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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F240
 Cooke, Aphra   Ancestry of LDN 
2 F224
 Crowell, Susanna   Ancestry of LDN 
3 F12
Acker, James William Robertson, Eleanor Jane 15 Jan 1874 Birchtown, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
4 F33
Acker, John Rowland, Mary Margarita 3 Dec 1811 Shelburne, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
5 F34
Acker, John B Crank, Esther Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
6 F32
Acker, John James Rachel   Ancestry of LDN 
7 F10
Acker, John William Crowell, Odessa Stella   Ancestry of LDN 
8 F40
Acker, Stephen Rowland, Felicia Phyllis   Ancestry of LDN 
9 F73
Adams, William Hallett, Martha   Ancestry of LDN 
10 F136
Alden, John Mullins, Priscilla   Ancestry of LDN 
11 F149
Atwood, Joseph Smith, Susanna   Ancestry of LDN 
12 F151
Atwood, Joseph Crowell, Bethia   Ancestry of LDN 
13 F150
Atwood, Joshua Knowles, Mary 27 Nov 1746 Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
14 F154
Baker, Samuel Berry, Elizabeth Patience   Ancestry of LDN 
15 F104
Baker, Shubael Stewart, Lydia   Ancestry of LDN 
16 F38
Bangay, Jonathan Edward Thompson, Rachel   Ancestry of LDN 
17 F202
Bangs, Edward Rebecca   Ancestry of LDN 
18 F203
Bangs, John Chavis, Jane   Ancestry of LDN 
19 F242
Bangs, Richard    Ancestry of LDN 
20 F7
Barkhouse, Ervin (or Irvin) Acker, Nellie May 25 Feb 1925 Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
21 F214
Barkhouse, Roy    Ancestry of LDN 
22 F11
Barkhouse, Samuel Hallamore, Ella   Ancestry of LDN 
23 F233
Barlow, Thomas    Ancestry of LDN 
24 F138
Bartlett, Benjamin Pabodie, Ruth   Ancestry of LDN 
25 F139
Bartlett, Benjamin Brewster, Sarah   Ancestry of LDN 
26 F140
Bartlett, Robert Warren, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
27 F82
Bassett, Nathan Crow, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
28 F93
Bassett, Nathaniel Joyce, Dorcas Abt 1661  Ancestry of LDN 
29 F204
Bassett, William Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
30 F223
Berry, John    Ancestry of LDN 
31 F153
Berry, Richard Alice   Ancestry of LDN 
32 F229
Blake, Humphrey    Ancestry of LDN 
33 F129
Blake, John Joan   Ancestry of LDN 
34 F193
Bower, George Barbara   Ancestry of LDN 
35 F121
Bradford, Gamaliel Bartlett, Abigail   Ancestry of LDN 
36 F124
Bradford, Gov. William Carpenter, Alice   Ancestry of LDN 
37 F227
Bradford, Peter    Ancestry of LDN 
38 F120
Bradford, Samuel Ring, Grace   Ancestry of LDN 
39 F122
Bradford, Samuel Rogers, Hannah   Ancestry of LDN 
40 F123
Bradford, William Richards, Alice   Ancestry of LDN 
41 F125
Bradford, William Hanson, Alice   Ancestry of LDN 
42 F226
Bradford, William    Ancestry of LDN 
43 F183
Brewster, Jonathan Oldham, Lucretia   Ancestry of LDN 
44 F142
Brewster, Love Collier, Sarah   Ancestry of LDN 
45 F70
Brewster, William Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
46 F71
Brewster, William Smythe, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
47 F72
Brewster, William Mann, Maud   Ancestry of LDN 
48 F194
Brown, Samuel Harding, Martha 19 Feb 1683 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
49 F206
Brown, William Murdock, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
50 F79
Burke, Thomas James, Nora   Ancestry of LDN 
51 F161
Busby, Nicholas Margaret Abt 1575  Ancestry of LDN 
52 F60
Busby, Nicholas Cocke, Bridget 24 Jun 1605 St Mary Coslany, Norwich, Norfolk, England  Ancestry of LDN 
53 F28
Carmichael, Alexander McNaughton, Catharine 18 Aug 1843 Middlesex, Ontario, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
54 F30
Carmichael, John McLaren, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
