Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Norwich, New London, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Royce, Nathaniel  24 Mar 1640Norwich, New London, Connecticut I10978
2 Lathrop, Sarah  Oct 1655Norwich, New London, Connecticut I10906
3 Huntington, Deacon Christopher  1 Nov 1660Norwich, New London, Connecticut I19453
4 Bingham, Sgt. Thomas  11 Dec 1667Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3825
5 Post, Samuel  8 Mar 1668Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9689
6 Bingham, Abel  25 Jun 1669Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5088
7 Bingham, Mary  Jul 1672Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5117
8 Bingham, Jonathan  15 Apr 1674Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5188
9 Fitch, Anna  6 Apr 1675Norwich, New London, Connecticut I23575
10 Bingham, Ann  Aug 1677Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5227
11 Bingham, Abigail  4 Nov 1679Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5234
12 Larabee, Phebe  13 Dec 1680Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17910
13 Bingham, Nathaniel  3 Oct 1681Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5241
14 Fitch, Joseph  Nov 1681Norwich, New London, Connecticut I23388
15 Huntington, Ruth  28 Nov 1682Norwich, New London, Connecticut I19378
16 Bingham, Deborah  18 Dec 1683Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5305
17 Fobes, Sarah  24 Jun 1684Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14579
18 Armstrong, Joseph  10 Dec 1684Norwich, New London, Connecticut I8554
19 Bingham, Samuel  28 Mar 1685Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5430
20 Bingham, Joseph  15 Jan 1688Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5516
21 Bingham, Stephen  30 Apr 1690Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5599
22 Bingham, Thomas  20 Nov 1692Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3501
23 Bingham, Jeremiah  4 Jul 1694Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3550
24 Bingham, Hannah  31 Mar 1696Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3862
25 Bingham, Mary  20 Feb 1698Norwich, New London, Connecticut I4061
26 Bingham, Dorothy  24 Jan 1700Norwich, New London, Connecticut I4592
27 Bingham, Jabez  20 Nov 1701Norwich, New London, Connecticut I4763
28 Bingham, Elizabeth  Bef 8 Aug 1703Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5019
29 Bingham, Nathaniel  30 Jun 1704Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5026
30 Bingham, Deacon Joseph  4 Jun 1709Norwich, New London, Connecticut I903
31 Post, Ruth  15 Oct 1711Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9575
32 Armstrong, Abner  21 Aug 1714Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2240
33 Hazen, Thomas  30 Sep 1719Norwich, New London, Connecticut I22388
34 Bishop, Hannah  2 Aug 1722Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14527
35 Tenney, Ann  5 Feb 1727Norwich, New London, Connecticut I22389
36 Bingham, Ruth  19 Oct 1732Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2758
37 Bingham, Joseph  14 Apr 1738Norwich, New London, Connecticut I6762
38 Bingham, Stephen  Nov 1739Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2799
39 Bingham, Esther  14 Sep 1741Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2899
40 Armstrong, Asahel  24 Jun 1742Norwich, New London, Connecticut I7550
41 Bingham, Lois  30 May 1744Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3155
42 Bingham, Lucretia  17 Apr 1746Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3170
43 Bingham, Jeremiah  26 Jun 1748Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3288
44 Bingham, Calvin  8 Oct 1750Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3465
45 Loomer, Jonathan  16 Jun 1752Norwich, New London, Connecticut I21026
46 Bingham, James  17 Apr 1760Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2753
47 Bingham, Jeremiah  17 Apr 1760Norwich, New London, Connecticut I1293
48 Bingham, Joseph  Abt 1762Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2743
49 Bingham, Ruth  Abt 1764Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2750
50 Chester, Col. Joseph Lemuel  30 Apr 1821Norwich, New London, Connecticut I18626


