Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Alice Bountaine

Female - 1557

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Female -Bef 1562
Ann Knyvet
Female -Aft 1571
Edmund Irby
Male -Bef 1563
John Bolles
Male -Aft 1550
Anne Irby
Female -Bef 1588
Beatrice Irby
Female -Bef 1598
Anthony Irby
Male Bef 1578-1632
Thomas Irby
Male Bef 1580-
Leonard Irby
Male Bef 1582-
Kenelm Irby
Male Bef 1583-Bef 1585
Anne Irby
Female Bef 1585-
Alice Irby
Female Bef 1585-
Anthony Irby
Male Abt 1550-Bef 1625
Alice Welby
Female -Bef 1602
Thomas Irby
Male Bef 1515-Bef 1561
Ann Welby
Female 1600-
Anthony Welby
Male 1602-1603
Elizabeth Farwell
Female Bef 1630-1670
Samuel Farwell
Male Bef 1633-1634
John Farwell
Male Bef 1635-Bef 1686
Sarah Wheeler
Female 1640-1662
Samuel Woods
Male Abt 1690-1773
Patience Bigelow
Female 1695-1771
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Hannah Farwell
Female 1668-1739
Samuel Woods
Male 1661-1712
Mary Farwell
Female 1709-1804
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Sarah Farwell
Female 1721-1721
Joseph Farwell
Male 1670-1740
Hannah Colburn
Female 1673-Aft 1741
Edmund Hovey
Male 1699-1788
Isaac Farwell
Male Abt 1676-1753
Hannah Learned
Female 1649-Aft 1722
Anna Hildreth
Female 1705-1784
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Sarah Bates
Female 1678-1735
Mary Farwell
Female Abt 1643-1714
John Bates
Male 1642-1722
Olive Farwell
Female Abt 1645-
Benjamin Spalding
Male 1643-Bef 1708
Olive Welby
Female Bef 1604-1692
Deacon Henry Farwell
Male Abt 1605-1670
Frances Bulkeley
Female Abt 1568-Bef 1610
Richard Welby
Male Bef 1564-
Oliver Mellowes
Male Abt 1598-Bef 1638
Elizabeth Hawkredd
Female Bef 1604-Aft 1670
Martha Bulkeley
Female Abt 1572-
Abraham Mellowes
Male Abt 1570-Bef 1639
Judith St. John
Female -Bef 1607
Oliver St. John
Male Abt 1598-1673
Joanna Altham
Female -Bef 1638
Dorothy St. John
Female Abt 1602-
Jeremiah Mason
Male 1705-1771
Mary Clark
Female 1705-1799
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Dorothy Hobart
Female 1679-1731
Daniel Mason
Male Bef 1676-1705
Edward St. John
Male Bef 1606-
Judith St. John
Female Abt 1609-
Sarah Bulkeley
Female Bef 1580-Bef 1611
Oliver St. John
Male Abt 1575-Bef 1626
John Damon
Male 1709-1783
Female -1758
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Lucian Emerson
Female 1667-1740
Thomas Damon
Male 1659-1723
Elizabeth Bulkeley
Female Abt 1638-1693
Rev. Joseph Emerson
Male Bef 1620-1680
Capt. John Brown
Male Abt 1634-1717
Abigail Brigham
Female 1723-Bef 1777
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Peter Bulkeley
Male 1641-1688
Rebecca Wheeler
Female 1645-1718
Rev. Edward Bulkeley
Male Bef 1614-1696
Female -Aft 1679
Jane Allen
Female Bef 1588-Bef 1626
Anna Goodrich
Female 1710-1777
Stephen Miller
Male 1699-1785
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Hannah Bulkeley
Female Bef 1692-1720
Hannah Raymond
Female 1668-1742
Peter Bulkeley
Male Abt 1664-1701
Rachel Talcott
Female 1676-1726
Sarah Chauncy
Female 1631-1699
Grace Chetwood
Female Abt 1602-1669
Olive Irby
Female Abt 1547-Bef 1615
Phebe Irby
Female Abt 1549-
John Irby
Male Bef 1517-1553
Rose Overton
Female Abt 1527-Aft 1579
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Anthony Irby
Male Bef 1490-1552