Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Robert V de Beauchamp

Male Bef 1224 - Bef 1263  (< 39 years)

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Robert Roos
Male Abt 1390-Bef 1441
Joan Skelton
Female Aft 1400-Bef 1439
New chart
James de Roos
Male -Bef 1403
John Sutton
Male Abt 1380-1406
New chart
John de Sutton
Male 1362-1396
Margery le Despenser
Female Abt 1399-1478
New chart
Philip le Despenser
Male Abt 1365-1424
Female -Bef 1401
Hawise Luttrell
Female Abt 1393-1422
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Andrew Luttrell
Male Abt 1364-1397
Hawise le Despenser
Female Abt 1344-1414
Andrew Luttrell
Male 1313-1390
Joan de Cobham
Female -Bef 1357
John de Beauchamp
Male 1274-Aft 1336
Female -1327
John de Beauchamp
Male Bef 1247-1283
Cecily de Vivonne
Female Abt 1257-1320
Richard Prowse
Male Abt 1407-Aft 1449
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Agnes Bamfield
Female 1386-Aft 1434
John Prowse
Male Abt 1377-Aft 1446
Thomas Bamfield
Male Bef 1346-Aft 1391
John Bamfield
Male -Bef 1363
Joan Gilbert
Female -Aft 1371
John Bamfield
Male -Aft 1340
Isabel Cobham
Female -Bef 1337
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Joan Fortescue
Female -Aft 1523
Thomas Hext
Male -Bef 1497
New chart
William Fortescue
Male Abt 1460-1520
Elizabeth Champernowne
Female Abt 1465-Bef 1518
New chart
John Fortescue
Male Abt 1420-Aft 1461
William Fortescue
Male Abt 1385-Aft 1421
Maud Falwell
Female -Aft 1421
William Fortescue
Male Abt 1345-Aft 1406
Joan St. Aubyn
Female 1414-Bef 1479
New chart
Blanche Waterton
Female Abt 1380-1437
Joan Beauchamp
Female -Bef 1401
Robert Chalons
Male -Bef 1410
John de Beauchamp
Male Abt 1315-1349
John de Beauchamp
Male Abt 1285-Aft 1341
Robert Baynton
Male Abt 1439-Bef 1472
New chart
Joan Woodville
Female -Bef 1462
William Haute
Male Abt 1390-1462
John Grey
Male Abt 1432-1461
New chart
New chart
Joan Bittlesgate
Female -Aft 1448
Richard Wydevill
Male -Abt 1441
John Beauchamp
Male -Aft 1395
Hugh de Beauchamp
Male Abt 1287-Bef 1338
Idonea de Lisle
Female 1293-Aft 1349
Humphrey de Beauchamp
Male Bef 1253-Bef 1317
Sibyl Oliver
Female -Aft 1306
Female Abt 1388-1478
New chart
Robert de Legh
Male -Aft 1411
Joan de Pulford
Female Abt 1347-Bef 1396
Thomas Grosvenor
Male -Aft 1450
New chart
Robert le Grosvenor
Male Abt 1342-1396
Isabel de Mascy
Female Abt 1280-
Hugh Dutton
Male 1276-1326
Mary de Beauchamp
Female Abt 1258-Aft 1309
Hamon de Mascy
Male Abt 1256-Bef 1334
New chart
Robert V de Beauchamp
Male Bef 1224-Bef 1263
Alice de Mohun
Female -Aft 1265