55 F31
Carmichael, John Ogilvie, Janet 28 Jul 1770 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland  Ancestry of LDN 
56 F225
Carpenter, Alexander    Ancestry of LDN 
57 F169
Cobb, Henry Hurst, Patience Abt 1631  Ancestry of LDN 
58 F162
Cocke, Christopher Margaret 25 Jan 1580 St. Mary Coslany, Norwich, Norfolk, England  Ancestry of LDN 
59 F143
Collier, William Clark, Jane 16 May 1611 St. Olave, Southwark, Surrey, England  Ancestry of LDN 
60 F209
Cooke, Josiah Ring, Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
61 F230
Cosford, George    Ancestry of LDN 
62 F112
Covell, James Dunham, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
63 F110
Covell, Jonathan Gardner, Parnel   Ancestry of LDN 
64 F94
Covell, Joseph Bassett, Hannah   Ancestry of LDN 
65 F95
Covell, Nathaniel Nickerson, Sarah   Ancestry of LDN 
66 F96
Covell, Nathaniel Sudely, Emlhyn   Ancestry of LDN 
67 F111
Covell, Timothy Wheldon, Thankful   Ancestry of LDN 
68 F6
Crowell, John Samuel Latham, Susan Jane   Ancestry of LDN 
69 F5
Crowell, John Samuel Bangay, Adeliza Jane 2 Mar 1872 Lockeport, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
70 F37
Crowell, Thomas Townsend, Mary 1823 Lockeport, Shelburne, Nova Scotia***Data is already there***  Ancestry of LDN 
71 F26
Currier, Cyrus M. Ardelia   Ancestry of LDN 
72 F24
Currier, Cyrus M. Millett, Thankful P. 25 Mar 1869  Ancestry of LDN 
73 F25
Currier, Cyrus M. Carmichael, Louise Sonia 1878  Ancestry of LDN 
74 F27
Currier, Edmund Esther   Ancestry of LDN 
75 F21
Currier, Norris W. Carmichael, Margaret A. 1885 Boston, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
76 F20
Drew, Benjamin Edwin Currier, Laura A. 6 Jan 1910 Boston, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
77 F22
Drew, Edwin George, Sarah Adelaide   Ancestry of LDN 
78 F215
Drew, Edwin    Ancestry of LDN 
79 F119
Drew, Isaac Bradford, Welthea   Ancestry of LDN 
80 F118
Drew, William Cleapor, Caroline Abt 1814  Ancestry of LDN 
81 F170
Dunham, Deacon John Barlow, Abigail 22 Oct 1622 Leiden, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands  Ancestry of LDN 
82 F167
Dunham, Gershom Mary Abt 1692  Ancestry of LDN 
83 F168
Dunham, Rev. Jonathan Cobb, Mary 15 Oct 1657  Ancestry of LDN 
84 F234
Dunham, Richard    Ancestry of LDN 
85 F107
Eldredge, Joseph Jones, Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
86 F108
Eldredge, Robert Nickerson, Elizabeth Busby   Ancestry of LDN 
87 F106
Eldredge, William Taylor, Hannah   Ancestry of LDN 
88 F238
Folger, John Gibbs, Merrable Bef 1609  Ancestry of LDN 
89 F187
Folger, Peter Morrill, Mary 1644 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
90 F213
Franklin, Josiah Folger, Abiah Nov 1689 Old South Church, Boston, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
91 F189
Freeman, Edmond Hodsoll, Bennett 16 Jun 1617 Cowfold, Sussex, England  Ancestry of LDN 
92 F188
Freeman, Edmond Elizabeth Bef 1635  Ancestry of LDN 
93 F192
Freeman, Edmund Coles, Alice   Ancestry of LDN 
94 F68
Freeman, John Prence, Mercy 13 Feb 1650 Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachsuetts  Ancestry of LDN 
95 F116
Gardner, Simeon Long, Sarah   Ancestry of LDN 
96 F145
George, Benjamin Edward Montgomery, Abigail   Ancestry of LDN 
97 F144
George, Benjamin Franklin Clark, Catherine   Ancestry of LDN 
98 F146
George, Benjamin Franklin Nichols, Hannah   Ancestry of LDN 
99 F147
George, Samuel Page, Rebecca   Ancestry of LDN 
100 F525
Gibbs, John Robertson, Frances Abt 1574  Ancestry of LDN 
101 F98
Godfrey, Moses Cook, Deborah   Ancestry of LDN 
102 F8
Greenwood, Edward Acker, Nellie May 1946  Ancestry of LDN 
103 F126
Hansen, John Gressam, Margaret   Ancestry of LDN 
104 F207
