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Francesca di Celano

Female - 1379

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Francesca di Celano (daughter of Tommaso di Celano and Isabella d'Acquaviva); died between 22 Feb 1374 and 7 Apr 1379.


    Countess of Anglone.

    Francesca married Gugliemo de Sabran before 20 Jun 1323. Gugliemo (son of Ermengaud II de Sabran and Alix de Baux de Puyricard) died after 8 Oct 1353. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. Giovanna de Sabran died after 1379.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Tommaso di Celano was born about 1280 in Celano, Aquila, Italy (son of Rogerio di Celano and Maria d'Aquino).


    Count of Celano.

    Tommaso married Isabella d'Acquaviva. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Isabella d'Acquaviva (daughter of Matteo Acquaviva and Imperatrice d'Arce).
    1. 1. Francesca di Celano died between 22 Feb 1374 and 7 Apr 1379.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Rogerio di Celano (son of Tommaso di Celano and Giuditta di Molise).


    Count of Celano. Mentioned 1280.

    Rogerio married Maria d'Aquino in 1279. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Maria d'Aquino (daughter of Adenolfo d'Aquino and Felluca).
    1. 2. Tommaso di Celano was born about 1280 in Celano, Aquila, Italy.

  3. 6.  Matteo Acquaviva (son of Gualtieri Acquaviva and Isabell di Bellante); died in 1303.

    Matteo married Imperatrice d'Arce. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  4. 7.  Imperatrice d'Arce (daughter of (Unknown) di Arco).
    1. 3. Isabella d'Acquaviva

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Tommaso di Celano was born about 1180 in Celano, Aquila, Italy (son of Pietro di Celano and (Unknown) of Palearia); died between 1251 and 1254.


    Count of Celano. Not to be confused with his contemporary Tommaso da Celano, Franciscan poet and author of three hagiographies of St. Francis.

    A supporter of the emperor Otto IV, he attempted a rapprochement with Friedrich II after the latter's triumph over Otto at the Battle of Bouvines in 1214. This attempt failed, and following several years of increasingly desperate resistance, Tommaso surrendered in 1223 in a settlement brokered by Pope Honorius III.

    He served as papal general against Sicily in 1229, and commanded the papal troops in Spoleto in 1240. In 1247 Innocent IV restored the county of Celano to him. Following Friedrich's death in 1250, Tommaso fought in Sicily against Friedrich's son Konrad IV von Hohenstaufen, the emperor-elect. Tommaso's exact year of death is unknown.

    Tommaso married Giuditta di Molise between 1194 and 1201. Giuditta (daughter of Ruggero di Molise) died after 1246. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 9.  Giuditta di Molise (daughter of Ruggero di Molise); died after 1246.
    1. 4. Rogerio di Celano

  3. 10.  Adenolfo d'Aquino (son of Landolfo d'Aquino and Teodora).

    Adenolfo married Felluca. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  4. 11.  Felluca
    1. 5. Maria d'Aquino

  5. 12.  Gualtieri Acquaviva (son of Berardo Acquaviva and Cuma); died in 1289.

    Gualtieri married Isabell di Bellante. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  6. 13.  Isabell di Bellante (daughter of Bartolomeo di Bellante).
    1. 6. Matteo Acquaviva died in 1303.

  7. 14.  (Unknown) di Arco


    Lord of Campli.

    1. 7. Imperatrice d'Arce