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Advice for the Evil Overlord:
I will not turn into a snake. It never helps.
Advice for the Hero:
I will presume that the Evil Overlord is working to nullify my secret powers. I shall therefore obtain the means to fight that do not rely on these secret powers.
Advice for the Bad Auxiliary Character (Evil Cult Member):
When a religious artifact begins emitting light, CLOSE YOUR EYES. Thousands of cult members could be saved every year if they followed this simple safety tip.
Advice for the Good Auxiliary Character (Innocent Bystander):
Do not attempt to observe the Hero's fights in person, but rather, content yourself with watching it on the nightly news.
Further Evil (Miscellaneous Evil Resolution):
I've murdered tens of thousands in cold blood. If I can't ice the sad-eyed puppy too, I don't deserve the job.

Murphy's Laws of Combat:

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