Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Babcock, James  1641Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I7731
2 Badcock, John  Abt 1644Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I212
3 Borden, Matthew  May 1638Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20225
4 Briggs, Ens. Thomas  1644Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I6264
5 Cook, John  1656Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I22609
6 Cory, Anne  Feb 1663Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12376
7 Earle, Mary  Abt 1640Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12386
8 Freeborn, Sarah  14 Jan 1667Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20245
9 Potter, John  1665Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I22160
10 Sanford, Capt. Esbon  30 Oct 1693Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I23774
11 Sherman, Peleg  Abt 1637Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4501
12 Sherman, William  3 Oct 1659Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4193
13 Sisson, Thomas  10 Sep 1686Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I7261
14 Tallman, Dr. John  19 Sep 1692Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I8900
15 Tallman, Stephen  30 Jun 1702Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I22154
16 Waite, Thomas  21 Dec 1681Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I17952
17 Wilbor, Martha  Abt 1662Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4353


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I6257
2 Rebecca  8 Feb 1673Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I140
3 Akin, David  Between 1669-1671Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I6256
4 Borden, Mary  23 Dec 1690Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I17957
5 Borden, Richard  25 May 1671Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20227
6 Brayton, Francis  Abt 1692Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12425
7 Briggs, John  Nov 1690Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I80
8 Brown, Nicholas  Between 16 Nov 1694 and 27 Dec 1694Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I38
9 Brownell, Sarah  6 Sep 1676Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20248
10 Brownell, Thomas  24 Sep 1664Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20251
11 Cooke alias Butcher, John  16 May 1691Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I17956
12 Cooke alias Butcher, Thomas  Bef 21 May 1677Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I17964
13 Cornell, Sarah  Abt 1661Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I182
14 Cornell, Thomas  1655Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I59
15 Cory, Anne  Abt 1700Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12376
16 Cory, William  8 Feb 1682Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12383
17 Davol, Mary  Abt 1700Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I10801
18 Earle, Mary  22 Mar 1718Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12386
19 Earle, Ralph  1678Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12410
20 Fowle, Joan  15 Jul 1688Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20228
21 Freeborn, Gideon  27 Feb 1720Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20246
22 Freeborn, William  28 Apr 1670Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20249
23 Hazard, Thomas  Aft 6 Aug 1677Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I2691
24 Hutchinson, William  Aft 16 Jun 1641Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4142
25 Lawton, George  5 Oct 1693Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I1778
26 Lawton, Sarah  5 Jul 1718Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I9062
27 Lawton, Thomas  Abt 1681Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4643
28 Sanford, John President of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations  Between 22 Jun 1653 and 15 Nov 1653Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I23779
29 Sanford, Samuel  18 Mar 1713Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I23778
30 Savage, Joan  15 Sep 1699Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12411
31 Sherman, Philip  Aft 31 Jul 1681Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4724
32 Sisson, George  7 Sep 1718Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I8660
33 Spatchurst, Susanna  13 Nov 1723Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I23780
34 Swain, Hannah  9 Sep 1765Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I22153
35 Waite, Thomas  Bef 13 Sep 1665Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I17958
36 Wauker, Agnis  Aft 22 Oct 1669Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12422
37 Wilbore, William  Bef 1 Mar 1710 and 15 Aug 1710Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4436
38 Willson, Mary  3 May 1670Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lawton, George  Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I1778

Alternate birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate birth    Person ID 
1 Akin, Capt. John  Abt 1664Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I6235
2 Borden, Abraham  29 Mar 1690Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I15888
3 Sanford, Capt. Esbon  20 Oct 1693Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I23774
4 Shepherd, Daniel  29 Jan 1688Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I11171
5 Sherman, Peleg  May 1638Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4501

Alternate death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate death    Person ID 
1 Martha  Bef 1675Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I2775
2 Almy, William  Between 28 Feb 1677 and 23 Apr 1677Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I18599
3 Badcock, James  12 Jun 1679Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I1026
4 Brownell, Thomas  Abt 1665Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I20251
5 Fisher, Edward  10 Sep 1677Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I45
6 Hutchinson, William  Aft Jun 1641Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4142
7 Sanford, John President of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations  Between 22 Jun 1653 and 20 Nov 1653Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I23779
8 Sherman, Philip  Bef 19 Mar 1687Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4724
9 Sherman, Philip  Bef 22 Mar 1687Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I4724
10 Tefft, Mary  1682Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I22167
11 Waite, Thomas  Bef 14 Dec 1669Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I17958
12 Wauker, Agnis  Bef 30 Aug 1670Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island I12422


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Badcock /   Abt 1641Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F2001
2 Brayton / Tallman  5 Mar 1678Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F7171
3 Lawton / Hazard  Abt 1647Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F1656
4 Sanford / Spatchurst  13 Apr 1686Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F14270
5 Shepherd / Bryce  Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F3027
6 Sherman / Lawton  25 Jul 1657Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F2740
7 Sherman / Wilbor  12 May 1681Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F2551
8 Sisson /   1714Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F2771
9 Sisson / Lawton  1 Aug 1667Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F3416
10 Tallman / Davol  18 Mar 1690Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F6112
11 Tallman / Swain  14 Sep 1701Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F13387
12 Wilson / Tefft  Abt 1657Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island F13392