Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Nelson County, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aud, Raphael G  22 Mar 1812Nelson County, Kentucky I7574
2 Clark, Mary Emily  1 Jan 1837Nelson County, Kentucky I8040
3 Clayton, Catherine  Bef 1803Nelson County, Kentucky I9109
4 Clayton, Charles C.  2 Feb 1802Nelson County, Kentucky I1965
5 Clayton, John  1790Nelson County, Kentucky I7705
6 Coomes, Charles William  20 Jan 1799Nelson County, Kentucky I1702
7 Coomes, Richard R.  1 Apr 1812Nelson County, Kentucky I8150
8 Dant, Mary "Polly"  1795Nelson County, Kentucky I4833
9 Fogle, Catherine  Abt 1869Nelson County, Kentucky I6865
10 Fogle, Clement Jesse "Jett"  1828Nelson County, Kentucky I4452
11 Fogle, Elizabeth O.  8 Sep 1852Nelson County, Kentucky I6777
12 Fogle, Euphrasia  15 May 1862Nelson County, Kentucky I6823
13 Fogle, Georgia E.  23 Mar 1868Nelson County, Kentucky I6857
14 Fogle, James Thomas  5 Sep 1854Nelson County, Kentucky I6789
15 Fogle, Joseph Hillery  Apr 1859Nelson County, Kentucky I6802
16 Hagan, Barbara  Abt 1805Nelson County, Kentucky I8374
17 Hagan, Benjamin  Nelson County, Kentucky I4903
18 Hagan, Eleanor  15 Oct 1803Nelson County, Kentucky I7109
19 Hayden, Ann Nancy  21 Sep 1797Nelson County, Kentucky I10668
20 Hayden, Charles  1800Nelson County, Kentucky I6895
21 Hayden, Elbert  Abt 1825Nelson County, Kentucky I7518
22 Hayden, Eleanor  4 Jul 1803Nelson County, Kentucky I4257
23 Hayden, Elizabeth  Abt 1830Nelson County, Kentucky I11040
24 Hayden, James S.  23 Aug 1836Nelson County, Kentucky I289
25 Hayden, Mary Ellen  1824Nelson County, Kentucky I10096
26 Hayden, Mary Jane  1827Nelson County, Kentucky I4850
27 Hayden, Phillip  Abt 1802Nelson County, Kentucky I11486
28 Hayden, Theresa  30 Mar 1788Nelson County, Kentucky I5899
29 Hayden, Urban  Abt 1837Nelson County, Kentucky I8561
30 Johnson, Mary Elizabeth  17 Dec 1822Nelson County, Kentucky I8071
31 Medley, Joseph Thomas  29 Feb 1812Nelson County, Kentucky I12238
32 Newton, Uriah H  1817Nelson County, Kentucky I8634
33 Powers, Mary Catherine  Oct 1851Nelson County, Kentucky I8064
34 Powers, Sylvester  2 Feb 1815Nelson County, Kentucky I8069
35 Price, Alice  Abt 1867Nelson County, Kentucky I6740
36 Price, Eliza Ellen  30 Jul 1857Nelson County, Kentucky I5257
37 Price, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1852Nelson County, Kentucky I6629
38 Price, Henry Hayden  5 Oct 1864Nelson County, Kentucky I6730
39 Price, James Franklin  6 Oct 1861Nelson County, Kentucky I6728
40 Price, John B.  3 May 1859Nelson County, Kentucky I5264
41 Price, Joseph Thornton  15 Nov 1848Nelson County, Kentucky I5215
42 Price, Josephine  9 Dec 1853Nelson County, Kentucky I5249
43 Price, Mary Jane  14 Jan 1844Nelson County, Kentucky I5207
44 Price, Robert Abell  5 Nov 1855Nelson County, Kentucky I6722
45 Price, Robert Orville  12 Apr 1851Nelson County, Kentucky I6619
46 Price, Thomas Riley  20 Oct 1846Nelson County, Kentucky I5209
47 Price, William  20 Sep 1850Nelson County, Kentucky I6608
48 Rapier, Julia Ann  6 Jun 1827Nelson County, Kentucky I6211
49 Rapier, Richard  7 Feb 1812Nelson County, Kentucky I2462
50 Vowels, Charles  4 Jun 1807Nelson County, Kentucky I4262
51 Willett, Mary "Polly"  1788Nelson County, Kentucky I4297
52 Williams, Nancy  22 Nov 1809Nelson County, Kentucky I6443


