Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Stonington, New London, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Breed, John  26 Jan 1700Stonington, New London, Connecticut I6063
2 Breed, Mercy  3 Aug 1727Stonington, New London, Connecticut I8094
3 Button, Jonathan  1750Stonington, New London, Connecticut I17393
4 Champlin, Joseph  1762Stonington, New London, Connecticut I1159
5 Chesebrough, Abigail  30 Sep 1656Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39946
6 Chesebrough, Sarah  30 Jan 1662Stonington, New London, Connecticut I171
7 Denison, Ann  20 May 1649Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11362
8 Denison, Borodell  14 Feb 1712Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39958
9 Denison, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1689Stonington, New London, Connecticut I8870
10 Gallup, Mary  12 Feb 1695Stonington, New London, Connecticut I8168
11 Gallup, Lt. William  Apr 1658Stonington, New London, Connecticut I1333
12 Jameson, Margaret  21 Jun 1716Stonington, New London, Connecticut I17898
13 Minor, Hannah  15 Sep 1655Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39989
14 Minor, Prudence  Bef 6 May 1688Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39960
15 Noyes, Deacon John  13 Jan 1685Stonington, New London, Connecticut I2342
16 Noyes, John  22 May 1718Stonington, New London, Connecticut I9268
17 Noyes, Mary  14 Aug 1725Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11198
18 Noyes, Mercy  7 Jan 1748Stonington, New London, Connecticut I4976
19 Palmer, Mercy  1668Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11303
20 Parke, Lt. Robert  8 May 1676Stonington, New London, Connecticut I36737
21 Prentice, Mary  12 Apr 1706Stonington, New London, Connecticut I7233
22 Richardson, Amos  Dec 1699Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30127
23 Richardson, David  4 Mar 1729Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30123
24 Richardson, Jonathan  Bef 10 Sep 1674Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30129
25 Saxton, Mercy  30 May 1686Stonington, New London, Connecticut I17629
26 Sisson, Mercy  15 Apr 1771Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11584
27 Stanton, Dorothy  1651Stonington, New London, Connecticut I9450
28 Yeomans, Edward  28 Mar 1690Stonington, New London, Connecticut I20353
29 Yeomans, Mary  28 Aug 1685Stonington, New London, Connecticut I760


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Denison, Ann  20 May 1649Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11362
2 Denison, Elizabeth  11 May 1690Stonington, New London, Connecticut I8870
3 Fish, Capt. Samuel  1680Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39926
4 Richardson, David  6 Mar 1729Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30123
5 Richardson, Jonathan  19 Jun 1681Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30129


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Mary  Sep 1683Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30136
2 Susanna  28 Sep 1746Stonington, New London, Connecticut I6899
3 Avery, Mary  2 Feb 1708Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39962
4 Bell, Anna  21 Jul 1760Stonington, New London, Connecticut I17409
5 Borodell, Ann  26 Sep 1712Stonington, New London, Connecticut I1858
6 Breed, John  24 Jan 1781Stonington, New London, Connecticut I6063
7 Button, Daniel  May 1745Stonington, New London, Connecticut I17408
8 Button, Daniel  Abt 1786Stonington, New London, Connecticut I17404
9 Carter, Abigail  27 Mar 1747Stonington, New London, Connecticut I17908
10 Champlin, Col. Joseph  20 Dec 1792Stonington, New London, Connecticut I10029
11 Chesebrough, Nathaniel  22 Nov 1678Stonington, New London, Connecticut I3624
12 Chesebrough, Sarah  9 Sep 1729Stonington, New London, Connecticut I171
13 Chesebrough, William  9 Jun 1667Stonington, New London, Connecticut I10601
14 Denison, Ann  1694Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11362
15 Denison, Hannah  18 Aug 1715Stonington, New London, Connecticut I7534
16 Fish, John  Abt 1689Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39931
17 Gallup, Mary  13 May 1736Stonington, New London, Connecticut I8168
18 Gallup, Lt. William  15 May 1731Stonington, New London, Connecticut I1333
19 Gorham, Mercy  24 Sep 1725Stonington, New London, Connecticut I2470
20 Lord, Anna  1688Stonington, New London, Connecticut I6150
21 Mason, Daniel  28 Jan 1737Stonington, New London, Connecticut I20522
22 Minor, Joseph  1 Feb 1712Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39961
23 Noyes, Deacon John  17 Sep 1751Stonington, New London, Connecticut I2342
24 Noyes, Rev. James  30 Dec 1719Stonington, New London, Connecticut I335
25 Palmer, Deacon Gershom  27 Sep 1718Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11361
26 Palmer, Mercy  28 Jan 1752Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11303
27 Palmer, Walter  10 Nov 1661Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11396
28 Parke, Samuel  Between 22 Mar 1709 and 28 Aug 1711Stonington, New London, Connecticut I36735
29 Prentice, Mary  5 Nov 1799Stonington, New London, Connecticut I7233
30 Prentice, Samuel  24 Apr 1728Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11369
31 Richardson, Amos  5 Aug 1683Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30135
32 Richardson, Jonathan  7 May 1700Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30129
33 Richardson, Stephen  Abt 1694Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30131
34 Short, Rebecca  15 Jul 1671Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11397
35 Smith, John  8 May 1739Stonington, New London, Connecticut I2465
36 Stanton, Dorothy  18 Jan 1743Stonington, New London, Connecticut I9450
37 Stanton, Thomas  2 Dec 1677Stonington, New London, Connecticut I6147
38 Stevenson, Ann  29 Aug 1673Stonington, New London, Connecticut I10614
39 Yarrington, Peter  Bef 5 Oct 1725Stonington, New London, Connecticut I30133
40 Yeomans, Edward  16 Jun 1758Stonington, New London, Connecticut I20353
41 Yeomans, Samuel  1 Sep 1704Stonington, New London, Connecticut I1559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 (Unknown first wife of Samuel Parke)  25 Feb 1697Stonington, New London, Connecticut I36736
2 Breed, John  Stonington, New London, Connecticut I6063
3 Chesebrough, Samuel  31 Jul 1673Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39947
4 Prentice, Mary  Stonington, New London, Connecticut I7233

