[It was suggested, in a GEnie SFRT discussion, that those who can manage to attend Worldcons delight in their elite status.]

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Message 115 Fri Sep 10, 1993
PNH [Patrick] at 01:21 EDT

It's true. Why, this very Worldcon, Tappan King and I
discussed it. We were in the lavishly-appointed bar of
the ANA hotel.

"Tell me, Patrick," Tappan said, thumbs in his velvet
waistcoat, "is there any pleasure in a Worldcon greater
than discussing those poor benighted folk who cannot
afford to attend?"

"I daresay not!" I answered, taking out my Havana cigar.
A Japanese waiter scurried up to light it. Striking him
down with my walking-stick, I thoughtfully chewed the
end of the stogie until it reached the placid consistency
of my thoughts. "Isn't that why we attend? To luxuriate
ourselves in privileges unavailable to the common crowd?"

"You have that right," Tappan said, leaning over to take
another caviar canape from a plate borne by a passing
aspiring writer. "Worldcons wouldn't be the same without
the knowledge of those less fortunate than ourselves."

"Then by all means, let us enjoy ourselves!" I cried,
and we strolled out of the ANA to commence our weekend
of cruel, cruel fun.