Harding, John Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
105 F208
Harding, Joseph Cooke, Bethia   Ancestry of LDN 
106 F241
Harding, Joseph    Ancestry of LDN 
107 F243
Harding, Richard    Ancestry of LDN 
108 F178
Hicks, Robert Margaret   Ancestry of LDN 
109 F191
Hodsoll, John Bacon, Faith   Ancestry of LDN 
110 F50
Hopkins, Giles Whelden, Catherine 9 Oct 1639 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
111 F51
Hopkins, Stephen (Unknown) Bef 1608 England  Ancestry of LDN 
112 F219
Howes, Samuel    Ancestry of LDN 
113 F235
Hurst, James    Ancestry of LDN 
114 F218
Jones, Teague    Ancestry of LDN 
115 F205
Joyce, John Cochet, Dorothy   Ancestry of LDN 
116 F89
Kendrick, Jonathan Eldredge, Tabitha   Ancestry of LDN 
117 F88
Kendrick, Warren Anson Sears, Azuba   Ancestry of LDN 
118 F66
Knowles, Enos Sparrow, Sarah 12 Apr 1733 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
119 F184
Knowles, Paul Paine, Phebe 28 Feb 1722 Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
120 F190
Knowles, Richard Bower, Ruth 15 Aug 1639  Ancestry of LDN 
121 F67
Knowles, Samuel Freeman, Mercy Dec 1679 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
122 F65
Knowles, Samuel Brown, Bethia 7 Nov 1709 Eastham, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
123 F97
Lombard, Caleb Prout, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
124 F84
Maker, James Rachel   Ancestry of LDN 
125 F61
McComiskey, Daniel Neil Sears, Azuba Abt 1813  Ancestry of LDN 
126 F18
McComiskey, James Douglas Wilson, Christiana   Ancestry of LDN 
127 F157
McComiskey, John Neil Smith, Mercy   Ancestry of LDN 
128 F23
McIsaac, Hartwell Roderick Currier, Laura A. Aft 1930  Ancestry of LDN 
129 F29
McNaughton, Neil St. Claire, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
130 F166
Meader, Joseph Nason, Charity   Ancestry of LDN 
131 F137
Mullins, William Alice   Ancestry of LDN 
132 F101
Newell, Henry Smith, Eunice Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
133 F102
Newell, Henry Grouard, Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
134 F100
Newell, Hezechiah Nickerson, Martha Pattie   Ancestry of LDN 
135 F39
Newell, Zephaniah H. Smith, Asenath 1855 Shelburne, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
136 F148
Nickerson, Aaron Atwood, Hannah   Ancestry of LDN 
137 F105
Nickerson, Abner Baker, Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
138 F16
Nickerson, Alfred Smith Cunningham, Sophia N 22 May 1892 Clarks Harbour, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
139 F17
Nickerson, Alfred Smith McComiskey, Ella Seretha 29 Jul 1903 Lower East Pubnico, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia  Ancestry of LDN 
140 F3
Nickerson, Bernard Everett Drew, Edith Estelle   Ancestry of LDN 
141 F55
Nickerson, Caleb Godfrey, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
142 F15
Nickerson, Cyrus L. Newell, Martha A. 3 Jul 1867 Cape Sable Island, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
143 F14
Nickerson, Cyrus L. Allen, Sarah E. 20 Sep 1887 Barrington, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
144 F19
Nickerson, Ephraim Clifford Smith, Matilda M. 31 Jan 1854 Cape Sable Island, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
145 F9
Nickerson, Ivan Frank Acker, Catherine Matilda (Till)   Ancestry of LDN 
146 F115
Nickerson, Jeremiah Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
147 F78
Nickerson, John Burke, Dorothy James   Ancestry of LDN 
148 F80
Nickerson, John Knowles, Jerusha   Ancestry of LDN 
149 F81
Nickerson, John Bassett, Dorcas   Ancestry of LDN 
150 F160
Nickerson, John Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
151 F59
Nickerson, Joseph Jones, Ruhamah   Ancestry of LDN 
