Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Maud of Chester

Female 1171 - Abt 1233  (62 years)

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Ralph Lumley
Male Abt 1360-1400
Eleanor Neville
Female -Aft 1441
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Robert de Lumley
Male -Bef 1325
Lucy de Thweng
Female Abt 1290-Bef 1325
Robert de Lumley
Male Abt 1272-Bef 1308
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William Sinclair
Male -Aft 1358
Maud Bruce
Female -Aft 1323
Hugh Ross
Male -1333
Annabella Drummond
Female Abt 1350-1401
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Robert Stewart
Male Abt 1340-1420
Margaret Graham
Female Abt 1334-1380
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Elizabeth More
Female -Bef 1355
David Lindsay
Male 1360-1407
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Walter Stewart
Male Abt 1297-1327
Isabel of Mar
Female -Bef 1302
Robert de Brus
Male 1243-1304
Marjory of Carrick
Female Abt 1252-Bef 1292
Robert de Brus
Male Abt 1220-1295
Isabel de Clare
Female 1226-Aft 1264
Elizabeth Talbot
Female Abt 1364-1407
Warin l'Arcedekne
Male Abt 1355-Bef 1400
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John Talbot
Male Bef 1337-1375
Female -1381
John Talbot
Male 1317-1355
Lawrence Cheyne
Male Abt 1396-1461
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Philip le Boteler
Male Abt 1388-1420
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Ida Grey
Female -1426
Elizabeth Grey
Female -Bef 1434
Robert Poynings
Male 1382-1446
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Margaret Grey
Female Abt 1399-Aft 1426
William Bonville
Male 1391-1461
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Reynold Grey
Male Abt 1362-1440
Margaret de Ros
Female -Bef 1415
John Grey
Male -1447
Female -Aft 1447
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Edward Grey
Male Abt 1415-1457
Elizabeth Ferrers
Female Abt 1419-Bef 1483
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Robert Grey
Male Abt 1420-Bef 1460
Eleanor Lowe
Female -Aft 1474
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Reynold de Grey
Male Abt 1319-1388
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Robert Morley
Male Abt 1375-1401
Isabel Moleyns
Female -Bef 1409
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Joan Hastings
Female -Bef 1380
Thomas Morley
Male Abt 1354-1416
Edward Hastings
Male 1382-1438
Muriel Dinham
Female Abt 1385-Bef 1420
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Hugh Hastings
Male Bef 1355-1386
Anne Despenser
Female Abt 1363-1426
Hugh de Hastings
Male Abt 1335-1369
Joan Roches
Female -Aft 1447
Nicholas de Baynton
Male Abt 1381-1421
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Willelma de la Mare
Female Abt 1365-1410
John Roches
Male Abt 1333-1400
Maud de Hastings
Female Abt 1335-1405
Robert de la Mare
Male Abt 1314-1382
Hugh de Hastings
Male Abt 1310-1347
Margery Foliot
Female 1313-1349
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Richard Griffin
Male -Bef 1411
Thomas Griffin
Male -Aft 1399
Warin le Latimer
Male Abt 1304-1349
Lora de Hastings
Female -Bef 1339
Thomas le Latimer
Male 1271-Bef 1334
Walter Cokesey
Male 1385-1407
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Thomas Harcourt
Male Abt 1377-1420
Jane Francis
Female 1394-Aft 1449
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Thomas Harcourt
Male Abt 1342-1417
William de Harcourt
Male Abt 1300-1349
John de Harcourt
Male 1274-Bef 1330
Richard de Harcourt
Male 1256-Bef 1293
Margaret Beke
Female -Aft 1296
William de Harcourt
Male Bef 1227-1271
Henry Hastings
Male Abt 1205-Bef 1250
John Comyn
Male -1314
Margaret Wake
Female Abt 1299-1349
Henry de Grey
Male 1351-1396
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Richard Talbot
Male Abt 1361-1396
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Gilbert Talbot
Male Abt 1332-1387
Elizabeth Comyn
Female 1299-1372
Richard Talbot
Male Abt 1302-1356
John Comyn
Male -1306
John Comyn
Male -Bef 1302
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Hawise Marshal
Female Abt 1301-Bef 1334
William Marshal
Male Abt 1277-1314
Thomas Griffin
Male -Aft 1399
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Warin le Latimer
Male Abt 1304-1349
John la Warre
Male 1277-1347
Hawise de Burgh
Female Abt 1258-Bef 1299
Robert de Grelle
Male Abt 1254-1282
John de Burgh
Male Abt 1235-Bef 1280
John de Balliol
Male -Bef 1268
Alan fitz Roland
Male -Abt 1234
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Maud of Chester
Female 1171-Abt 1233