Starlight 2

Edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Original stories from Robert Charles Wilson, Susanna Clarke, M. Shayne Bell, Raphael Carter, Martha Soukup, David Langford, Carter Scholz, Ellen Kushner, Esther M. Friesner, Jonathan Lethem, Angelica Gorodischer (tr. Ursula K. Le Guin), Geoffrey A. Landis, and Ted Chiang.
Stories from Starlight 2 were nominated for the Hugo, appeared on the Locus Recommended Reading List, and were reprinted in the Dozois Year's Best Science Fiction, the Datlow/Windling Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and the Hartwell Year's Best SF. A complete list can be found here.
In addition, Raphael Carter's story, "Congenital Agenesis of Gender Ideation," won the James Tiptree, Jr. Memorial Award, and Ted Chiang's novella, "Story of Your Life," won the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award and the Nebula Award.

"Rare's the sequel that matches its predecessor, especially when the original is as acclaimed as Starlight 1, which won the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology. This diverse compilation of SF and fantasy, however, seems to live up to the expectations set...Strong and varied, this anthology has gathered some gems of the genre."
--Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Dynamic, often exceptional work, highly recommended."
--Kirkus Reviews

"The best original science fiction anthology published this year."
--Gardner Dozois

"By far the best original anthology of 1998."
--Mark R. Kelly, Locus

"As editor Nielsen Hayden points out in his introductory paragraph, it is difficult to cleanly separate science fiction from fantasy. His second compilation of original short fiction illustrates that point with great style...This baker's dozen of exceptional tales goes beyond the enchantment-versus-technology dichotomy and allows readers to simply enjoy some of the best new writing in speculative fiction."

"Starlight 1 generated a whole passel of award-winning or award-nominated stories, and itself won the World Fantasy Award in 1997. Now, with Starlight 2, Nielsen Hayden gathers another 13 stories (one more than in the first volume), and is just as likely to gather multiple award nominations...It shows us the extraordinary versatility and range that can be encompassed by SF and fantasy when it moves beyond conventional genre boundaries: it shows us a way out."

"Excellent...Starlight 2 is the sort of anthology that science fiction desperately needs, driven by straightforward notions of good writing and good storytelling rather than squeezing stories into some preconceived thematic straightjacket."
--Paul Kincaid, The New York Review of Science Fiction

"Nielsen Hayden's growing reputation as an editor probably rests, at least partly, on his avoidance of the genre cliches: some sf fans might be disappointed at the absence of interplanetary derring-do, while a certain kind of fantasy reader might feel outnumbered. Nevertheless, if you're simply looking for a recommendation, read no further: Just go out and buy the book."
--Gwyneth Jones, The New York Review of Science Fiction

"An excellent, ambitious, and above all, highly polished science fiction and fantasy collection."

"The stories in Starlight 2 play wonderfully off each other and off narrow definitions. There isn't a poor story in the bunch, and some are masterful."
--Douglas Barbour, Edmonton Journal

November 1998
5 x 8" * 320 pages
Hardcover * $24.95
Tor Books

October 1999
5 x 8" * 320 pages
Trade paperback * $14.95
Tor Books