152 F90
Nickerson, Joshua Ryder, Esther   Ancestry of LDN 
153 F87
Nickerson, Joshua Kendrick, Tabitha 26 Jun 1785 Barrington, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
154 F41
Nickerson, Judah Smith, Elizabeth 13 May 1824 Barrington, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
155 F76
Nickerson, Knowles Swain, Elizabeth Dobbin   Ancestry of LDN 
156 F2
Nickerson, Ronald Whitman Nickerson, Lorna Mae Abt 1960 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
157 F1
Nickerson, Ronald Whitman Clark, Mary Anne 7 Jun 1986 Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa  Ancestry of LDN 
158 F103
Nickerson, Scott Nickerson, Lucretia Jane   Ancestry of LDN 
159 F4
Nickerson, Whitman Blades Acker, Nellie May Aft 1928 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA  Ancestry of LDN 
160 F56
Nickerson, William Williams, Sarah   Ancestry of LDN 
161 F85
Nickerson, William Margaret Abt 1599  Ancestry of LDN 
162 F58
Nickerson, William Busby, Anne 24 Jun 1627 St. Mary Coslany, Norwich, Norfolk, England  Ancestry of LDN 
163 F57
Nickerson, William Williams, Mercy 30 Nov 1668 Eastham, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
164 F52
Nickerson, William Covell, Sarah Abt 1723 Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States  Ancestry of LDN 
165 F54
Nickerson, William Ensign Lombard, Deliverance 1698 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
166 F53
Nickerson, William Ensign Atwood, Anne 24 Oct 1717 Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States  Ancestry of LDN 
167 F83
Nickerson, William Ruhman Maker, Lydia   Ancestry of LDN 
168 F13
Nickerson, Zepheniah Crowell, Mary Elizabeth 19 Sep 1898 Boston, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
169 F236
Oldham, William    Ancestry of LDN 
170 F135
Pabodie, John Brittaine, Isabel   Ancestry of LDN 
171 F231
Pabodie, John    Ancestry of LDN 
172 F134
Pabodie, William Alden, Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
173 F69
Prence, Gov. Thomas Brewster, Patience 15 Aug 1624 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
174 F200
Prence, Hannah Mayo, Nathaniel   Ancestry of LDN 
175 F221
Prence, Thomas    Ancestry of LDN 
176 F128
Richards, James Blake, Alice   Ancestry of LDN 
177 F127
Richards, Thomas Loring, Welthean   Ancestry of LDN 
178 F228
Richards, Thomas    Ancestry of LDN 
179 F173
Ring, Andrew Hopkins, Deborah 23 Apr 1646 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
180 F172
Ring, Eleazar Shaw, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
181 F171
Ring, Samuel Sylvester, Ruth   Ancestry of LDN 
182 F210
Ring, William Durrant, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
183 F174
Ring, William Mary Bef 1609 Leiden, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands  Ancestry of LDN 
184 F526
Robertson, John Grene, Ales 2 Nov 1548 Oakley, Suffolk, England  Ancestry of LDN 
185 F36
Robertson, William Acker, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
186 F130
Rogers, John Pabodie, Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
187 F131
Rogers, John Churchman, Anna   Ancestry of LDN 
188 F132
Rogers, Thomas Cosford, Alice   Ancestry of LDN 
189 F133
Rogers, William Eleanor   Ancestry of LDN 
190 F35
Rowland, William Rachel   Ancestry of LDN 
191 F99
Ryder, John Crowell, Mehitable   Ancestry of LDN 
192 F63
Sears, Josiah Adams, Phebe   Ancestry of LDN 
193 F74
Sears, Josiah Howes, Mercy   Ancestry of LDN 
194 F64
Sears, Josiah Knowles, Azuba 30 Sep 1736 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States  Ancestry of LDN 
195 F62
Sears, Josiah Crowell, Anna 6 Apr 1797 Eastham, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
