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Richard White

Male - Aft 1775

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Richard White (son of Richard White); died after 17 Jul 1775 in Bute, North Carolina.


    From Ancestry of Elizabeth Louise White by Steven C. Perkins:

    RICHARD WHITE, JR. A resident of North Carolina, his will was recorded in Warren/Bute Will Book 2 at 73, dated 17 July 1775. (Olds, An Abstract of North Carolina Wills, supra, p.316.)

    He acquired land on Cedar Creek by deed in Warren Deed Book 5, at 167, in January of 1775. In a deed from John Wait (sic), John recites that his father, Richard White, acquired the land by grant from the Earl of Granville County in November of 1760 (this is Richard White, Jr. as Richard White, Sr. was dead by 1757). See The Granville District of North Carolina, supra, v.2, p. 159. None of this narrows down his birthdate much. The most that can be said is that he obviously was born well before 1754, when his father named him in his will. A Richard White was listed as a taxpayer in Bute County in 1771. (North Carolina Taxpayers, 929.3756 R233, v.1, p.216.)

    The will names his wife as Elizabeth and his children as John, Mark, Harrison, Richard, Nicholas, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Drusilla and Nancy. It also recites that he died owning land on Buffaloe Creek, on Burnt Coat, on Franko Creek and between Franko and Cedar Creeks. Some other useful information is found in Bradley, Will Book C of Franklin County, North Carolina 1804-1812, supra, p. 1. There it is recited that White's Negroes were willed to his wife, Elizabeth, and that she was dividing most of them among her daughters. It was stated that one of four lots was drawn by Thomas Hardin, husband of Salley, and that Elizabeth, Drucilla (sic) and Nancy White drew the other three. The date of the drawing is stated to have been 24 February 1801; however, the recording of the event was at the March 1804 term of court. Apparently, only Sarah (Salley) was married. Perhaps the order of the draw indicates seniority. It would appear that Elizabeth was still alive in 1804. However, she may have been alive much closer to 1826. Material from Nancy Jonckheere indicates that the division, pursuant to an award by the commissioners, was at the September term in 1826; that Sarah Harding, Steven Sparks and Elizabeth, his wife, Drucilla White and Crofford Kearney and Nancy, his wife, took at that time. This seems to be a second effort to divide the slaves, this time not by lot or agreement, but by court order. Also note the power of attorney John gave in 1826 to settle his mother's estate. These actions would indicate a possible residence in Franklin County, North Carolina.

    This site says:

    73 (A) Will of RICHARD WHITE, planter. Dated 17 July 1775. Recorded Nov. Court 1775. Land on Buffaloe Creek to son JOHN WHITE. Land bought of WILLIAM WHITE to son MARK WHITE. Land on Burnt Coat to son HARRISON WHITE. Land between Franko & Cedar Creek to son RICHARD. Land where I now live, on Franko Creek, to son NICHOLAS. To my wife ELIZABETH WHITE and then to my five daughters MARY, SARAH, ELIZABETH, DRUSILLA, NANCY. Exors: Wife ELIZABETH WHITE, THOMAS SHERROD, and son MARK WHITE. Wit: WILLOUGHBY SELF, ISAAC HUDSON, JOHN HUDSON, WILLIAM HUDSON.

    Family/Spouse: Elizabeth. Elizabeth died after 1775 in Franklin, North Carolina. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. John White was born between 1750 and 1755 in North Carolina; died between Jun 1829 and Oct 1829 in Whitley County, Kentucky.
    2. Harrison White was born about 1755 in Granville, North Carolina; died in 1777 in Bute, North Carolina.
    3. Mary White was born about 1756 in Granville, North Carolina.
    4. Richard White was born on 27 Apr 1756 in Orange, Virginia; died about 1851 in Greene, Virginia.
    5. Mark White was born about 1757 in Granville, North Carolina; died in in Franklin, North Carolina.
    6. Sarah White was born before 1765 in Granville, North Carolina.
    7. Elizabeth White was born before 1769 in Granville, North Carolina.
    8. Drusilla White was born about 1770 in Granville, North Carolina; died after 1826.
    9. Nicholas White was born after 1769 in Granville, North Carolina; died in in Madison, Kentucky.
    10. Richard White was born after 1769.
    11. Nancy White was born about 1771 in Granville, North Carolina.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Richard White died between 23 Jun 1754 and Jun 1757 in North Carolina.


    From Ancestry of Elizabeth Louise White by Steven C. Perkins:

    About 1747 he settled in what is now Franklin County, North Carolina, but was then called Granville County; in 1764 a portion was formed into Bute and in 1779 Warren and Franklin were formed from Bute. The manuscript contains references to various documents in Granville which establish the White presence there, and he bought land on 31 July 1747. Granville County Deed Book A at page 28. Hofmann, The Granville District of North Carolina, 929.3756 H713g, shows many Whites active in the same time period.

    Richard, Sr. seems to have centered himself around Fishing Creek, which runs nearly the width of the current Warren County. His will is dated 23 June 1754 and was recorded in Granville in June of 1757, so he died in the interim. An Abstract of North Carolina Wills, 929.3 N87na, p.330. Thanks to Nancy Jonckheere, I have a copy of the will. She says he died in Granville County in 1757.

    The name of his wife is not stated, so she was probably dead. Nancy states that family tradition claims that she was Drucilla Sherrod. His son, Richard, Jr. inherited all property, except for two shillings each bequeathed to two sons, William and Nicholas.

    1. 1. Richard White died after 17 Jul 1775 in Bute, North Carolina.