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April 12, 2003

A pyrite specimen…
Posted by Teresa at 09:44 AM *

…you could take for an alien artifact.

Pyrite is sneaky that way. I have a sliced-open pyritized ammonite that looks like it was delicately machined out of brass.

Comments on A pyrite specimen...:
#1 ::: Jordin Kare ::: (view all by) ::: April 12, 2003, 05:47 PM:

...As opposed to an alien artifact that you could easily mistake for a pyrite specimen.

I'm reminded of one of the (very few) times that John W. Campbell published a photo on the inside back cover of Analog (or it may have still been Astounding.) It looked like a bizarre cityscape of stepped towers rising from a plane, and had an accompanying blurb describing the ancient alien city of Ledtintel. In fact, it was a photomicrograph of lead tin telluride crystals.

(The other time JWC printed a photo, it was a lovely shot of a rocket launch, with flame and smoke billowing around the pad... except that the rocket was just sitting there, and the gantry tower was lifting off. Trivial now, but pretty cool a couple of decades before Photoshop.)

#2 ::: A_Sphere ::: (view all by) ::: April 25, 2003, 04:05 PM:

It's a collection of shattered tesseracts.

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