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April 1, 2003

Boo Cheney
Posted by Teresa at 09:06 AM *

In solidarity with Make Fun of the Cheneys day, we bring you the Ask Dick Cheney! Unofficial Official Simulator. It’s as plausible as the man himself:

Sample question: Isn’t this war a complete fiasco? I think from the standpoint of this basic proposition, we are right I think people know we’re right and we’ll do everything we can to sustain that position. Containment is not possible when dictators obtain weapons of mass destruction, and are prepared to share them with terrorists who intend to inflict catastrophic casualties on the United States. The President has asked Congress for a one-year increase of more than $48 billion for national defense, the largest since Ronald Reagan lived in the White House. Great decisions and challenges lie ahead of us. He has not complied with the Resolution, he’s now kicked the inspectors out, there’s a lot of evidence that he does in fact have and is continuing to develop weapons of mass destruction.
The Unofficial Official Simulator also comes in four other exciting fruit flavors: Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Condi Rice, and Paul Wolfowitz. (via Patrick)
Comments on Boo Cheney:
#1 ::: Lenny Bailes ::: (view all by) ::: April 01, 2003, 11:24 AM:

"Boo" Cheney.

He's a chicken, I tell you. A giant chicken!

#2 ::: Uh, Clem ::: (view all by) ::: April 01, 2003, 11:43 AM:

"Cheney" is more robust than The President ... I got a similar bloviating response to Teresa's, with no hint of overload, when I asked "Why does the porridge bird lay her eggs in the air?"

#3 ::: Tim Hall ::: (view all by) ::: April 02, 2003, 07:18 AM:

I asked him the airspeed velocity of a swallow. He gave me a 100 word response which could be summarised as "I don't know".

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