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Benjamin Culpepper

Male Abt 1698 - Abt 1746  (~ 48 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Benjamin Culpepper was born about 1698 (son of Robert Culpepper and Sarah); died about 1746 in Edgecombe, North Carolina.

    Benjamin married Martha about 1719 in Norfolk, Virginia. Martha was born about 1696; died after 1746. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. Benjamin Culpepper was born about 1721 in Norfolk, Virginia; died in 1772 in Edgecombe, North Carolina.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Robert Culpepper was born in 1664 (son of Henry Culpepper and Elizabeth Greene); died about 1742 in Norfolk, Virginia.


    From Culpepper Connections (citation details below):

    Robert Culpepper's ancestry was long the subject of speculation. However, DNA testing reveals that 80+% of the mainline Culpeppers descend from sons of Robert, and that the balance, with only a minor genetic difference, descend from the sons of Henry Culpepper, Jr. The most logical conclusion from traditional genealogical research and DNA testing is that Robert and Henry Jr. are sons of Henry Culpepper (Sr.) of Lower Norfolk Co., VA. and his wife Elizabeth.

    Robert was probably born around 1664 but it is not known if he was born in England or in Virginia.

    He probably married his wife around 1690. She may have been named Sarah, but her maiden name is not known. She was probably a daughter of one of the neighboring families along the West Branch of the Elizabeth River in Norfolk Co., VA. She and Robert had sons named Joseph and Benjamin, and Robert, Jr. Robert, Jr. was obviously named after his father.

    But the names Joseph and Benjamin were not used by Robert, Sr.'s brother, Henry, and so might be clues to the identity of Robert's wife. These were family names in the local Richardson, Powell, Hodges, and Hollowell families, among others, all of whom lived nearby. According to The Hollowells by Lucy E. Hollowell, the Hollowells were Quakers, and none of the Hollowell daughters from this time period is known to have married a Culpepper.

    Robert finally emerges in Norfolk County records in 1692 when he bought 50 acres from Thomas and Elizabeth Green, for 2,000 pounds of tobacco. (Records on the Culpepper family in Norfolk County in the early 1700's are scarce, and all of the ones that we have found, including this one, are recorded above.)

    Robert married Sarah about 1687 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia. Sarah was born about 1666; died before 16 Oct 1739 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Sarah was born about 1666; died before 16 Oct 1739 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia.


    "Based on the deed below, it has been suggested that Robert's wife may have been [named] Sarah. However, Sarah was not mentioned in his will and was probably deceased at that time.
    6 Feb. 1746 -- Deed Bk 14, p 24, Peter Taylor and his wife, Dorcas, of Norfolk County, Va. to Richard Bunting of Norfolk Co. for 25 pounds current money a tract of 50 acres of land on the south side of the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River, in (Newby's or Hubey's) Neck joining the lands of John Joyce and Richard Taylor being the land said Richard Bunting sold to Peter Taylor. Sign. Peter Taylor and Dorcas Taylor (X), wit. Ralph (Fenter), SARAH CULPEPPER (X her mark), Elanor Tart. Transcribed by Clyde T. Colbert
    "It is interesting to note that each of her sons, Robert, Jr., Joseph, and Benjamin, named a son Benjamin. In the case of Joseph and Benjamin, at least, it would appear that they each named their first born son, Benjamin. Various naming conventions were used by different cultures in the South, but in Virginia, first born sons were most often named after a grandfather. (See Albion's Seed, Four British Folkways in America, by David Hackett Fischer.) So perhaps the father of Robert's wife was named Benjamin." [Culpepper Connections, (citation details below)]

    1. 1. Benjamin Culpepper was born about 1698; died about 1746 in Edgecombe, North Carolina.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Henry Culpepper was born in 1633 in England; died after 1675 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia.


    "He has been proven by the Culpepper Y-DNA test project to be the progenitor of about 80% of American Culpeppers." [Culpepper Connections]

    It has been plausibly speculated, but never proved, that John Culpeper (1637-1674), early emigrant to Virginia, was the father of this Henry Culpepper. If so, that John Culpeper's 3X-great grandparents John Culpepper (d. 1480) and his wife Agnes Gainsford would be the most recent common ancestors of PNH and TNH.

    John Culpepper (d. 1480) = Agnes Gainsford
    Walter Culpeper (1475-1524) = Anne Aucher (1480-1533)
    William Culpeper (1509-1559) = Cicely Barrett (1512-1559)
    John Culpeper (1531-1612) = Elizabeth Sedley (1534-1618)
    John Culpeper (1565-1635) = Ursula Woodcock (1566-1612)
    John Culpeper (c. 1637 Harrietsham, Kent - c. 1674 Virginia)
    possibly father of
    Henry Culpepper (1633-1675), 9X-great grandfather of PNH

    Henry married Elizabeth Greene about 1660. Elizabeth was born about 1640; died about 1676 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Elizabeth Greene was born about 1640; died about 1676 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia.


    "Elizabeth's ancestry is uncertain. She might possibly have been the daughter of Thomas White (1599-1665) who is known to have had children John, Elizabeth, and Thomas. John White called Bartholomew Ingolbritson 'my loving friend' and he was also godfather to Henry Culpepper Jr."
    [Culpepper Connections]

    1. 2. Robert Culpepper was born in 1664; died about 1742 in Norfolk, Virginia.