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September 5, 2005

Mission accomplished
Posted by Patrick at 07:19 PM * 0 comments

Loyal MSM reporter Michael Bérubé reports:

WASHINGTON—Hours after making an historic landing aboard a moving aircraft carrier in the waters of the Gulf Coast, President Bush told reporters aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln Thursday that “major rescue operations in New Orleans have ended.”

“Operation Cover Our Asses was carried out with a combination of precision, speed and boldness the American people did not expect,” Bush told a select group of Gannons standing on the flight deck. “We set up an array of emergency photo ops and Potemkin villages with a can-do spirit that dazzled the world.  I personally have hugged black people in the Gulf Coast, and the photos are now available on the White House website.”

Fox news analyst Sean Hannity praised Bush’s speech, saying, “I will say anything my leader tells to say.  That’s what a journalist is supposed to do.” Time magazine’s Blog of the Year concurred, writing, “The City of New Orleans and its residents owe the President a profound debt of gratitude for these photographs.”

A celebratory parade is scheduled in the Washington Mall for the morning of Saturday, September 10, which, according to White House press secretary Scott McClellan, will hereafter be known as “V-K Day,” for “Victory over Katrina.”

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