196 F75
Sears, Richard Jones, Dorothy   Ancestry of LDN 
197 F220
Sears, Silas    Ancestry of LDN 
198 F177
Shaw, John Alice   Ancestry of LDN 
199 F175
Shaw, Jonathan Watson, Phebe 22 Jan 1658 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
200 F44
Smith, Archelaus Nickerson, Elizabeth 16 Jul 1752 Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States  Ancestry of LDN 
201 F86
Smith, James Nickerson, Tabitha   Ancestry of LDN 
202 F42
Smith, James Wilson, Sarah Dec 1784 Barrington, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada  Ancestry of LDN 
203 F43
Smith, James Kendrick, Tabitha Jul 1803 Barrington Township, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia  Ancestry of LDN 
204 F158
Smith, Jeremiah Lincoln, Lydia   Ancestry of LDN 
205 F48
Smith, John Snow, Bethia 14 May 1694 Eastham, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
206 F216
Smith, Ralph    Ancestry of LDN 
207 F196
Smith, Ralph Grace   Ancestry of LDN 
208 F45
Smith, Reuben Covell, Deborah   Ancestry of LDN 
209 F49
Smith, Samuel Hopkins, Mary 3 Jan 1666 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
210 F46
Smith, Stephen Collins, Hannah 18 Dec 1726 Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States  Ancestry of LDN 
211 F47
Smith, Stephen Brown, Bathsheba 29 Apr 1729 Eastham, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
212 F195
Snow, Jabez Smith, Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
213 F197
Snow, Nicholas Hopkins, Constance   Ancestry of LDN 
214 F217
Snow, Nicholas    Ancestry of LDN 
215 F92
Snow, Stephen Deane, Susanna   Ancestry of LDN 
216 F222
Sparrow, Jonathan    Ancestry of LDN 
217 F159
Sparrow, Jonathan Snow, Sarah   Ancestry of LDN 
218 F199
Sparrow, Jonathan Bangs, Rebecca 28 Oct 1654 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
219 F198
Sparrow, Jonathan Prence, Hannah Aft 1676  Ancestry of LDN 
220 F201
Sparrow, Richard Pandora   Ancestry of LDN 
221 F152
Stewart, Joseph Hall, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
222 F163
Swain, Chapman Meader, Sarah 19 Jul 1739 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
223 F77
Swain, Daniel Taylor, Anna   Ancestry of LDN 
224 F186
Swain, John Weare, Mary 15 Sep 1660 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire  Ancestry of LDN 
225 F185
Swain, John Folger, Experience 1687 Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
226 F165
Swain, John Skiff, Patience 3 Oct 1706 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
227 F164
Swain, John Swett, Mary 6 Jan 1711 Massachusetts  Ancestry of LDN 
228 F211
Swain, Richard Basill   Ancestry of LDN 
229 F244
Swain, Robert    Ancestry of LDN 
230 F239
Swain, William    Ancestry of LDN 
231 F212
Swain, William Dee, Joan   Ancestry of LDN 
232 F180
Sylvester, Israel Martha Bef 1674  Ancestry of LDN 
233 F179
Sylvester, Israel Turner, Ruth 3 Oct 1701  Ancestry of LDN 
234 F181
Sylvester, Richard Naomi   Ancestry of LDN 
235 F109
Taylor, John Sarah   Ancestry of LDN 
236 F117
Townsend, Thomas Bray, Abigail   Ancestry of LDN 
237 F182
Turner, John Brewster, Mary   Ancestry of LDN 
238 F232
Walker, Augustine    Ancestry of LDN 
239 F141
Warren, Richard Walker, Elizabeth 14 Apr 1610 Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England  Ancestry of LDN 
240 F176
Watson, George Hicks, Phoebe Bef 1636  Ancestry of LDN 
241 F237
Weare, Nathaniel    Ancestry of LDN 
242 F113
Wheldon, Elisha Nickerson, Lydia   Ancestry of LDN 
243 F114
Wheldon, Thomas Marchant, Elizabeth   Ancestry of LDN 
244 F156
Wilson, Archibald Wylie, Christiana Jane   Ancestry of LDN 
245 F91
Wilson, Henry Chase, Sarah   Ancestry of LDN 
246 F155
Wilson, Robert Nickerson, Sophia   Ancestry of LDN