
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Siegfried III
Male Abt 1155-1206
Hermann I
Male Abt 1130-1176
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Male 1158-1195
Adelheid von Meissen
Female Abt 1160-1211
Dietrich VI Nust
Male Abt 1185-1260
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Heinrich of Meissen
Male Abt 1215-Bef 1288
Constance of Austria
Female 1212-Bef 1243
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Jutta von Thüringen
Female Abt 1183-1235
Hedwig von Brandenburg
Female Abt 1140-Bef 1203
Otto of Meissen
Male 1125-1190
Boleslaw II of Silesia
Male 1225-Abt 1278
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Jutta von Anhalt
Female -Aft 1277
Nikolaus I of Werle
Male Abt 1213-1277
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Bernhard I of Anhalt
Male Abt 1220-1287
Sophie Abelsdatter
Female Abt 1240-Aft 1284
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Siegfried I of Anhalt
Male Abt 1230-Aft 1298
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Heinrich I of Anhalt
Male Abt 1170-1252
Irmgard von Thüringen
Female Abt 1197-Abt 1244
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Albrecht I
Male Abt 1180-1261
Agnes von Thüringen
Female Abt 1206-Bef 1247
Jutta of Saxony
Female Abt 1224-
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Agnes of Austria
Female 1206-1226
Agnes of Habsburg
Female Abt 1257-1322
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Judith of Poland
Female Abt 1152-Aft 1201
Eilica von Sachsen
Female Abt 1080-1142
Otto of Ballenstedt
Male Abt 1075-1123
Magnus of Saxony
Male Abt 1045-1106
Sophia of Hungary
Female Abt 1050-1095
Ordulf of Saxony
Male Abt 1020-1072
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