Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Edmund de Stafford

Male 1273 - Bef 1308  (< 35 years)

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New chart
Richard Beauchamp
Male Abt 1435-1503
Richard Neville
Male Abt 1468-Bef 1530
New chart
Margaret Fogge
Female -Bef 1532
New chart
Katherine Fray
Female Abt 1447-1482
Eleanor Aylesbury
Female Abt 1406-Aft 1475
Humphrey Stafford
Male Abt 1384-1419
Elizabeth Burdet
Female -Bef 1419
Maud Hastang
Female 1359-Bef 1410
Margaret Hill
Female -Bef 1508
New chart
Welthian Yarde
Female -Aft 1521
James Luttrell
Male 1427-1461
John Luttrell
Male 1398-1430
John Tuchet
Male 1371-1408
Robert Willoughby
Male Abt 1452-1502
Blanche Champernoun
Female Abt 1453-Bef 1480
New chart
Anne Cheyne
Female 1428-Aft 1473
John Willoughby
Male Abt 1422-1477
Alice Stafford
Female -Bef 1448
Edmund Cheyne
Male 1401-1430
Humphrey Stafford
Male Abt 1379-1442
Elizabeth Maltravers
Female Abt 1378-Bef 1420
Alice Grenville
Female Abt 1344-Bef 1386
Elizabeth d'Aumarle
Female Abt 1345-1413
John de Stafford
Male -Bef 1369
Eleanor Peshale
Female -Aft 1535
New chart
Richard Peshale
Male Bef 1388-1458
Maud Swynnerton
Female Abt 1370-1424
Humphrey Peshale
Male -Bef 1388
Randal Brereton
Male -Aft 1470
New chart
Randal Brereton
Male -Aft 1478
Alice Ipstones
Female Abt 1396-
Randal Brereton
Male -Aft 1436
New chart
John Savage
Male 1410-1463
George Booth
Male Abt 1445-1484
New chart
Maud Dutton
Female Abt 1425-Abt 1489
Margaret Savage
Female Abt 1403-
Robert de Swynnerton
Male Abt 1340-Bef 1387
Nicholas de Beke
Male -Bef 1359
William Gascoigne
Male Abt 1450-1487
New chart
Henry Percy
Male 1421-1461
Elizabeth Grey
Female -Bef 1434
Robert Poynings
Male 1382-1446
Robert Tyrwhit
Male Abt 1482-1548
New chart
Robert Tailboys
Male Abt 1441-1451-1494
Elizabeth Heron
Female -Bef 1495
William Tailboys
Male Abt 1415-1464
Thomas Grey
Male 1477-1530
Margaret Wotton
Female -Aft 1535
New chart
Cecily Bonville
Female 1461-1529
Thomas Grey
Male 1451-1501
Catherine Neville
Female Abt 1442-1504
Margaret Grey
Female Abt 1399-Aft 1426
William Bonville
Male 1391-1461
Margaret de Ros
Female -Bef 1415
Reynold Grey
Male Abt 1362-1440
New chart
Henry Wentworth
Male Abt 1448-1501
Ann Saye
Female -Aft 1484
Philip Wentworth
Male Abt 1424-1464
John Clifford
Male Abt 1389-1422
Thomas de Clifford
Male Abt 1363-1391
Thomas de Ros
Male 1337-1384
Edward Raleigh
Male Abt 1470-1508
Anne Chamberlain
Female -Aft 1529
New chart
Edward Raleigh
Male 1441-1513
Margaret Verney
Female -Aft 1508
Philippa Ferrers
Female -Aft 1434
Thomas Greene
Male 1399-1462
New chart
Richard Beauchamp
Male Abt 1435-1503
Edmund Ferrers
Male 1389-1435
Robert Ferrers
Male 1357-1412
John de Ferrers
Male Abt 1331-1367
William Gascoigne
Male Abt 1450-1487
New chart
John Neville
Male Abt 1418-1482
Elizabeth Newmarch
Female Abt 1417-Bef 1467
Mary Ferrers
Female Abt 1394-1458
Eleanor Scrope
Female Abt 1476-Bef 1509
New chart
Henry Scrope
Male 1418-1459
Margaret Neville
Female 1396-1464
Richard Scrope
Male 1394-1420
Ralph de Neville
Male 1367-1425
New chart
James Tyrrell
Male Abt 1445-1502
John Arundell
Male 1421-1473
Thomas Morley
Male Abt 1393-1435
Mary Reade
Female -Bef 1518
New chart
Mary Stonor
Female -Aft 1485
John Barantyne
Male Abt 1460-1485
Jane de la Pole
Female 1430-1494
Thomas Stonor
Male 1424-1474
Michael de la Pole
Male Bef 1368-1415
Edmund Stafford
Male 1377-1403
Anne of Gloucester
Female Bef 1383-1438
Hugh de Stafford
Male Bef 1342-1386
Margaret de Audley
Female 1322-Aft 1348
Agnes Darell
Female -Aft 1508
Simon Harcourt
Male Abt 1473-1547
New chart
John Gresley
Male Abt 1418-1487
Maud Arderne
Female 1396-1432
John Arderne
Male 1369-1408
Thomas de Arderne
Male 1328-Bef 1391
Richard de Stafford
Male Abt 1305-1380
Isabel de Vernon
Female -Bef 1371
New chart
Edmund de Stafford
Male 1273-Bef 1308