Nielsen Hayden genealogy

New York, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rombouts, Catharyna  Bef 25 May 1687New York, New York I21180
2 Pearsall, Cornelius Vanderbilt  4 Apr 1819New York, New York I28112
3 Ward, Angeline  1834New York, New York I28168
4 Breckinridge, William  18 Jan 1839New York, New York I12176
5 Quigley, Angeline  5 Nov 1852New York, New York I27677
6 Pearsall, William Augustus  23 Jun 1855New York, New York I27676
7 King, Laurence  2 May 1858New York, New York I28187
8 Nason, May  Mar 1859New York, New York I21152
9 Wetmore, Annette  Feb 1862New York, New York I16077
10 Markoe, Dr. James Wright  19 Jul 1862New York, New York I16078
11 Ballantine, Ian Keith  21 Feb 1916New York, New York I28199
12 Starken, Lloyd R.  4 Jul 1917New York, New York I8639
13 King, Mary Elizabeth  21 Feb 1919New York, New York I28179
14 Eddy, Thomas Hamilton  1 Nov 1926New York, New York I28182
15 Sargent, John Turner Jr.  6 Aug 1957New York, New York I4839


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rombouts, Francis Mayor of New York  1691New York, New York I21182
2 Wiltse, Hendrick Martenszen  Abt 1710New York, New York I4655
3 Roos, Pieter  Between 1 Apr 1711 and 13 May 1713New York, New York I21211
4 Hoffman, Martinus  29 Aug 1772New York, New York I21198
5 Selden, Col. Samuel  11 Oct 1776New York, New York I22321
6 Smith, Winifred  11 Apr 1815New York, New York I16658
7 Wolcott, Oliver United States Secretary of the Treasury  1 Jun 1833New York, New York I18184
8 Ketcham, Margaret  22 Aug 1838New York, New York I28117
9 Pearsall, Abijah  16 Jun 1840New York, New York I28115
10 Wetmore, Noah  18 Jul 1848New York, New York I16655
11 Warner, Elizabeth  22 May 1849New York, New York I16083
12 Wetmore, Samuel  12 Dec 1851New York, New York I16081
13 Fair, Thomas  14 May 1854New York, New York I16622
14 Fair, Robert  16 Feb 1857New York, New York I16619
15 Staples, Seth Perkins  6 Nov 1861New York, New York I14577
16 Myers, Catherine  13 Feb 1888New York, New York I21377
17 Fay, Rev. Charles  6 Nov 1888New York, New York I21000
18 Mather, Caroline  12 Nov 1890New York, New York I16690
19 Darracott, Sarah Clark  11 May 1892New York, New York I21163
20 Doubleday, William Edwards  4 Mar 1900New York, New York I6413
21 Clark, Catherine  11 Jul 1907New York, New York I20064
22 Dickinson, Ellen Maria  14 Dec 1907New York, New York I6870
23 Markoe, Dr. James Wright  18 Apr 1920New York, New York I16078
24 Schaefer, Ellen  26 Dec 1923New York, New York I14969
25 Seabrook, Harry Hartshorne  9 Apr 1930New York, New York I21146
26 Fair, Alice  11 Dec 1932New York, New York I6738
27 Dickerson, Elizabeth  Bef 12 May 1961New York, New York I28181
28 Hoover, Herbert Clark 31st President of the United States  20 Oct 1964New York, New York I6831
29 King, John Francis  11 Sep 1965New York, New York I28180
30 King, Lowell  27 Aug 1969New York, New York I20873
31 McCarter, Ellen George  2 Apr 1978New York, New York I5582
32 King, Mary Elizabeth  21 Oct 1981New York, New York I28179
33 Eddy, Thomas Hamilton  21 Oct 1982New York, New York I28182
34 Wetmore, Dagmar  Nov 1984New York, New York I15916
35 Wright, Phyllis  23 Feb 2007New York, New York I20872
36 Whelan, Charles Marion  2 Feb 2010New York, New York I10851
37 Sargent, John Turner Sr.  5 Feb 2012New York, New York I4888

Alternate birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate birth    Person ID 
1 King, Mary Elizabeth  22 Feb 1919New York, New York I28179


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 Rombouts, Catharyna  25 May 1687New York, New York I21180


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hoppe / Jurckse  29 Nov 1679New York, New York F329
2 Hoffman / Benson  19 Oct 1733New York, New York F13074
3 Pearsall / Courson  6 Jan 1810New York, New York F16771
4 Maynard / Curow  23 May 1846New York, New York F8602
5 Kohl / Enders  29 Jun 1876New York, New York F16815
6 King / Enders  16 Dec 1895New York, New York F16810
7 King / Dickerson  10 Jun 1906New York, New York F16806
8 King / Seabrook  4 Mar 1911New York, New York F12508