The Man Who Melted Jack Dann

We gather that this virus's Patient Zero was Gardner Dozois. Since then we've gone through a few fevers of it ourselves. Here are the results. The rules are obvious, and of course the real object is to come up with specimens which are unstrained. Send us more; we'll post and credit the best.

Extra credit, of course, for shifting a word's part of speech entirely, or appropriating part of the name as part of the sentence or phrase: the single finest one so far, in my opinion, is Two Sisters Gore Vidal.

The initial list that follows was generated by various Tor people and by a number of contributors both to our old GEnie topic and to this game's incarnation on the Well; if we can find our logs, sometime we'll actually mark up who contributed what. The preponderance of Tor books on this list is no accident; one spends a lot of time, even on busy days, staring at bookshelves. (--pnh)

Glass Houses Laura Mixon
The Phoenix Guards Steven Brust
Moving Mars Greg Bear
The Man Who Melted Jack Dann
The Dagger And The Cross Judith Tarr
Denver Is Missing D. F. Jones
The Sheep Look Up John Brunner
The Great Hunt Robert Jordan
Fear L. Ron Hubbard
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream Harlan Ellison
Byzantium Endures Michael Moorcock
Ringing Changes R. A. Lafferty
Red Nails Robert E. Howard
The Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury
Earth Abides George R. Stewart
The Puppet Masters Robert A. Heinlein
Dying Inside Robert Silverberg
Crusaders Torch Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Dracula Unbound Brian W. Aldiss
The Kraken Wakes John Wyndham
Probe Carole Nelson Douglas
The Wounded Land Stephen R. Donaldson
Fire Alan Rodgers
Harlan Ellison's Watching Harlan Ellison
The Machine Stops E. M. Forster
I Will Fear No Evil Robert A. Heinlein
Paradise Lost John Milton
You're Another Damon Knight
The Ringworld Engineers Larry Niven
The Magic May Return Larry Niven
When the World Shook H. Rider Haggard
When the Earth Screamed Arthur Conan Doyle
The I Inside Alan Dean Foster
License to Kill John Gardner
All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By John Farris
Something Stirs Charles L. Grant
The City, Not Long After Pat Murphy
The Power That Preserves Steven R. Donaldson
Two Sisters Gore Vidal

[From Maureen F. McHugh:]
The Dragon Masters Jack Vance

[From Karen Williams:]
The Law of Becoming Kate Elliott

[From Diana Davenport:]
The Right Stuff Tom Wolfe

[From Michael Weholt:]
The Joy of Cooking Irma S. Rombauer
The Hero with a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell
Clans of the Alphane Moon Philip K. Dick

[From Felix Strates:]
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase Joan Aiken

[From Dan Hoey:]
The Naked Ape Desmond Morris
Stand and Deliver Andre Norton
Space James Michener

[From Kurt Roth:]
Captain Blood Returns Raphael Sabatini

[From Cally Soukup:]
Pulling Through Dean Ing

[From Mike Scott:]
Those Who Watch Robert Silverberg

[From David Levine:]
All Judgement Fled James White
And The Devil Will Drag You Under Jack Chalker
We Can Build You Philip K. Dick
The Black Star Passes John W. Campbell Jr.
The Barbie Murders John Varley

[From Raphael Carter:]
Quarantine Greg Egan
Flush Virginia Woolf
Discipline and Punish Michel Foucault
A Few Maxims for the Instruction of the Over-Educated Oscar Wilde

[From Michael Feldhusen:]
Beggars Ride Nancy Kress

[From Bob Webber:]
The Drawing of the Dark Tim Powers

[From Michael Nielsen:]
Contact Carl Sagan

[From Ray Radlein:]
The Stone Dogs S. M. Stirling
Created By Richard Christian Matheson
The Stone God Awakens Philip Jose Farmer
The Great Divorce C. S. Lewis
The Girl With a Symphony In Her Fingers Michael G. Coney
Murder Must Advertise Dorothy L. Sayers

[From Wally Heaton:]
Chasing the Dream Harry Hurt III

[From Davey Snyder:]
Last Chance To See Douglas Adams
Traveling with the Dead Barbara Hambly

[From Rob Hansen:]
Night Winds Karl Edward Wagner
When Gravity Fails George Alec Effinger

[From Seth Johnson:]
A Stranger is Watching Mary Higgins Clark
The Naked Face Sidney Sheldon

[From Kevin Maroney:]
The Art of Spanking Milo Manara
Foundations Fear Gregory Benford

[From Arthur Hlavaty:]
Kiss Ed McBain
The Deer Park Norman Mailer

[From Bill Shunn:]
God Knows Joseph Heller
Raise the Titanic Clive Cussler
All My Sins Remembered Joe Haldeman
Heat William Goldman
The First Wives Club Olivia Goldsmith
The Wind River Kid Will Cook

[From Evelyn Leeper:]
The Plague Dogs Richard Adams
The Day the Machines Stopped Christopher Anvil
Fire, Burn John Dickson Carr
Rama Revealed Arthur C. Clarke
The Unsleeping D. G. Compton
The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch Michael G. Coney
Cold Copper Tears Glen Cook
Soldier, Ask Not Gordon R. Dickson
The Fantastic Pulps Peter Haining
Japan Sinks Sakyo Komatsu
Burn, Witch, Burn A. Merritt
Hitler Has Won Frederic Mullaly
Testing Charles Oberndorf
How Few Remain Harry Turtledove
The Book Of Being Ian Watson
The Silent Stars Go By James White
The Earth Will Shake Robert Anton Wilson

[From Teresa Nielsen Hayden:]
Unlikely Stories, Mostly Alasdair Gray

[From Andrew Sigel:]
The Cup of Morning Shadows Rosemary Edghill
Murder Without Icing Emma Lathen
The Wild Hunt Jane Yolen
The Miniatures Frame Kenneth Royce
Six Feet Under Dorothy Simpson

[From Vicki Rosenzweig:]
Travels with My Aunt Graham Greene

[From Marty Helgesen:]
Needle Hal Clement
Little Fuzzy H. Beam Piper
The World Below S. Fowler Wright

[From John D. Berry:]
The Encyclopedia of Type Faces Jaspert, Berry, and Johnson
The Liberated Page Herbert Spencer
Paragraphs on Printing Bruce Rogers
Better Type Betty Binns

[From Robert Zverina:]
Howl Allen Ginsburg
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Milan Kundera
Push Sapphire
As I Lay Dying William Faulkner

[From Betsy Lundsten:]
You Just Don't Understand Deborah Tannen, Ph.D

[From James D. Macdonald:]
Dark Satanic Marion Zimmer Bradley
A Fury Scorned Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski

[From Keith Brooke:]
The Devil Knocks Frank Rich
Sacrifice Kristine Kathryn Rusch

[From J. Thaddeus Skubis:]
Punching Out Jim Daniels
Sex Traps Wanda A. Davis

[From Lance Nathan:]
Don't Panic Neil Gaiman
Getting Even Woody Allen

[From Kevin Eaches:]
The Warlock Enraged Christopher Stasheff
For Love of Mother-Not Alan Dean Foster

[From Joel Rubicam:]
A Time to Kill John Grisham
Complete Guide to Home Canning, Preserving, and Freezing The U.S. Department of Agriculture

[From Barry and Jo Gehm:]
Turning On Damon Knight
Eaters of the Dead Michael Crichton