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clayton, Catherine  Abt 1840Nelson County, Kentucky I9109
2 Clayton, John  7 Nov 1859Nelson County, Kentucky I7705
3 Clayton, Joseph  Between 1813 and 1824Nelson County, Kentucky I5836
4 Clayton, William  Bef 1835Nelson County, Kentucky I4853
5 Coomes, Francis  3 Aug 1822Nelson County, Kentucky I3863
6 Coomes, Margaret Modesta  1847Nelson County, Kentucky I8038
7 Decker, Barbara  Abt 1787Nelson County, Kentucky I17982
8 Elliott, Eleanor "Molly"  Nelson County, Kentucky I3173
9 Fogle, Alexander  6 Jan 1937Nelson County, Kentucky I6811
10 Fogle, Clement Jesse "Jett"  9 Feb 1896Nelson County, Kentucky I4452
11 Fogle, Euphrasia  18 May 1943Nelson County, Kentucky I6823
12 Greenwell, Anastatia  Aft 1797Nelson County, Kentucky I984
13 Hayden, Ann Nancy  18 Aug 1865Nelson County, Kentucky I10668
14 Hayden, Maria  Aft 1881Nelson County, Kentucky I8266
15 Hayden, Mary Ellen  1898Nelson County, Kentucky I10096
16 Hayden, Mary Jane  5 Dec 1899Nelson County, Kentucky I4850
17 Hayden, Robert  1806Nelson County, Kentucky I3447
18 Medley, Joseph  1817Nelson County, Kentucky I12203
19 Newton, Archibald  Between 1830 and 1840Nelson County, Kentucky I1551
20 Newton, Frederick Thomas  9 Feb 1978Nelson County, Kentucky I2823
21 Price, Joseph Thornton  Abt May 1851Nelson County, Kentucky I5215
22 Price, Orville H.  1910Nelson County, Kentucky I4488
23 Rapier, Julia Ann  7 May 1888Nelson County, Kentucky I6211
24 Wood, Charity  Aft 1796Nelson County, Kentucky I6927

Alternate birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate birth    Person ID 
1 Cheshire, Eliza Jane  1813Nelson County, Kentucky I9173
2 Hayden, Ann Nancy  2 Nov 1797Nelson County, Kentucky I10668
3 Powers, Mary Catherine  Oct 1852Nelson County, Kentucky I8064

Alternate death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate death    Person ID 
1 Cheshire, Eliza Jane  1880Nelson County, Kentucky I9173
2 Coomes, Margaret Modesta  17 Oct 1848Nelson County, Kentucky I8038


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aud / Hite  8 Oct 1832Nelson County, Kentucky F1810
2 Clayton / Hayden  1817Nelson County, Kentucky F7280
3 Coomes / Coomes  3 Sep 1796Nelson County, Kentucky F1168
4 Dant / Shercliffe  Aug 1792Nelson County, Kentucky F1031
5 Ewing / Flynt  3 Feb 1807Nelson County, Kentucky F5509
6 Fogle / Clark  14 Dec 1801Nelson County, Kentucky F3941
7 Hagan / Cissell  17 Aug 1804Nelson County, Kentucky F2187
8 Hagan / Price  1885Nelson County, Kentucky F3936
9 Hayden / Burch  13 Jan 1824Nelson County, Kentucky F7402
10 Hayden / Clayton  26 Aug 1823Nelson County, Kentucky F4095
11 Hayden / Elder  4 May 1833Nelson County, Kentucky F2090
12 Hayden / Elliott  7 Sep 1793Nelson County, Kentucky F3645
13 Hayden / Hayes  25 Jan 1790Nelson County, Kentucky F5320
14 Hayden / Lee  8 Aug 1789Nelson County, Kentucky F2048
15 Hayden / Lee  6 Jun 1793Nelson County, Kentucky F5962
16 Hayden / Rapier  2 Sep 1845Nelson County, Kentucky F6474
17 Newton / Cheshire  14 Dec 1834Nelson County, Kentucky F6049
18 Power / Fogle  2 Feb 1813Nelson County, Kentucky F4630
19 Rapier / Gwynn  28 Jun 1796Nelson County, Kentucky F1153
20 Vowels / Hayden  23 Oct 1826Nelson County, Kentucky F2017