Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Kingston, Ulster, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benson, Tryntje  30 May 1712Kingston, Ulster, New York I21199
2 Decker, Hendrick  Abt 1667Kingston, Ulster, New York I21100
3 Du Bois, Matthew  1679Kingston, Ulster, New York I21174
4 Edinger, Floyd Goodman  3 Feb 1878Kingston, Ulster, New York I17867
5 Edinger, Harry F.  20 Aug 1909Kingston, Ulster, New York I17861
6 Edinger, John Eric  16 Jan 1939Kingston, Ulster, New York I17855
7 Hoffman, Martinus  6 Feb 1707Kingston, Ulster, New York I21198
8 Hoffman, Nicholas  Abt 1680Kingston, Ulster, New York I21200
9 Howard, Belle  Jul 1873Kingston, Ulster, New York I17876
10 Kuykendall, Hendrik  Bef 10 Jul 1720Kingston, Ulster, New York I21089
11 Kuykendall, Pieter  Bef 1 May 1698Kingston, Ulster, New York I21090
12 Quick, Antje  Kingston, Ulster, New York I21101
13 Westvall, Rymerick  Kingston, Ulster, New York I27105


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Bogard, Jacob  22 Sep 1706Kingston, Ulster, New York I31378
2 Decker, Femmetje  29 Oct 1699Kingston, Ulster, New York I21091
3 Kuykendall, Hendrik  10 Jul 1720Kingston, Ulster, New York I21089
4 Kuykendall, Pieter  1 May 1698Kingston, Ulster, New York I21090


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Blanshan, Marie  Bef 1680Kingston, Ulster, New York I21206
2 Blanshan, Matthew  Kingston, Ulster, New York I21207
3 Du Bois, Louis  Kingston, Ulster, New York I21175
4 Edinger, Urban G.  14 Dec 1934Kingston, Ulster, New York I17877
5 Hoffman, Nicholas  31 Dec 1750Kingston, Ulster, New York I21200
6 Howard, Belle  5 Jul 1948Kingston, Ulster, New York I17876
7 Howard, Elias P.  9 Aug 1920Kingston, Ulster, New York I17881
8 Hudler, John Hasbrouck  8 Nov 1945Kingston, Ulster, New York I17875
9 Hudler, Walter C.  17 Jan 1930Kingston, Ulster, New York I17904
10 Westercamp, Greitjen Hendricks  24 Aug 1701Kingston, Ulster, New York I27101

Alternate death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate death    Person ID 
1 Crispell, Anthony  Kingston, Ulster, New York I21205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 Bogard, Jacob  23 Sep 1676Kingston, Ulster, New York I31378
2 Hoornbeeck, Evaatje  18 Jun 1671Kingston, Ulster, New York I31322


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bogard / Dekker  20 Jun 1722Kingston, Ulster, New York F18590
2 Bogard / Hoornbeeck  Aft 16 Jul 1696Kingston, Ulster, New York F18589
3 Crispell / Du Mond  1680Kingston, Ulster, New York F13081
4 Decker / Quick  18 Dec 1696Kingston, Ulster, New York F13027
5 Decker / Westercamp  23 Mar 1664Kingston, Ulster, New York F13028
6 Edinger / Hudler  11 Mar 1933Kingston, Ulster, New York F10971
7 Hoffman / Crispell  30 Dec 1704Kingston, Ulster, New York F13075
8 Quick / Westvall  Aft 7 Dec 1672Kingston, Ulster, New York F16189