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Delphine d'Arpajon


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Delphine d'Arpajon (daughter of Hugues d'Arpajon and Jeanne de Séverac).

    Delphine married Antoine de Roquefeuil on 18 Jun 1405. Antoine (son of Jean de Blanquefort and Catherine de Roquefeuil) was born before 1385. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. Antoine de Roquefeuil was born about 1410; died about 1494.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Hugues d'Arpajon was born about 1362 (son of Berenger d'Arpajon and Delphine de Roquefeuil); died about 1436.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: Bef 1365


    Seigneur of Calmont-Plancatge, Durenque, and Brousse.

    "Hugues was part of the expedition of Louis II, duc d'Anjou, in 1410 to conquer the kingdom of Naples. When he went to Paris in 1415 he commanded the guard of Charles VI, king of France. He was present at the meeting with Jean 'sans Peur', duke of Burgundy, on the bridge of Montereau on 11 July 1419, at which Jean was murdered. In 1420 he was commissioned by King Charles VI to govern Languedoc and the part of Guyenne between the Dordogne and the Garonne, jointly with Géraud Dupuy, bishop of Carcassonne." [Leo van de Pas, citation details below.]

    Hugues married Jeanne de Séverac after 11 Sep 1385. Jeanne (daughter of Guy VIII dit le Posthume de Séverac and Jeanne d'Auvergne) was born before 1365; died after 1411. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Jeanne de Séverac was born before 1365 (daughter of Guy VIII dit le Posthume de Séverac and Jeanne d'Auvergne); died after 1411.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: Aft 29 Apr 1452

    1. 1. Delphine d'Arpajon

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Berenger d'Arpajon was born about 1335 (son of Hugues d'Arpajon and Hélène de Toulouse-Lautrec).


    Vicomte de Lautrec en partie. Living 1360.

    Berenger married Delphine de Roquefeuil between 14 Nov 1361 and 31 Dec 1361. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Delphine de Roquefeuil (daughter of Arnaud II de Roquefeuil and Jacquette de Combret).
    1. 2. Hugues d'Arpajon was born about 1362; died about 1436.

  3. 6.  Guy VIII dit le Posthume de Séverac was born about 1339 (son of Guy VII de Séverac and Delphine de Canillac); died after 1390.


    Baron de Séverac.

    Guy married Jeanne d'Auvergne about 1364. Jeanne (daughter of Beraud d'Auvergne and Marie de la Vie de Villemur) died after 1407. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  4. 7.  Jeanne d'Auvergne (daughter of Beraud d'Auvergne and Marie de la Vie de Villemur); died after 1407.
    1. 3. Jeanne de Séverac was born before 1365; died after 1411.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Hugues d'Arpajon was born about 1300 (son of Bérenger d'Arpajon and (Unknown wife of Bérenger d'Arpajon)); died about 1351.


    Sire d'Arpajon et de Calmont. "In 1340 Hugues took part in the siege of Nantes in the army of the dauphin. In the same year he was sent by Pope Clement VI to Pedro IV 'le Ceremonieux', king of Aragón, and he was summoned to the court of Jean II 'the Good', king of France, along with all the other barons and knights of the realm." [Leo van de Pas, citation details below.]

    Hugues married Hélène de Toulouse-Lautrec about 1335. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 9.  Hélène de Toulouse-Lautrec (daughter of Guillaume de Toulouse-Lautrec and Alix de Pons).


    Dame de Lautrec.

    1. 4. Berenger d'Arpajon was born about 1335.

  3. 10.  Arnaud II de Roquefeuil was born about 1290 (son of Raymond III de Roquefeuil and Vaure d'Ebrard); died before 1366.


    Seigneur de Roquefeuil, Baron de Puget. Contor de Nant. Seneschal of Perigord.

    From Leo van de Pas:

    Arnaud fought at the Battle of Cassel on 23 August 1328, in which the French led by Philippe IV decisively ended the peasants' revolt in Flanders. Arnaud then returned to Languedoc.

    In 1343 Arnaud personally declared war on Jaime III, king of Mallorca. Arnaud's young son Bernard had been entrusted to Jaime to learn skills at arms. At a state dinner Bernard spilled a cup on the king's white satin coat. Jaime furiously pushed his young page Bernard away with his hand, but as he was holding a knife he wounded Bernard, who later died from his wound.

