Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Mathilde von Luxembourg


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Floris IV
Male 1210-1234
Machteld of Brabant
Female Abt 1200-1267
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Aleida van Gelre
Female Abt 1187-1218
Willem I
Male Abt 1170-1222
Wilhelm IV
Male 1210-1278
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Otto II van Gelre
Male Abt 1215-1271
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Wilhelm IV
Male 1210-1278
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Gerhard van Gelre
Male Abt 1185-1229
Margareta of Brabant
Female Abt 1192-1231
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Adolf I von der Mark
Male Abt 1194-1249
Otto I van Gelre
Male Abt 1150-Aft 1207
Mathilde von Habsburg
Female Abt 1253-1304
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Elisabeth of Bavaria
Female Abt 1227-1273
New chart
Female Abt 1201-1267
Boleslaw II of Silesia
Male 1225-Abt 1278
New chart
Jutta von Anhalt
Female -Aft 1277
Nikolaus I of Werle
Male Abt 1213-1277
New chart
Siegfried I of Anhalt
Male Abt 1230-Aft 1298
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Irmgard von Thüringen
Female Abt 1197-Abt 1244
Heinrich I von Anhalt
Male Abt 1170-1252
Johann I
Male 1213-1266
New chart
Agnes von Thüringen
Female Abt 1206-Bef 1247
Albrecht I
Male Abt 1180-1261
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Ludwig II
Male 1200-1227
Sophie of Bavaria
Female Abt 1172-1238
Hermann I
Male Abt 1154-1217
Agnes von Looz
Female Abt 1150-1192
Otto I
Male Abt 1117-1183
Matthew de Lovaine
Male Abt 1237-Bef 1302
New chart
Female -Aft 1274
Godfrey III
Male Abt 1141-1190
Friedrich III
Male Abt 1213-1287
New chart
Hartmann V von Kyburg
Male Abt 1215-1263
New chart
Alix de Lorraine
Female -Bef 1242
Wernher I
Male -1228
Frédéric III
Male 1238-1303
New chart
Mathieu II
Male Abt 1193-1251
Katharina von Limburg
Female Abt 1215-1255
Agnes de Bar
Female Abt 1177-1226
Frédéric II
Male Abt 1172-1213
Laurette de Looz
Female -Bef 1184
Thibaud I
Male Abt 1158-1214
Walter VII Berthout
Male Abt 1225-Abt 1286
New chart
Walter VI Berthout
Male Abt 1200-1243
Walter V Berthout
Male Abt 1175-1219
Walter IV Berthout
Male Abt 1150-1201
Ludwig I
Male -1171
Arnold I
Male -1135
New chart
Johann I von Isenburg
Male Abt 1250-1312
Engelbert II
Male Abt 1280-1328
Female -1367
New chart
Eberhard I
Male Abt 1252-1308
Margareta von Berg
Female Abt 1288-Aft 1341
Otto IV
Male -1328
New chart
Heinrich von Berg
Male Bef 1247-1295
Folmar II
Male -Bef 1223
Richza of Werle
Female -Aft 1312
New chart
Heinrich I of Werle
Male Abt 1235-1291
Nikolaus II of Werle
Male Abt 1265-1316
New chart
Johann I of Werle
Male Abt 1245-1283
Nikolaus I of Werle
Male Abt 1213-1277
Jutta von Anhalt
Female -Aft 1277
Heinrich Burwin II
Male Abt 1170-1226
Female -Aft 1248
New chart
Gerhard II of Holstein
Male Bef 1253-1312
Mechtild of Saxony
Female Abt 1150-Bef 1219
Heinrich Burwin I
Male Bef 1150-1277
Gottfried I
Male -Aft 1135
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