Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Eudes la Zouche

Male - 1279

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Jane Sydenham
Female Aft 1435-
Thomas Saint Barbe
Male Bef 1411-1483
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William Moton
Male -Abt 1482
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John Harcourt
Male Abt 1450-1485
Robert Harcourt
Male 1410-1470
Elizabeth Bessiles
Female Abt 1475-Bef 1520
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Simon Harcourt
Male Abt 1473-1547
Agnes Darell
Female -Aft 1508
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Christopher Harcourt
Male Abt 1449-Aft 1476
Richard Harcourt
Male Abt 1412-1486
Edith St. Clair
Female Abt 1426-1467
Thomas Harcourt
Male Abt 1377-1420
Jane Francis
Female 1394-Aft 1449
Thomas Harcourt
Male Abt 1342-1417
William de Harcourt
Male Abt 1300-1349
John de Harcourt
Male 1274-Bef 1330
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John Markenfield
Male -Bef 1497
John Melton
Male Abt 1377-1455
Joyce Culpepper
Female Abt 1480-Aft 1526
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Richard Culpepper
Male Abt 1430-1484
Isabel Worsley
Female Abt 1460-1527
Elizabeth Talbot
Female 1452-1487
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John Grey
Male Abt 1432-1461
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Elizabeth Ferrers
Female Abt 1419-Bef 1483
Edward Grey
Male Abt 1415-1457
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Thomas Ferrers
Male 1402-1459
William Ferrers
Male Bef 1372-1445
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Lionel Welles
Male Abt 1406-1461
Joan Waterton
Female -Aft 1434
Eudes Welles
Male -Bef 1417
Gilbert Talbot
Male 1452-1517
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Ralph Greystoke
Male Abt 1414-1487
Anne Bigod
Female Abt 1450-1531
William Conyers
Male Abt 1456-1490
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Anne Greystoke
Female Abt 1417-1477
Ralph Bigod
Male 1410-1461
John de Greystoke
Male Abt 1390-1436
Elizabeth Ferrers
Female Abt 1393-1434
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Joan Arundel
Female Abt 1407-Bef 1439
Female -1436
Female -Bef 1375
John Mautravers
Male Abt 1290-1364
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Thomas Berkeley
Male 1353-1417
Margaret Lisle
Female 1363-1392
Maurice de Berkeley
Male Abt 1330-1368
Elizabeth le Despenser
Female Bef 1328-1389
Thomas de Berkeley
Male Abt 1296-1361
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William Gascoigne
Male Abt 1450-1487
Henry Percy
Male 1421-1461
William Hall
Male Bef 1496-
Anne Erley
Female -Bef 1544
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Anne Dudley
Female -Bef 1510
Robert Hall
Male Bef 1475-1536
John Dudley
Male 1506-1553
Jane Guildford
Female Abt 1504-1555
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Edmund Dudley
Male Abt 1462-1510
Elizabeth Grey
Female Abt 1484-Aft 1530
John Sutton
Male 1400-1487
John Berkeley
Male 1352-1428
Elizabeth Betteshorne
Female 1369-Aft 1410
Anne Constable
Female -Aft 1518
William Tyrwhit
Male Abt 1456-1522
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Henry Wentworth
Male 1448-1501
Ann Saye
Female 1453-1484
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Philip Wentworth
Male 1424-1464
Mary Clifford
Female 1416-1478
Margery le Despenser
Female Abt 1399-1478
Philip le Despenser
Male Abt 1365-1424
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Henry Scrope
Male 1418-1459
Richard Scrope
Male 1394-1420
Margaret Neville
Female 1396-1464
Margaret Tibetot
Female Abt 1366-1431
Roger le Scrope
Male Bef 1373-1403
Robert Tibetot
Male Bef 1341-1372
William Deincourt
Male Bef 1300-1364
John Willoughby
Male Abt 1422-1477
Anne Cheyne
Female 1428-Aft 1473
New chart
John Willoughby
Male Abt 1400-1437
Ralph Greystoke
Male Abt 1414-1487
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New chart
Joan Arundel
Female Abt 1407-Bef 1439
William Willoughby
Male Abt 1370-1409
Lucy le Strange
Female -Aft 1398
Eudes la Zouche
Male Abt 1298-1326
Joan Inge
Female Abt 1300-Bef 1360
Maud Lovel
Female -Bef 1324
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