    Arnaud was set on avenging the death of his son, and proposed an alliance against Jaime with Pedro IV 'le Ceremonieux', king of Aragón, who was himself determined to topple Jaime. When Pedro declined an alliance, Arnaud and his cousin the count of Armagnac gathered a large force of 700 to 1000 knights and 3000 foot soldiers, and Arnaud prepared to attack Jaime near Montpellier. He also considered equipping a fleet in order to take the war onto the island of Mallorca. Pope Clement VI arbitrated in the conflict, and in April 1349 Jaime was ordered to make public penance and to yield up to Arnaud a number of seigniories. Philippe VI, king of France, who was Jaime II's suzerain, and was in the process of reacquiring Montpellier from him (to which Arnaud considered that he also had a claim based on the nomination of his grandfather Arnaud I by his cousin Marie de Montpellier, dame de Montpellier, as a substitute to succeed her in the event that her infant son Jaime did not survive to gain the succession of Montpellier), opposed the settlement. Although disillusioned, Arnaud proudly declared: 'l'honneur me reste, cela suffit' ('My honour I retain, that is enough'). This became the motto of the Roquefeuil family. Late in 1349 Pedro IV drove Jaime out of Mallorca, reannexed the Balearic Islands to the crown of Aragón, and had Jaime murdered on 25 October. In 1350 Arnaud gained possession of the barony of Pouget (also spelt Puget or Poujet), with its seigniories Saint-Bauzille, Vendemain and Poujols.

    According to the annals of the house of Aragón, Arnaud was one of the principal counsellors of Jean II 'the Good', king of France, along with Louis d'Espagne, prince des Isles-Fortunées et comte de Talmon, Charles, comte d'Alençon, the dukes of Bourbon and Bourgogne and the comte d'Armagnac. In 1352 Arnaud and Jean de Lévis, ambassadors of Jean II 'the Good' to Pedro IV, king of Aragón, persuaded Pedro to recognise the acquisition of Montpellier by the French crown. In 1355 Arnaud and his forces fought Edward 'the Black Prince' in Languedoc.

    In 1356 Arnaud, in the company of Jean II, was captured by the English at the Battle of Poitiers. The Treaty of Brétigny in 1360 brought an end to their captivity when Jean was ransomed, and Arnaud was able to return to Languedoc. However when Jean's son Louis escaped from English captivity in 1364, Jean returned to England in accordance with the chivalric code, and died there later the same year.

    In 1361 Arnaud became by royal decree 'captain of the city of Montpellier', charged with its defence. In that or the following year he was killed, alongside his elder son Jean, while defending the city. Jean's death cut off a brilliant career like his father's, as he was the king's counsellor for Languedoc. Arnaud's contemporaries considered him one of the principal cavaliers of France. His wife Jacquette died about 1361. Arnaud was succeeded by his son Arnaud III.

    Arnaud married Jacquette de Combret on 25 Jan 1316. Jacquette (daughter of Ermengaud de Combret and Jausimonde of Lévezou) was born before 1297; died after 1361. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  4. 11.  Jacquette de Combret was born before 1297 (daughter of Ermengaud de Combret and Jausimonde of Lévezou); died after 1361.
    1. 5. Delphine de Roquefeuil
    2. Arnaud III de Roquefeuil was born about 1325; died after 3 Oct 1396.

  5. 12.  Guy VII de Séverac (son of Déodat de Séverac and Jeanne de Narbonne); died before 1350.


    Baron de Séverac.

    Guy married Delphine de Canillac. Delphine (daughter of Guillaume de Canillac and (Unknown) de Déaulx) died before 1359. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  6. 13.  Delphine de Canillac (daughter of Guillaume de Canillac and (Unknown) de Déaulx); died before 1359.
    1. 6. Guy VIII dit le Posthume de Séverac was born about 1339; died after 1390.

  7. 14.  Beraud d'Auvergne was born about 1315 (son of Jean dit Dauphinet de Clermont and Anne de Poitiers-Valentinois); died on 27 Aug 1356.


    Dauphin d'Auvergne; seigneur de Mercœur.

    Beraud married Marie de la Vie de Villemur on 14 Jun 1333 in Avignon, Vaucluse, France. Marie (daughter of Pierre II de la Vie and Bernarde Delmas) was born about 1315 in Cahors, Lot, France; died before 28 Sep 1383. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  8. 15.  Marie de la Vie de Villemur was born about 1315 in Cahors, Lot, France (daughter of Pierre II de la Vie and Bernarde Delmas); died before 28 Sep 1383.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate death: 18 Sep 1385

    1. 7. Jeanne d'Auvergne died after 1407.