Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Margery de Badlesmere

Female Abt 1306 - 1363  (~ 57 years)

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Robert Willoughby
Male Abt 1452-1502
Blanche Champernoun
Female Abt 1453-Bef 1480
John Willoughby
Male Abt 1422-1477
Anne Cheyne
Female 1428-Aft 1473
John Willoughby
Male Abt 1400-1437
John Talbot
Male Abt 1485-1549
Margaret Troutbeck
Female Abt 1492-Aft 1521
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Gilbert Talbot
Male 1452-1517
Ralph Greystoke
Male Abt 1414-1487
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Christopher Willoughby
Male Abt 1453-1499
Joan Arundel
Female Abt 1407-Bef 1439
William Willoughby
Male Abt 1370-1409
Lucy le Strange
Female -Aft 1398
John Clere
Male Abt 1511-1557
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Thomas Boleyn
Male Abt 1477-1539
Elizabeth Howard
Female Abt 1480-1538
James Boleyn
Male Abt 1480-Bef 1561
Margaret Butler
Female -Bef 1540
William Boleyn
Male Abt 1451-1505
Anne Hankford
Female Abt 1431-1485
Thomas Needham
Male 1510-Bef 1556
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John Talbot
Male Abt 1485-1549
Margaret Troutbeck
Female Abt 1492-Aft 1521
Gilbert Talbot
Male 1452-1517
Elizabeth Butler
Female 1421-1473
John Talbot
Male 1413-1460
James le Boteler
Male 1392-1452
Anne Welles
Female -Bef 1399
James le Boteler
Male Abt 1360-1405
John Aston
Male Abt 1465-1523
Joan Littleton
Female -Aft 1525
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John Aston
Male -1483
Elizabeth Delves
Female -Aft 1518
Robert Aston
Male Abt 1414-1464
Joyce Freville
Female -Bef 1418
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Edward Ferrers
Male 1468-1535
George Clerke
Male 1510-1559
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Margaret Hexstall
Female Abt 1440-Bef 1497
Thomas Ferrers
Male 1402-1459
Anne Thimbleby
Female -Aft 1536
John Booth
Male Abt 1488-Bef 1537
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John Thimbleby
Male 1482-Bef 1550
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Elizabeth Hilton
Female Abt 1455-1522
Godfrey Hilton
Male 1419-1472
Thomas Lovett
Male 1473-1542
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John Boteler
Male Abt 1435-Bef 1499
Philip Boteler
Male 1414-1453
Hugh Willoughby
Male Abt 1380-1454
Maud le Scrope
Female -Aft 1418
Baldwin de Freville
Male Bef 1368-1400
Mary Wyndham
Female Abt 1508-1597
Erasmus Paston
Male Bef 1508-Bef 1540
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Eleanor Scrope
Female Abt 1476-Bef 1509
Henry le Scrope
Male 1418-1459
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Thomas Darcy
Male Abt 1467-1537
Dowsabel Tempest
Female -Bef 1499
William Darcy
Male Abt 1450-1488
Richard Darcy
Male Abt 1425-Bef 1454
John le Scrope
Male Abt 1388-1455
Margery Welles
Female Abt 1350-1422
Stephen le Scrope
Male Abt 1345-1406
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John Paulet
Male Abt 1460-1525
John Paulet
Male 1428-Aft 1470
Eleanor Roos
Female 1432-Bef 1509
Constance Poynings
Female Abt 1409-Bef 1442
Eleanor Welles
Female -Aft 1458
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Christopher Willoughby
Male Abt 1453-1499
Richard Carew
Male Abt 1470-1520
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Eleanor Hoo
Female Abt 1449-
Eleanor Welles
Female -Bef 1504
Thomas Hoo
Male Bef 1399-1455
Anne Dymoke
Female -Aft 1531
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Joan Griffith
Female Abt 1471-Aft 1492
Anne Heydon
Female -Bef 1521
Thomas Dymoke
Male Abt 1428-1470
Lionel Welles
Male Abt 1406-1461
Joan Waterton
Female -Aft 1434
Margaret Beauchamp
Female Abt 1410-Bef 1482
Eudes Welles
Male -Bef 1417
Maud Greystoke
Female -Aft 1437
John Welles
Male 1352-1421
Eleanor Mowbray
Female Bef 1361-
Maud de Ros
Female Abt 1331-1388
John de Welle
Male 1334-1361
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William Gascoigne
Male Abt 1450-1487
Henry Percy
Male 1421-1461
Eleanor Grey
Female -Bef 1434
Robert Poynings
Male 1382-1446
William Gyse
Male Abt 1514-1574
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Tacy Grey
Female -Bef 1558
John Gyse
Male Abt 1485-1556
Anne Grey
Female -Bef 1498
John Grey
Male -1499
Edmund Grey
Male 1416-1490
Katherine Percy
Female 1423-1493
John Grey
Male -1429
Richard Thimbleby
Male Abt 1507-1590
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Robert Tyrwhit
Male Bef 1504-1572
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Robert Tyrwhit
Male Abt 1482-1548
Robert Tailboys
Male Abt 1451-1494
Elizabeth Heron
Female -Bef 1495
William Tailboys
Male Abt 1415-1464
Henry Grey
Male 1517-1554
Frances Brandon
Female 1517-1559
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Thomas Grey
Male 1477-1530
Margaret Wotton
Female -Aft 1535
Cecily Bonville
Female 1461-1529
Thomas Grey
Male 1451-1501
Catherine Neville
Female Abt 1442-1504
Margaret Grey
Female Abt 1399-Aft 1426
William Bonville
Male 1391-1461
Margaret de Ros
Female -Bef 1415
Reynold Grey
Male Abt 1362-1440
Isabel Hildyard
Female Abt 1498-Aft 1540
Ralph Legard
Male Abt 1490-1540
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Peter Hildyard
Male Abt 1460-1502
Elizabeth Wentworth
Female 1449-Bef 1494
Martin de la See
Male Abt 1420-1494
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Henry Wentworth
Male Abt 1448-1501
Ann Saye
Female -Aft 1484
Philip Wentworth
Male Abt 1424-1464
John Clifford
Male Abt 1389-1422
Thomas de Clifford
Male Abt 1363-1391
Thomas de Ros
Male 1337-1384
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Margery de Badlesmere
Female Abt 1306-1363
William IV de Ros
Male Abt 1288-1343