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Felicia de Hauteville

Female Abt 1078 - Abt 1102  (~ 24 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Felicia de Hauteville was born about 1078 (daughter of Roger I d'Hauteville and Eremburge de Mortain); died about 1102.

    Felicia married Kálmán, King of Hungary in 1097. Kálmán (son of Geisa I, King of Hungary and Sophie of Looz) was born about 1063; died on 3 Feb 1116. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. (Unknown) of Hungary was born about 1102.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Roger I d'Hauteville was born in 1031 (son of Tancred of Hauteville and Fressenda); died on 22 Jun 1101.


    Count of Sicily.

    Roger married Eremburge de Mortain about 1077. Eremburge (daughter of Robert and Beatrice) died about 1087. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Eremburge de Mortain (daughter of Robert and Beatrice); died about 1087.
    1. 1. Felicia de Hauteville was born about 1078; died about 1102.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Tancred of Hauteville was born about 970; died about 1041.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: 980


    "Tancred of Hauteville (980-1041) was an 11th-century Norman petty lord about whom little is known. His historical importance comes entirely from the accomplishments of his sons and later descendants. He was a minor noble near Coutances in the Cotentin. Various legends arose about Tancred which have no supporting contemporary evidence that has survived the ages." [Wikipedia]

    Tancred married Fressenda. Fressenda died in 1057. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Fressenda died in 1057.
    1. Robert Guiscard was born about 1015 in near Coutances, Normandy, France; died on 17 Jul 1085 in Lixorion, Kefallinia, Ionian Islands, Greece.
    2. 2. Roger I d'Hauteville was born in 1031; died on 22 Jun 1101.

  3. 6.  Robert was born about 1018 (son of Guillaume I and Lesceline de Tourville); died about 8 Sep 1092.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: Abt 8 Sep 1093


    Count of Eu.

    Robert married Beatrice. Beatrice died on 10 Apr 1085. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  4. 7.  Beatrice died on 10 Apr 1085.
    1. 3. Eremburge de Mortain died about 1087.

Generation: 4

  1. 12.  Guillaume I was born between 975 and 980 (son of Richard I, Leader of the Normans of Rouen and (Unknown mistress or mistresses of Richard I)); died before 2 Jan 1040.


    Count of Hiémois. Count of Eu.

    Guillaume married Lesceline de Tourville. Lesceline (daughter of Turchetil and Anceline) was born about 1000; died on 26 Jan 1058. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 13.  Lesceline de Tourville was born about 1000 (daughter of Turchetil and Anceline); died on 26 Jan 1058.


    "About 1046-47 Lesceline founded the abbey of St.Pierre-sur-Dives, and gave lands to the abbey of Sainte-Catherine du Mont in Rouen in 1049. She entered the religious life when she became a widow around 1040, and she died about seventeen years later." [Leo van de Pas, citation details below.]

    1. 6. Robert was born about 1018; died about 8 Sep 1092.
    2. Guillaume Bussac was born about 1020; died about 1076.