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Backus, William  Bef 7 Jun 1664Norwich, New London, Connecticut I8335
2 Fenton, Anne  May 1670Norwich, New London, Connecticut I117
3 Mason, John  Between 9 May 1672 and 6 Jun 1672Norwich, New London, Connecticut I20563
4 Oldham, Lucretia  4 Mar 1679Norwich, New London, Connecticut I20769
5 Hyde, William  6 Jan 1681Norwich, New London, Connecticut I4451
6 Smith, Rev. Nehemiah  Abt 1686Norwich, New London, Connecticut I20576
7 Bliss, Thomas  15 Apr 1688Norwich, New London, Connecticut I23819
8 Huntington, Christopher  1691Norwich, New London, Connecticut I19458
9 Lathrop, Samuel  28 Feb 1700Norwich, New London, Connecticut I6519
10 Bingham, Elizabeth  Aft 8 Aug 1703Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5019
11 Gager, John  10 Dec 1703Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14619
12 Adgate, Sarah  Feb 1706Norwich, New London, Connecticut I19455
13 Adgate, Deacon Thomas  21 Jul 1707Norwich, New London, Connecticut I19456
14 Bingham, Sgt. Thomas  1 Apr 1710Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3825
15 Post, John  10 Feb 1711Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9482
16 Marvin, Mary  26 Mar 1713Norwich, New London, Connecticut I19457
17 Backus, Lt. William  Bef 17 Apr 1721Norwich, New London, Connecticut I7315
18 Howlet, Mary  24 Oct 1727Norwich, New London, Connecticut I23297
19 Parke, Alice  24 Nov 1729Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17914
20 Pratt, Elizabeth  1730Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9468
21 Hazen, Thomas  12 Apr 1735Norwich, New London, Connecticut I23296
22 Huntington, Deacon Christopher  24 Apr 1735Norwich, New London, Connecticut I19453
23 Post, Samuel  25 Apr 1735Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9689
24 Larribee, Greenfield  4 Feb 1739Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17911
25 Bingham, Stephen  5 May 1740Norwich, New London, Connecticut I2799
26 Raymond, Hannah  28 Jan 1742Norwich, New London, Connecticut I13372
27 Lathrop, Ruth  10 Aug 1750Norwich, New London, Connecticut I723
28 Backus, Hannah  25 Feb 1752Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9570
29 Ayer, Sarah  16 Sep 1753Norwich, New London, Connecticut I23295
30 Fobes, Sarah  11 Mar 1759Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14579
31 Bishop, Samuel  18 Nov 1760Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14578
32 Perkins, Matthew  3 May 1773Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14526
33 Hazen, Thomas  1774Norwich, New London, Connecticut I23294
34 Tenney, Joseph  26 Apr 1775Norwich, New London, Connecticut I23272

Alternate birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate birth    Person ID 
1 Backus, Hannah  1676Norwich, New London, Connecticut I9570
2 Bingham, Hannah  31 Mar 1697Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3862
3 Perkins, Matthew  1 Aug 1713Norwich, New London, Connecticut I14526
4 Bingham, Jeremiah  Abt 1761Norwich, New London, Connecticut I1293
5 Ives, Mary  25 Apr 1766Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5053


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 Bingham, Elizabeth  8 Aug 1703Norwich, New London, Connecticut I5019


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fitch / Mason  Oct 1664Norwich, New London, Connecticut F14059
2 Bingham / Rudd  12 Dec 1666Norwich, New London, Connecticut F1364
3 Huntington / Adgate  26 May 1681Norwich, New London, Connecticut F11741
4 Fobes / Gager  30 Jun 1681Norwich, New London, Connecticut F9100
5 Bingham / Backus  17 Feb 1692Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4270
6 Whiting / Adams  14 Sep 1696Norwich, New London, Connecticut F12649
7 Perkins / Morgan  22 May 1700Norwich, New London, Connecticut F9084
8 Bishop / Fobes  2 Jan 1706Norwich, New London, Connecticut F9083
9 Wheelock / Huntington  8 Jan 1708Norwich, New London, Connecticut F11678
10 Armstrong / Worth  15 Nov 1712Norwich, New London, Connecticut F167
11 Hazen / Ayer  30 Sep 1714Norwich, New London, Connecticut F14009
12 Bingham / Post  25 Nov 1731Norwich, New London, Connecticut F2497
13 Perkins / Bishop  19 Apr 1739Norwich, New London, Connecticut F9055
14 Armstrong / Gross  8 Oct 1741Norwich, New London, Connecticut F5126
15 Hazen / Tenney  7 Mar 1743Norwich, New London, Connecticut F13513
16 Loomer / Chapman  11 Oct 1749Norwich, New London, Connecticut F12503
17 Bingham / Ween  5 Jul 1759Norwich, New London, Connecticut F3113