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(Unknown) of Hungary

Female Abt 1102 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  (Unknown) of Hungary was born about 1102 (daughter of Kálmán, King of Hungary and Felicia de Hauteville).

    Family/Spouse: Vladimirko Vladimirovitch. Vladimirko (son of Volodar and (Unknown) of Pomerania) was born about 1095; died in 1153. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. Jaroslav Vladimirkovitch was born about 1135; died on 1 Oct 1187.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Kálmán, King of Hungary was born about 1063 (son of Geisa I, King of Hungary and Sophie of Looz); died on 3 Feb 1116.

    Kálmán married Felicia de Hauteville in 1097. Felicia (daughter of Roger I d'Hauteville and Eremburge de Mortain) was born about 1078; died about 1102. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Felicia de Hauteville was born about 1078 (daughter of Roger I d'Hauteville and Eremburge de Mortain); died about 1102.
    1. 1. (Unknown) of Hungary was born about 1102.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Geisa I, King of Hungary (son of Béla I, King of Hungary and Adelaide of Poland); died on 24 Apr 1077.


    Also called Colomon.

    Geisa married Sophie of Looz about 1062. Sophie (daughter of Giselbert and Erlende de Jodoigne) died about 1065. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Sophie of Looz (daughter of Giselbert and Erlende de Jodoigne); died about 1065.
    1. 2. Kálmán, King of Hungary was born about 1063; died on 3 Feb 1116.

  3. 6.  Roger I d'Hauteville was born in 1031 (son of Tancred of Hauteville and Fressenda); died on 22 Jun 1101.


    Count of Sicily.

    Roger married Eremburge de Mortain about 1077. Eremburge (daughter of Robert and Beatrice) died about 1087. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  4. 7.  Eremburge de Mortain (daughter of Robert and Beatrice); died about 1087.
    1. 3. Felicia de Hauteville was born about 1078; died about 1102.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Béla I, King of Hungary was born between 1015 and 1020 (son of Vazul of Hungary and (Unknown lady of the Tátony clan)); died on 11 Sep 1063 in Kinizsa Creek, Hungary.


    From Leo van de Pas:

    Béla was born about 1016, the third son of Vazul (Basil) 'the Blind' of Hungary, and younger brother of András I, who was crowned king after the Vatha pagan rising.

    In 1048 András conferred on Béla one third of Hungary as appanage ('Tercia pars Regni'), making him Duke of the Nitrian Frontier duchy, with Nitra its capital, and which included the southern Slovakian Nitrian principality and the north-eastern historic Hungarian Bihar region (not identical to the later Bihar).

    The two brothers shared power without incident until 1053, when András fathered a son Salomon. Thereafter András became determined to secure the throne for his son and to displace his brother. András therefore had Salomon, Béla's nephew, crowned future king in 1057. According to legend, András placed before Béla a crown and a sword, representing royal and ducal power, respectively, and asked Béla to take his choice. Knowing that choosing the crown would mean his life, Béla instead selected the sword. In 1059 Béla fled to Poland where he was received by his brother-in-law Kazimierz I Karol, king of Poland, brother of Béla's wife Richeza. Béla and Richeza had eight children, of whom five would have progeny, and two, Geisa I and Lászlo I, would be kings of Hungary.

    In 1060 Béla returned to Hungary and defeated András I to become the new king. After András' death, Béla was crowned king on 6 December 1060. During his brief reign he concerned himself with crushing pagan revolts in his kingdom. In 1063 Béla died in an accident when his throne's canopy collapsed. After his death the Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich IV installed András I's son Salomon as the new king, and Belá's sons had to flee to Poland again.

    Béla married Adelaide of Poland between 1039 and 1043. Adelaide (daughter of Mieszko II Lambert, King Of Poland and Richeza of Lotharingia) was born on 22 Sep 1013; died after 1051. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 9.  Adelaide of Poland was born on 22 Sep 1013 (daughter of Mieszko II Lambert, King Of Poland and Richeza of Lotharingia); died after 1051.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: 21 May 1075


    Traditionally called Richeza, but contemporary sources suggest that her actual name was a form of Adelaide.

    There appears to be uncertainty as to whether she was actually a daughter of Mieszko II, King of Poland, and Richeza of Lotharingia.

    1. 4. Geisa I, King of Hungary died on 24 Apr 1077.
    2. St. Lászlo I, King of Hungary was born on 27 Jun 1040; died on 29 Jul 1095.
    3. Sophia of Hungary was born about 1050; died on 18 Jun 1095.

  3. 10.  Giselbert (son of Rudolf and (Unknown) von Vliermal); died between 1044 and 1046.


    Count of Looz.

    Giselbert married Erlende de Jodoigne. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  4. 11.  Erlende de Jodoigne
    1. Emmo died on 17 Jan 1078.
    2. 5. Sophie of Looz died about 1065.

  5. 12.  Tancred of Hauteville was born about 970; died about 1041.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: 980


    "Tancred of Hauteville (980-1041) was an 11th-century Norman petty lord about whom little is known. His historical importance comes entirely from the accomplishments of his sons and later descendants. He was a minor noble near Coutances in the Cotentin. Various legends arose about Tancred which have no supporting contemporary evidence that has survived the ages." [Wikipedia]

    Tancred married Fressenda. Fressenda died in 1057. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  6. 13.  Fressenda died in 1057.
    1. Robert Guiscard was born about 1015 in near Coutances, Normandy, France; died on 17 Jul 1085 in Lixorion, Kefallinia, Ionian Islands, Greece.
    2. 6. Roger I d'Hauteville was born in 1031; died on 22 Jun 1101.

  7. 14.  Robert was born about 1018 (son of Guillaume I and Lesceline de Tourville); died about 8 Sep 1092.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: Abt 8 Sep 1093


    Count of Eu.

    Robert married Beatrice. Beatrice died on 10 Apr 1085. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  8. 15.  Beatrice died on 10 Apr 1085.
    1. 7. Eremburge de Mortain died about 1087.