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Maurice fitz Gerald

Male Abt 1190 - 1257  (~ 67 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Maurice fitz Gerald was born about 1190 in of Offaly, Ireland (son of Gerald fitz Maurice and Eve de Bermingham); died in 1257 in Youghal, Cork, Ireland; was buried in Youghal, Cork, Ireland.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: Abt 1194, of Offaly, Ireland


    Justiciar of Ireland.

    "He was knighted in July 1217. As Maurice FitzGerald, lord of Lea, the younger, he was one of the formal witnesses to a covenant of dower made in the great church of Naas in Mar. 1227. In Oct. 1229 he was summoned to London, to accompany the King's expedition to Poitou and Gascony. He was appointed Justiciar of Ireland 2 (or 4) Sep. 1232. His good fame was damaged in 1234 by the report that it was he who (ultimately -- because the wounded Earl was in his care) contrived the death of Richard (Marshal), Earl of Pembroke. In Feb. 1234/5 the King wrote criticising FitzGerald's proceedings in office. He was several times summoned to England as Justiciar, to give counsel upon the affairs of Ireland. In 1245 he laid the foundations of Sligo Castle; and on 4 Nov. of that year was superseded in office by the appointment of John FitzGeoffrey. The King appears afterwards to have regretted the loss of a councillor saved by distance from partisanship on the sore question of his foreign favourites. In 1250 FitzGerald was a commissioner of the Treasury, and of the Council. In Jan. and Feb. 1250/1 he was at Court in England. In Jan. 1253/4 he received an urgent summons from the King. He is said to have m. Juliane. He d. in 1257, at the monastery of Youghal, which he had founded, and was bur. there." [Complete Peerage]

    Family/Spouse: Juliane. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. Maurice fitz Maurice was born about 1238; died before 2 Sep 1277.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Gerald fitz Maurice was born before 1150 in of Offaly, Ireland (son of Maurice fitz Gerald and Alice); died before 15 Jan 1204.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: Abt 1150


    From the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography:

    Fitzgerald, Gerald fitz Maurice (d. 1204), magnate, was a son of Maurice Fitzgerald (d. 1176). He accompanied his father to Ireland and he and his brother Alexander were with him when the Norman garrison in Dublin was besieged in 1171 by Ruaidri " Conchobair, king of Connacht and claimant to the high-kingship. John, son of Henry II, as lord of Ireland confirmed to fitz Maurice c. 1185 - 9 the half cantred of Uí Fáeláin which included Uí Máel Rubae, Rathmore, Maynooth, Laraghbryan, Taghadoe, and Straffan (in Kildare), which had been granted to him by his brother William (d. c. 1199); and also lands in Uí Glaisin in the kingdom of Cork which had devolved to him as heir of his brother Alexander, who had been enfeoffed by Robert fitz Stephen. At some time between 1194 and 1204 Philip of Worcester made to fitz Maurice grants of land in what are now counties Limerick and Tipperary.

    Gerald fitz Maurice married Eva (d. c. 1225), daughter and heir of Robert of Bermingham, who had been granted Uí Failge (Offaly) by Richard fitz Gilbert, earl of Pembroke and lord of Striguil (known as Strongbow), and succeeded to the lordship of Offaly in right of his wife. He died before 15 January 1204, when Meiler fitz Henry, justiciar, was ordered to give wardship of his heir, custody of his castles, and lands (including the castles of Lea and Geashill in Uí Failge) to William (I) Marshal as lord of Leinster. He was to be succeeded by his son, Maurice Fitzgerald (d. 1257), who had come of age by 1215. His widow, Eva, married Geoffrey fitz Robert (d. 1211), lord of Kells, and Geoffrey de Marisco, justiciar. Gerald fitz Maurice Fitzgerald was ancestor of the earls of Kildare, later dukes of Leinster.

    Gerald married Eve de Bermingham. Eve (daughter of Robert de Bermingham) died about 1225. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Eve de Bermingham (daughter of Robert de Bermingham); died about 1225.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: Bef Dec 1226

    1. 1. Maurice fitz Gerald was born about 1190 in of Offaly, Ireland; died in 1257 in Youghal, Cork, Ireland; was buried in Youghal, Cork, Ireland.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Maurice fitz Gerald was born about 1100 (son of Gerald of Windsor and Nest ferch Rhys); died on 1 Sep 1176 in Wexford, Ireland.


    "FITZGERALD, MAURICE (d. 1176), one of the conquerors of Ireland; son of Gerald de Windsor, chief follower of Arnulf Montgomery and castellan of Pembroke Castle (1093-post 1116), by his wife Nest (q.v.), daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr. Maurice and WILLIAM, two of the sons of Gerald and Nest, and lords respectively of Llanstephan and Emlyn, came into prominence as leaders of the Anglo-Norman settlers in West Wales against the great revolt of the native princes in 1136. In 1146 they were at the head of the unsuccessful attempt to recover Llanstephan Castle from the Welsh. Later in his career Maurice Fitzgerald took part, with his half-brother Robert Fitzstephen (q.v.), in the conquest of Ireland. In 1169 he landed in Wexford with his followers and led the English contingent against Dublin. He finally settled in the cantref of Kildare which earl Richard granted to him for his services. It is said that his wife (living in 1171) was Alice, granddaughter of Roger de Montgomery. Maurice, who was a brave and modest man of few words, d. at Wexford c. 1 Sept. 1176. [William d. 1174.]" [Dictionary of Welsh Biography]

