Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Ness fitz William


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Robert de Clifford
Male Abt 1274-1314
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Thomas de Clare
Male 1248-1287
Gilbert de Clare
Male 1243-1295
Alice de Lusignan
Female Aft 1236-1290
Margaret de Clare
Female Abt 1292-1342
Piers de Gaveston
Male Bef 1283-1312
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Eleanor de Clare
Female 1292-1337
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Joan of Acre
Female 1272-1307
John de Mowbray
Male 1286-1322
Aline de Brewes
Female Abt 1290-Bef 1324
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Rose de Clare
Female 1252-Aft 1315
Roger de Mowbray
Male Abt 1257-1296
Maud de Lacy
Female -1288-1289
Richard de Clare
Male 1222-1262
Alice Lacy
Female 1281-1348
Henry Lacy
Male Abt 1250-1310
Edmund de Lacy
Male Abt 1230-1258
Margaret de Quincy
Female Bef 1217-Bef 1266
John de Lacy
Male Abt 1192-1240
Robert de Scales
Male Abt 1312-1369
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Robert de Scales
Male 1279-1325
Hugh de St. John
Male 1310-Bef 1335
Mirabel Wake
Female -Aft 1355
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John de St. John
Male 1274-Bef 1329
Muriel de Moels
Female Abt 1322-1369
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Isabel de Vere
Female -Bef 1291
John de Dinham
Male Abt 1318-1383
Muriel Courtenay
Female -Bef 1369
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John de Dinham
Male 1295-Bef 1332
Josce de Dinham
Male 1275-1301
Oliver de Dinham
Male Abt 1234-1299
John le Strange
Male Abt 1332-1361
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Roger le Strange
Male 1327-1382
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Gerard de Lisle
Male Abt 1304-1360
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Richard Fitz Alan
Male Abt 1313-1376
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Eleanor of Lancaster
Female Abt 1318-1372
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Edmund Fitz Alan
Male 1285-1326
Joan de Vere
Female -Abt 1293
Nicholas de Lovaine
Male Abt 1325-1375
New chart
Aubrey Vere
Male 1340-1400
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John de Vere
Male Abt 1312-1360
Maud de Badlesmere
Female Abt 1308-1366
Alphonse de Vere
Male Bef 1262-Bef 1328
Robert de Vere
Male Abt 1240-Bef 1296
Hawise de Quincy
Female -Aft 1263
Hugh de Vere
Male Abt 1210-Bef 1263
New chart
Fulk de Pembridge
Male Abt 1272-Bef 1296
Female -Aft 1303
William de Harcourt
Male Abt 1300-1349
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John de Harcourt
Male 1274-Bef 1330
Richard de Harcourt
Male 1256-Bef 1293
Margaret Beke
Female -Aft 1296
William de Harcourt
Male Bef 1227-1271
Richard de Harcourt
Male Abt 1202-Abt 1258
New chart
Robert de Umfreville
Male Abt 1277-1325
Lucy de Kyme
Female -Bef 1318
Elizabeth Comyn
Female -Bef 1329
Gilbert de Umfreville
Male Abt 1244-Bef 1307
Isabel de Beaumont
Female Abt 1320-1361
Henry of Grosmont
Male Abt 1310-1361
New chart
Alice Comyn
Female -Bef 1349
Isabel Randolph
Female Abt 1320-Aft 1360
New chart
Patrick of Dunbar
Male Abt 1242-1308
Alexander Comyn
Male -Bef 1290
Ellen la Zouche
Female 1286-Aft 1344
Alan de Cherleton
Male Abt 1278-1360
New chart
Maud la Zouche
Female 1289-1349
Robert de Holand
Male Abt 1270-1328
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Alan la Zouche
Male 1267-Bef 1314
Roger la Zouche
Male Abt 1241-Bef 1285
Ela Longespée
Female -Bef 1276
Robert de Popham
Male Abt 1300-Aft 1346
New chart
Oliver la Zouche
Male Abt 1250-1327
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John fitz Robert
Male Abt 1266-1332
Ralph de Neville
Male Abt 1291-1367
Alice de Audley
Female Abt 1300-1374
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Euphemia de Clavering
Female Aft 1265-Abt 1320
Ranulph de Neville
Male 1262-Aft 1331
Robert fitz Roger
Male Abt 1247-Bef 1310
Ellen de Quincy
Female Abt 1222-Bef 1296
New chart
John Mautravers
Male Abt 1290-1364
New chart
Thomas de Berkeley
Male Abt 1296-1361
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Robert de Ferrers
Male Abt 1239-Abt 1279
Mary de Lusignan
Female -Bef 1269
New chart
Thomas de Lathom
Male 1300-1370
New chart
Female -Aft 1331
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New chart
John de Ferrers
Male 1271-Abt 1312
New chart
Henry de Ferrers
Male Abt 1303-1343
Isabel de Verdun
Female 1317-1349
New chart
William de Ferrers
Male Abt 1240-Bef 1287
Margaret de Quincy
Female Bef 1223-Bef 1281
William de Ferrers
Male Abt 1193-1254
Roger de Quincy
Male Abt 1195-1264
Isabel de St. John
Female Abt 1333-1393
New chart
Mirabel Wake
Female -Aft 1355
Hugh de St. John
Male 1310-Bef 1335
Hugh Wake
Male -Bef 1312
Joan de Belauney
Female -Bef 1329
Margaret Wake
Female Abt 1299-1349
John Comyn
Male -1314
Joan of Kent
Female Abt 1328-1385
New chart
New chart
John Wake
Male Abt 1268-Abt 1300
Joan de Fiennes
Female -Bef 1309
Hawise de Quincy
Female Abt 1250-Bef 1285
Baldwin Wake
Male Abt 1238-1282
Robert de Quincy
Male Bef 1200-1257
Ellen of Wales
Female -Bef 1253
Saher de Quincy
Male 1155-1219
Orabel fitz Ness
Female -Bef 1203
Robert de Quincy
Male -Aft 1201
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