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Advice for the Evil Overlord:
I will hire one hopelessly stupid and incompetent lieutenant, but make sure that he is full of misinformation when I send him to capture the hero.
Advice for the Hero:
The assistance of politicians will be obtained by appealing to their self-interest. Any politician who appears to be cooperating with me out of the kindness of his heart is actually plotting to betray me at some point.
Advice for the Bad Auxiliary Character (Evil Overlord's Wicked but Beautiful Daughter):
Make up your mind now whether you want to marry the Hero or slowly cut him into little pieces. Do not attempt the latter until you have given up on the former.
Advice for the Good Auxiliary Character (Good Guy's One True Love):
I will not freeze in terror in the presence of monsters or servants of the Evil Overlord.
Further Evil (Miscellaneous Evil Resolution):
I will always keep a few Useless but Loyal Advisors on the payroll and in proximity, both to help my enemies underestimate me, and to provide a few extra bodies between the enemy and myself should my defenses be penetrated.

Murphy's Laws of Combat:

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