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Henry Heydon

Male - 1504

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Henry Heydon was born in in of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, England (son of John Heydon and Eleanor Winter); died between 20 Feb and 22 May 1504 in Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, England.


    From the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography:

    Henry Heydon, also a common lawyer, was knighted at Henry VII's coronation in 1485 and married Anne (d. 1510), daughter of Sir Geoffrey Boleyn of Blickling, Norfolk. He was survived by three sons, the eldest of whom, John Heydon (1468–1550), inherited the Norfolk and Kent estates, and five daughters, for whom he arranged good marriages.

    Many prominent sixteenth-century East Anglian families (such as the Townshends, Pastons, and Jenneys) owed their rise to a successful fifteenth-century lawyer of humble origins, but even by these standards the rapid ascent of the Heydons is remarkable and owed much to the opportunities and tenacity of the first John Heydon. In the pedigree devised by Clarenceux king of arms for Sir Christopher Heydon in 1563, the family tree before the first John Heydon is fictitious: and the arms of Sir Christopher himself were derived from those of the Hertfordshire Heydons, who were unrelated to the Norfolk family.

    Family/Spouse: Anne Boleyn. Anne (daughter of Geoffrey Boleyn, Lord Mayor of London and Anne Hoo) died about 1510. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. Anne Heydon died before 8 May 1521.
    2. John Heydon was born about 1468 in of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, England; died on 16 Aug 1550.
    3. Bridget Heydon was born about 1480; died before 17 Jan 1554; was buried on 17 Jan 1554 in St. Margaret's, Paston, Norfolk, England.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John Heydon was born in in of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, England (son of William Baxter); died in 1479.


    "John Heydon, gentleman, of Baconsthorpe (about 3 miles from Gresham) was a Norwich lawyer who encouraged Lord Moleyns in his attack on Gresham manor. He was J.P. 1441-50 and 1455-60, and M.P. 1445-6, 1459, and 1460-1, but was involved in many illegal and violent incidents. He died in 1479." [Norman Davis, footnote in The Paston Letters, citation details below.]

    "Heydon [formerly Baxter], John (d. 1479), lawyer, was the son of William Baxter, a free peasant or yeoman at Heydon in north-east Norfolk in the early fifteenth century. Heydon's humble origins were known to contemporaries and although throughout his career he used the surname Heydon, possibly in order to disguise his origins, legal records as late as 1450 refer to him as John Heydon of Baconsthorpe alias John Baxter of Heydon." [Oxford DNB, citation details below.]

    "John Heydon's marriage was troubled. He seems to have believed that the second child born to his wife, Eleanor, was not his; in July 1444 Margaret Paston reported that Heydon 'wille nowt of here, nerre of here chyld', and that he had threatened to cut off her nose 'to makyn here to be know wat sche is' and kill the infant if they came near him. Heydon appears to have remained on good terms with his father-in-law, but his marital problems clearly continued, for in October 1450 he is said to have paled visibly when Chief Justice Markham remarked that he 'levid ungoodly in puttyng awey of his wyff and kept another'. His will, made in March 1478 and proved in 1480, makes no reference to his wife or to any child besides Henry, though it is otherwise a pious and conscientious document." [Oxford DNB, citation details below.]

    John married Eleanor Winter. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Eleanor Winter (daughter of Edmund Winter).
    1. 1. Henry Heydon was born in in of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, England; died between 20 Feb and 22 May 1504 in Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, England.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  William Baxter was born in in of Heydon, Norfolk, England.
    1. 2. John Heydon was born in in of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, England; died in 1479.

  2. 6.  Edmund Winter was born in in of Barningham, Suffolk, England; died in 1448.
    1. 3. Eleanor Winter