Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Breckinridge County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ahl, Sarah Jane  2 May 1850Breckinridge County, Kentucky I8368
2 Beavin, Leo Franklin  17 Sep 1885Breckinridge County, Kentucky I8432
3 Furrow, John Calvin  26 Mar 1847Breckinridge County, Kentucky I8365
4 Furrow, Margaret Magdalen  Jul 1870Breckinridge County, Kentucky I8456
5 Hinton, Ann Nancy  26 Dec 1810Breckinridge County, Kentucky I4897
6 Hinton, Mary Ann  1812Breckinridge County, Kentucky I687
7 Johnson, Clara  25 Apr 1888Breckinridge County, Kentucky I3049
8 Lewis, Elizabeth Ann  27 Dec 1837Breckinridge County, Kentucky I2701
9 Lewis, Joseph O.  Abt 1814Breckinridge County, Kentucky I11487
10 Lewis, Margaret Matilda  10 Apr 1840Breckinridge County, Kentucky I3222
11 Lewis, Susan Apollone  17 Nov 1844Breckinridge County, Kentucky I9413
12 Mattingly, Margaret  Abt 1800Breckinridge County, Kentucky I9408
13 Newton, Alonzo Maricel  12 Jul 1883Breckinridge County, Kentucky I7586
14 Newton, Anna Justine  Mar 1868Breckinridge County, Kentucky I3565
15 Newton, Bertha Elizabeth  20 Jul 1908Breckinridge County, Kentucky I6190
16 Newton, Charles Francis "Frank"  15 Jun 1900Breckinridge County, Kentucky I10677
17 Newton, Elizabeth Ellen  16 Oct 1860Breckinridge County, Kentucky I1560
18 Newton, Frederick Raymond  26 Jan 1904Breckinridge County, Kentucky I9308
19 Newton, Frederick Thomas  5 Mar 1882Breckinridge County, Kentucky I1639
20 Newton, Henry Owen  6 Oct 1895Breckinridge County, Kentucky I10028
21 Newton, Hilary Franklin "Frank"  17 Jul 1872Breckinridge County, Kentucky I918
22 Newton, Joseph Sylvester  12 Jan 1862Breckinridge County, Kentucky I3138
23 Newton, Lucy Jenny Rose  5 Apr 1877Breckinridge County, Kentucky I4999
24 Newton, Margaret Leola  2 Nov 1891Breckinridge County, Kentucky I4277
25 Newton, Mary Edna  27 Aug 1893Breckinridge County, Kentucky I4287
26 Newton, Morris Virgil  3 Apr 1898Breckinridge County, Kentucky I4394
27 Newton, Virgil Leo  28 Feb 1866Breckinridge County, Kentucky I10527
28 Newton, Walter Eugene  18 Jan 1890Breckinridge County, Kentucky I10493
29 Ryan, Ellen Cornelia  Jun 1868Breckinridge County, Kentucky I164
30 Wheatley, Mary Frances  1819Breckinridge County, Kentucky I26507
31 Wheatley, Minerva Jane  Abt 1828Breckinridge County, Kentucky I9416


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ahl, Sarah Jane  7 May 1912Breckinridge County, Kentucky I8368
2 Davis, (Unknown)  Abt 1830Breckinridge County, Kentucky I7115
3 Furrow, John Calvin  17 Feb 1915Breckinridge County, Kentucky I8365
4 Hinton, Ann Nancy  Apr 1842Breckinridge County, Kentucky I4897
5 Hinton, Vachel John  17 Jan 1873Breckinridge County, Kentucky I5749
6 Lewis, Susan Apollone  16 Jun 1927Breckinridge County, Kentucky I9413
7 Mattingly, Margaret  Nov 1844Breckinridge County, Kentucky I9408
8 Mattingly, Mary Nancy  26 Sep 1813Breckinridge County, Kentucky I1139
9 Molohan, Margaret J.  17 Jun 1880Breckinridge County, Kentucky I8535
10 Newton, Charles Francis "Frank"  15 Jan 1980Breckinridge County, Kentucky I10677
11 Newton, Frederick Raymond  9 Jun 1923Breckinridge County, Kentucky I9308
12 Newton, Virgil Leo  19 Jan 1937Breckinridge County, Kentucky I10527
13 Payne, Lawrence Ivo  1988Breckinridge County, Kentucky I8422
14 Ryan, Ellen Cornelia  1947Breckinridge County, Kentucky I164
15 Stuart, Sarah  5 May 1850Breckinridge County, Kentucky I553
16 Wheatley, James  Breckinridge County, Kentucky I26513

Alternate birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate birth    Person ID 
1 Lewis, Margaret Matilda  10 Apr 1842Breckinridge County, Kentucky I3222

Alternate death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate death    Person ID 
1 Hinton, Ann Nancy  1845Breckinridge County, Kentucky I4897


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beavin / Newton  12 Sep 1912Breckinridge County, Kentucky F6966
2 Furrow / Ahl  7 Nov 1867Breckinridge County, Kentucky F5040
3 Hinton / Mattingly  23 Feb 1810Breckinridge County, Kentucky F3985
4 Lewis / Hinton  4 Jan 1834Breckinridge County, Kentucky F709
5 Lewis / Mattingly  1 Jan 1843Breckinridge County, Kentucky F5524
6 Lewis / Wheatley  21 May 1846Breckinridge County, Kentucky F5526
7 Mattingly / Caine  3 Feb 1817Breckinridge County, Kentucky F15854
8 Newton / Lewis  15 Feb 1859Breckinridge County, Kentucky F3990
9 Newton / Monarch  8 Oct 1882Breckinridge County, Kentucky F4823
10 Wheatley / Mattingly  7 Oct 1814Breckinridge County, Kentucky F15857