    "His brother, Bishop David, granted him the Stewardship of St. Davids hereditarily. Under Stephen [between 1136 and 1146] the sons of Gerald were hard pressed by the Welsh in their effort to dislodge the Norman interlopers from the lands they had seized. The occasion of Maurice's going to Ireland, where he and his descendants were to flourish so exceedingly, was the promise, in 1167, of Dermot MacMurrough, the dispossessed King of Leinster, to give Wexford to him and to his half-brother, Robert FitzStephen, if they would help him to regain the kingdom -- a promise which he duly honoured. Preceded by FitzStephen, and accompanied by his nephew Raymond, Maurice landed at Wexford in 1169 with two ships of armed followers, and with the aid of his Norman allies Dermot recovered Dublin. The coming over of Henry II, and the political dispositions which he made, fettered the progress of the Geraldines; although at his departure [Easter 1172] the King left Maurice one of the three keepers of Dublin. After spending some time in Wales, Maurice returned to Ireland, where the Keeper, Earl Richard, Strongbow, was consolidating the Normans in the face of the Irish by making them grants of land in fee, and by arranging marriages between members of the factious families. There is no record of his marriage. He d. 1 Sep 1176, at Wexford." [Complete Peerage X:11-12]

    Maurice married Alice. Alice died after 1170. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Alice died after 1170.


    Probably not a daughter or granddaughter of Arnold or Roger de Montgomery, Ancestral Roots and other sources notwithstanding.

    1. 2. Gerald fitz Maurice was born before 1150 in of Offaly, Ireland; died before 15 Jan 1204.

  3. 6.  Robert de Bermingham was born in in of Offaly, Ireland.
    1. 3. Eve de Bermingham died about 1225.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Gerald of Windsor was born in 1070 (son of Walter fitz Other and Beatrice); died after 1116.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: 1093
    • Alternate death: Bef 1136


    Constable of Pembroke Castle. Also called Gerald Fitz Walter; Gerald of Pembroke.

    From Complete Peerage X:10-11:

    Gerald, younger son of Walter and Beatrice, was constable, under Arnulf de Montgomery, of his castle of Pembroke, and successfully defended it when besieged by the Welsh in 1092. In 1095 he led a military expedition against the Welsh on the borders of what is now Pembrokeshire, and in 1100 went to Ireland to demand for Arnulf the daughter of King Murrough in marriage. Arnulf was deprived of his estates and exiled by Henry I in 1102, and the King granted the custody of Pembroke Castle to Gerald.

    He married Nest, daughter of Rhys ap Tudor Mawr, Prince of South Wales (e). The date of his death is not known, presumably before 1136.

    e) In 1106, when Owen ap Cadugan carried her off, two of her sons and a daughter by Gerald de Windsor were taken with her, the sons being returned later to their father. By Stephen, constable of Cardigan (query after Gerald's death), Nest bore a son, Robert FitzStephen, and by Henry I a son Henry (killed 1158), father of Meiler FitzHenry, which Robert and Meiler were later brothers-in-arms of the Geraldines in Ireland. For the descendants of Gerald and Nest see chart pedigree sub Kerry. Their 3rd son was David II, Bishop of St. Davids; and their daughter Angharad (or Ankaret) was, by William de Barri of Manorbier, mother of sons, among whom was Gerald de Barri, otherwise Giraldus Cambrensis, who Expugnatio Hibernica is one of the principal sources of information about the Norman conquest of Ireland by his uncles and cousins and their companions in adventure.

    Gerald married Nest ferch Rhys. Nest (daughter of Rhys ap Tewdyr, King of Deheubarth and Gwladus ferch Rhiwallon) was born about 1085; died before 1136. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 9.  Nest ferch Rhys was born about 1085 (daughter of Rhys ap Tewdyr, King of Deheubarth and Gwladus ferch Rhiwallon); died before 1136.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: Aft 1136


    Also called Nest ferch Tewdwr.

    "NEST (fl. 1120), a princess of Deheubarth, daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr (q.v.) by Gwladus, daughter of Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn. About 1100 she m. Gerald of Pembroke; there were at least three sons of the union -- William, Maurice, and David Fitz-Gerald (qq.v.) -- and a daughter, Angharad, wife of William of Manorbier and mother of Giraldus Cambrensis (q.v.). Clearly a woman of great charm and beauty, she became the mistress of many lovers. Her romantic abduction (almost in her husband's presence) by her kinsman, Owain ap Cadwgan (q.v.), in 1109, has earned her notoriety as the 'Helen of Wales.' Her numerous offspring included Robert Fitz-Stephen (q.v.) and Henry 'filius regis' -- her child by king Henry I. The date of her death is unknown, but she lived until well after 1136. There were others of the same name less famous than the subject of this notice: Nest, daughter of Gruffudd ap Llywelyn (q.v.), Nest, the wife of Bernard Newmarch, and Nest, daughter of Gruffydd ap Rhys (q.v.)." [Dictionary of Welsh Biography]

    1. 4. Maurice fitz Gerald was born about 1100; died on 1 Sep 1176 in Wexford, Ireland.