Alternate birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate birth    Person ID 
1 Mason, Daniel  Apr 1652Stonington, New London, Connecticut I20522
2 Palmer, Mercy  8 Sep 1670Stonington, New London, Connecticut I11303
3 Parke, Lt. Robert  8 Mar 1676Stonington, New London, Connecticut I36737
4 Parke, Lt. Robert  6 May 1676Stonington, New London, Connecticut I36737
5 Sisson, William  17 Jul 1744Stonington, New London, Connecticut I6145

Alternate death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate death    Person ID 
1 Susanna  24 Mar 1746Stonington, New London, Connecticut I6899
2 Badcock, James  12 Jun 1679Stonington, New London, Connecticut I1026
3 Freeman, Alice  Aft 24 Dec 1658Stonington, New London, Connecticut I2968
4 Mason, Daniel  1736Stonington, New London, Connecticut I20522
5 Minor, Prudence  26 May 1726Stonington, New London, Connecticut I39960
6 Noyes, Deacon John  17 Sep 1753Stonington, New London, Connecticut I2342
7 Saxton, Joseph  18 Jul 1715Stonington, New London, Connecticut I17630
8 Smith, John  3 May 1739Stonington, New London, Connecticut I2465
9 Stanton, Dorothy  19 Jan 1743Stonington, New London, Connecticut I9450
10 Stanton, Dorothy  19 Jan 1744Stonington, New London, Connecticut I9450


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Avery / Chesebrough  29 Nov 1675Stonington, New London, Connecticut F23454
2 Avery / Minor  22 Oct 1677Stonington, New London, Connecticut F23478
3 Bayley / Saxton  4 Jun 1702Stonington, New London, Connecticut F10724
4 Benjamin / Jameson  3 Jan 1740Stonington, New London, Connecticut F10987
5 Breed / Prentice  14 Aug 1725Stonington, New London, Connecticut F739
6 Chesebrough /   30 Nov 1655Stonington, New London, Connecticut F23455
7 Chesebrough / Denison  1659Stonington, New London, Connecticut F2211
8 Gallup / Chesebrough  4 Jan 1687Stonington, New London, Connecticut F5945
9 Noyes / Breed  30 May 1744Stonington, New London, Connecticut F3930
10 Noyes / Gallup  16 Mar 1715Stonington, New London, Connecticut F678
11 Noyes / Stanton  11 Sep 1674Stonington, New London, Connecticut F4019
12 Palmer / Denison  Abt 26 Nov 1667Stonington, New London, Connecticut F6696
13 Parke / Packer  17 Jan 1698Stonington, New London, Connecticut F21597
14 Richardson / Gilbert  25 Sep 1673Stonington, New London, Connecticut F17989
15 Saxton / Denison  15 Jul 1680Stonington, New London, Connecticut F10754
16 Sisson / Noyes  10 Apr 1766Stonington, New London, Connecticut F5989
17 Whitman / Yeomans  1 Jan 1752Stonington, New London, Connecticut F21655
18 Yeomans / Ellis  19 Oct 1684Stonington, New London, Connecticut F1332