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October 14, 2004

“I try to find the words.” Watch this ad. Then consider giving these people a little scratch. [07:11 PM]
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Comments on "I try to find the words.":

Madeleine Robins ::: (view all by) ::: October 14, 2004, 09:25 PM:

Wow. (Reaching for checkbook.)

Stefanie Murray ::: (view all by) ::: October 15, 2004, 01:12 AM:

Done and done. Thank you for the tip.

Steven desJardins ::: (view all by) ::: October 15, 2004, 03:55 AM:

Every time I think I'm done giving money, something else comes along.

krxdj ::: (view all by) ::: October 15, 2004, 11:54 AM:

I already did from another link. Thanks for your link.

Scorpio ::: (view all by) ::: October 15, 2004, 01:47 PM:

I blogged ths one with a small blurb. I hope Spc. Acosta adds a real dimension to the discussion of Iraq.


James D. Macdonald ::: (view all by) ::: October 26, 2004, 02:42 PM:

I've seen this ad broadcast now several times on CNN.

Stefan spots vile comment spam ::: (view all by) ::: December 09, 2004, 06:00 PM:

Three minutes old. Delete it quick!