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July 11, 2005

Making Us Safer Every Day
Posted by Jim Macdonald at 11:26 PM * 0 comments

In an effort to keep terrorists from using cell phones to set off explosives:

NEW YORK (AP) — Cell phone service was disabled inside the four tunnels leading into Manhattan after the terrorist bombings in London, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg questioned Monday whether the move “makes the most sense.”

Cell phones have been used to detonate explosives in Madrid and elsewhere.

But cutting off cell service in tunnels beneath the Hudson and East rivers means drivers can’t dial 911 in an emergency.

That’ll thwart those terrorists. They don’t own watches, alarm clocks, or fuses. Nor would they send a guy along to set it off himself. The invasion of Iraq taught them that suicide bombing was a failed tactic. With them it’s cell phones or nothing. I can hear ‘em cursing in their caves in Pakistan even as we speak. “Darn those clever US authorities!” they’re saying. “Scratch New York tunnels off our target lists.”

That’s right — unattended backpacks in taxis going through the Holland Tunnel can no longer be detonated. It’s back to the drawing board for al Qaeda!

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